Jolly Winter Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends!!!  Brrrrrrrrrrr … I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for SPRING!!!  🌻🌺🌼  Bring it on … NOW!!!  It really hasn’t been a horrible winter, relatively speaking, but between the isolation brought about by the pandemic and last week’s ice/snow storm, it just seems that I’ve had enough of winter.  I’m ready to open windows and let some fresh air and sunshine into my life!  What about you?

Joyful has been in the kitchen since the wee hours preparing to bring some culinary sunshine into our lives, so let’s go see what she has cooked up for us, then we’ll find some humour to start the week off on the right foot, yes?


Since there is still ice on the sidewalks, I didn’t feel comfortable stepping out, so I sent Jolly over to Phil’s Phun to find us some good ‘toons.  Let’s see what he found …

Just a few funny signs found here and there …

And we cannot let you face the c-c-cold cruel world without a cute animal video, now can we?

We hope you found something to make you laugh here this morning and that you all have a fantastic great good decent tolerable week ahead.  Please share those smiles with friends and co-workers and remember, friends, be kind for we can never know what troubles someone else is going through.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

47 thoughts on “Jolly Winter Monday!!!

  1. Lol – Thanks for the laugther, Jill! Where can i order summer? 😉 I also have enough from winter. Its okay shoveling snow, but it should be possible doing this at temperatures over 20 degrees (C). 😉 As the world is crazy enough, this would be a crazyness i would love. :-)) xx Michael

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    • I’m happy you laughed!!! Let’s see … I think there is a catalog where you can order summer, but … let me see if I can find my copy and I’ll send it to you, okay? You’ve got snow, eh? Michael … at 20° C, there would BE NO SNOW to shovel, silly! ☃️ Now, instead of shoveling, go build a snowman … it’s much more fun! xx


  2. Whether it be morning, midday, moving into evening, or as an addition to a nightcap…Jolly Monday hits the spot with this fine selection of delectable confections! And, The Three Jovial Musketeers consisting of Joyful, Jolly and Jill have once again gathered together a rib-tickling collection of smile inducing cartoons, amusing signs and a delightful video. Your efforts are appreciated and enjoyed! WHAK!! Thank-you, one and all!

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  4. A liitle bacon gratefullly received, could I have a slice of the Christmas cake with the icing and almond paste?
    some absolutely brilliant ‘Toons’and pics like the press the green button one,. Somebody worked hard to collect those. Loved the video. I wish you could see the pics I had of my favourite rat ‘Bernie’ taking drink from my tea cup an appearing from one of my dressing gown sleeves.. Such a softie and so loving.

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    • Sure … help yourself to the cake, but be sure to take your insulin first!

      I’m glad you liked the ‘toons and the video! Yes, I actually laughed … well, chuckled … aloud over the green button ‘toon.

      Do you not still have the pics of Bernie? I’d love to see that! Speaking of softie … methinks Bernie wasn’t the only one! ☺️


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  5. We hit positive temperatures yesterday for the first time since Hallowe’en Eve. But we are not fooled. We know we have almost 16 weeks of winter before the grass turns green! Groundhogs don’t show their faces around here.
    Thank you for the laughs.

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    • More than three months since you hit + temps??? 🥶 And I thought it was cold here! Okay, I won’t complain again! No, if I were a groundhog I wouldn’t show my face there either! Stay safe and as warm as possible!


      • Guess I should confess. Since our 0° = your 32°, so we hit minus temperatures long before you do. But still, yes, our winters are long up here in the far North. But if you like hot weather, our summers are much hotter than yours, and the sun only sinks just below the horizon, so nights are never really dark.

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              • Autumn is my favourite time, also. When I used to take holidays from work, I always waited till the last two weeks of September. School kids were mostly all gone, the trees were resplendent, and the water in the lakes was warm from the summer heating process. Paradise! Until Covid struck, Gail and I might have gone camping a bit, but the older we got the harder it was to sleep on the ground anymore. Covid convinced us to stop trying.


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