A Few Good Republicans?

Funny, isn’t it, that ‘freedom of speech’ as defined by some in this country only refers to speech that they agree with.  Take the well-publicized criticism by the Republican Party against Liz Cheney … they censured her and Adam Kinzinger for taking part in a commission established to investigate serious criminal activity on January 6, 2021.  They further censured Cheney for her criticism of Donald Trump, aka the former guy.  So, let me get this straight … freedom of speech means that Republicans can encourage and incite a destructive, death-causing insurrection, but that not a one of them is allowed, even under that First Amendment they cite so often, to criticize a ‘man’ who has earned criticism.  How, exactly, does that compute?  As the robot in the old television show Lost in Space used to say, “That does not compute.”  Even the infamous Mitch McConnell who I have referred to as a GOP lapdog, was aghast at the Republican National Committee’s verbiage, saying …

“We saw what happened. It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next. That’s what it was.”

The one possibly positive thing that may yet come of this mess is that it may ideologically split the Republican Party, thereby costing them seats in Congress this year, and any hope to regain the White House in 2024.

On February 7th, a group of around 150 notable Republicans signed a statement strongly disagreeing with the censure of Cheney & Kinzinger …

Statement of Republican Leaders and Former Officials on the RNC’s Censure of Representatives Cheney and Kinzinger

Last week the Republican National Committee (RNC) made clear that it would rather be the “Big Lie” party than the “Big Tent” party by condemning two principled elected leaders while condoning conspiracies, lies, and violent insurrection. By censuring Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Congressman Adam Kinzinger for their role in investigating the January 6th attacks, they have betrayed the GOP’s founding principles and ceded control of a once-great movement to grifters and extremists. The RNC has also signaled that it no longer welcomes people of conscience.

The RNC’s description of the January 6th insurrection as “legitimate political discourse” is an affront to the rule of law, peaceful self-government, and the constitutional order. There can be no justifying the horrific attack that day, and we condemn the Committee for excusing the actions of men and women who battered police officers, ransacked our nation’s Capitol, called for hanging the Vice President of the United States, and sought to overturn a free and fair election.

History will mark this censure as a turning point for the RNC – a time of choosing between civility and patriotism, on the one hand, and conspiracy and political violence on the other. We stand firmly for the first set of values. We stand proudly next to principled leaders such as Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. And we stand united against efforts to defile our democracy.

And it is signed by former members of Congress, Governors, Administrators, Cabinet Members and more – all Republicans!  Even some who served in the Trump administration signed the statement, such as Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as former communications director in Trump’s White House before quitting over his stolen election claims and Anthony Scaramucci, also a former communications director under Trump.

Will this be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back?  Will some in the Republican Party finally realize that the only things the party as a whole stands for are hatred and bigotry?  Will those with a sense of decency finally step forward and work toward re-structuring a badly broken political system?  We can only hope that there are enough in the Republican Party who put country ahead of party and who will work to rebuild a legitimate party with actual goals that will help the people in this country who most need help, not those who already live in the lap of luxury.

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  1. So, let me get this straight … freedom of speech means that Republicans can encourage and incite a destructive, death-causing insurrection, but that not a one of them is allowed, even under that First Amendment they cite so often, to criticize a ‘man’ who has earned criticism. How, exactly, does that compute? As the robot in the old television show Lost in Space used to say, “That does not compute.”

    That robot also said, famously, “Danger! Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!”… and we should listen to that.

    The freedumbers have to be beaten at the polls, or all is lost. Your nation is ‘the leader of the free world’, and it’s getting less and less free by the second. It’s so sad that those who back this nonsense are too effing stupid to recognise that.

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    • Indeed he did, and indeed we should! I agree that they must be beaten at the polls, but the defeatist attitude of the Democratic Party and its members is counter-productive in this area. Hah! This nation has kidded itself about being “the leader of the free world” for decades now … if we are the leader, then the rest of the world is in serious trouble! Sigh. It is sad and frustrating, my friend.

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  2. I think a party that has been silent for so long about the Big Lie, has uniformly opposed voting rights and Build Back Better, whose members happily claim credit for popular legislation they voted against, who have pledged to stop the Jan 6 Committee, impeach Biden, etc, if they regain the House, who on the state level are whipping people into a frenzy over masks, book burning, and racism in multiple manifestations, who’ve put up no platform for four years—this party has nothing positive to offer the American people. The people who are pulling the strings are right wing ideologues who care not one whit about us and certainly don’t want a democratic, multiracial nation. We must do everything we can not to let them regain control.

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    • You’re quite right … the Republican Party has become the party of ‘No’ … the party of racism and bigotry in ALL its forms. I guess I just keep thinking that surely there must be some in the party who don’t agree with the terrible behaviour of their comrades, some who have a conscience, remember their oaths, and care about people. But perhaps I’m wrong and every last one of them are unconscionable jerks who sold their soul (if they ever had one) downriver long ago. It’s a sad day for this nation when there is no common ground between “Us” and “Them”, but that seems to be where we are today. Still … I keep looking for the good to come out … sigh.

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      • I do, too, Jill. But we’ve seen such utter spinelessness and opportunism—and it’s tearing our country apart. If Romney’s the best they can do—and he couldn’t even vote for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—it’s just so disappointing. And ole Mitch says something that’s merely sane, and we’re supposed to forget he’s given us the most radical Supreme Court probably ever?
        I would love to feel otherwise, but I see no evidence…I’ll stop now.

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        • It is, indeed, tearing our country apart to the point that I seriously doubt the wounds can be healed in under a century or so. Yes, that is what galls me about Romney and the so-called conscionable Republicans … they are too cowardly to even support something as no-brainer as our right to vote!!! So far, I haven’t seen any one of them support any form of legislation that helps people since the infrastructure bill early last year. Sigh. I guess I was just grasping at straws when first Pence and them Mitchie spoke words of common sense for a change.

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  3. Hello Jill. McConnell has been in politics for a long long time. He has secret sources and he is tight with the right wing big money donors. I suspect the big money donors are fed up with the drama of tRump and his big lie and they don’t like that this on going issue is taking so much attention of much of the Republican office holders. They want congress to focus on what is important … them. They want congress to get back to doing favors for the big money people, giving tax cuts and slashing regulations. The Jan 6th stuff did not help put profit in their pockets.

    Plus tRump’s power in the party has waned. His crowds are markedly smaller than they ever have been, and drawing less people all the time. He has gotten booed by his cult followers and met push back from interviewers. Most importantly Kilmeade from Fox has said that tRump lost Arizona.

    “Right now, nobody cares about 2020,” he said. “Nobody. And everything that he said and the challenges that he made should’ve been done before the election. And they did a recount in Arizona, and the recount showed no difference almost, and he came out and said it showed that they won Arizona. That’s an outright lie, and please stop wasting our time with that, because he’s capable of doing so much more.”
    “Nobody cares about your topics. There is so much to talk about that matters to you and I, Logan, right now about what’s happening in the Ukraine, how China is just forgetting about phase one, how they’re beginning to militarize everything around them, about to take Taiwan back. What’s happening here in this country… That’s what people wanna talk about. It’s not hard stuff.”

    So if tRump loses Fox he is not going to have much pull in the party. His downward power spiral started when he lost twitter. Without being in people’s faces constantly creating outrage he couldn’t keep their attention. If his candidates do not sweep the midterm elections you will see a big shift by the Republicans in congress. They will abandon him and his supporters. IMO

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  4. It’s time the RNC was disbanded by members of the Repug party who have a conscience, few as they are. This would
    be a true measure of support for Cheney and Kinzinger. A new RNC could be appointed/ voted which could go on to re-esstablish the party’s old credentials and perhaps form some policies prior to the 2024 elections.

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    • I wholly agree! And the sooner the better! Trouble is, they seem convinced that without the blessings of the former guy, they will fall apart or have no legitimacy. He has them so brainwashed that it proves to me they never learned to think for themselves! My hope is that they are so divided by November that only a handful can win an election.

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  5. Another day, another limb to crawl out on! Whilst the included ‘Statement’ is newsworthy and encouraging it does not go unnoticed that it is from “former” members of Congress, Governors, so on and so forth. There does appear to be fewer “current” Republicans in high positions saying the same except where it is expedient for them to do so…Rep. Kevin McCarthy is but one example and the list grows from there. WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • Yes, well, current members of Congress et al are too cowardly to sign on to such a statement! Actually, the Republicans of yore and the ones of today seem to be two entirely separate breeds! I have actually voted for a few Republicans in my lifetime and still stand by those decisions, but I cannot imagine voting for a single one of today’s batch … they are racists, bigots, and have not one single concern for the people of this nation, but only for their own wealth and power. Bah HUMBUG! WHAK!!!

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  6. So, let me get this straight … freedom of speech means that Republicans can encourage and incite a destructive, death-causing insurrection, but that not a one of them is allowed, even under that First Amendment they cite so often, to criticize a ‘man’ who has earned criticism…

    …and earned four (4) criminal investigations involving not just his un-Constitutional Presidential abuses, but his actions Jan. 1st thru 6th, 2021 as well as fifteen (15) civil suits against his business practices and entities, and his personal behavior with family members and the IRS.*

    Jill, as you’ve pointed out very poignantly, it’s a nice relief to FINALLY see some sane Republicans stand-up to this tyrant megalomaniac Orange Orangutan destroying their Party, including Mike Pence’s recent denunciation of the Orange Monster’s behavior in Nov. 2020 to Jan. 2021! We need many more sound, reasonable Republicans to GROW AN EFFIN SPINE if they truly love this country’s former glory before he came onto the political scene!

    * – Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zacheverson/2022/02/10/tracking-trump-arundown-of-all-the-investigations-and-cases-involving-the-former-president/?sh=736711f67f24

    And one more “Source” below in sub-comments…

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  8. The statements from McConnell et al strike me as politically motivated and NOT what they actually believe deep down. I no longer trust them to make truthful statements of any kind, much less something written for public dissemination. I believe they (the Republicans) are seeking a means of bringing back under their wing the rational ones who have left the party for no affiliation instead. They see the lawsuits against the various “red-states” gerrymandering and are thinking they won’t win without a public mea culpa.

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    • No doubt you’re right — they are politically motivated, carefully calculated, but still show a fraying within the party. You may be right about their goals … for years now, they have bowed down and licked Trump’s boots, but that alone may not be enough to keep their seats … hopefully, anyway. I would love nothing better than to see the party so divided that they cannot win more than a handful of seats in November!

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