Filosofa Is GRUMPY!!!

Did you know that the U.S. has the most billionaires of any nation on the globe?  Yep, we have 724 of those b@$#%&*s, including top billionaire and world’s richest individual Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, worth $177 billion.  So, between the 724 billionaires and the 535 members of Congress, that makes 1,259 people who are considered to be ‘important’ in this country and the other 330 million of us are considered … well, aren’t considered at all when it comes to our ‘leaders.’  As evidence, I have two snippets, but I can produce more evidence if needs be …

Can anybody ‘splain this one?

I’m puzzled … confused … I really don’t understand this.  Check out a few headlines here …

  • Hawaii in talks to drop covid travel restrictions by spring
  • School mask mandates are falling in states across the country
  • New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Will Let Mask Mandates Expire
  • Statewide mask mandates are lifting in many states as Omicron wanes.
  • Hochul says New York State will drop its mask-or-vaccine mandate.
  • Fauci says US exiting ‘full-blown phase’ of COVID-19

And yet … and yet on Tuesday, the U.S. death toll from Covid was over 3,000!!!  Yes, friends, 3,135 people died on Tuesday … all from Covid.  And yet … masks are being dropped, mask and vaccine mandates are being scrapped, and even the most reliable of all, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says we’re nearing the end of the pandemic.  With nearly one million deaths thus far, more than 3,000 on Tuesday, and nearly 3,000 on Wednesday, it damn sure does NOT seem as if we’re out of the woods but are rather lost in the middle of the dark woods with the wicked witch waiting ‘round the next bend!

Everyone is so damned concerned about their “personal freedom” that they don’t give a flying fig about those 3,135 people who died on Tuesday.  As long as they can go to a concert, enter a store without a mask, and keep risking the lives of their families by refusing to wear a mask, nothing else matters to them.  Damn fools!!!  It seems to me that loosening or dropping restrictions is the surest way to ensure that we will soon see yet another surge and that Covid will stick around for the foreseeable future.  In fact, just yesterday I read about a new ‘sub-variant’ they are calling BA.2 that is on the rise globally … so how on earth does it make sense to begin burning masks and other safety precautions???

The Supreme Court Strikes Again …

Yesterday … or was it the day before … I snarked about the Supreme Court restoring a heavily gerrymandered map that seriously dilutes the Black vote in Alabama and I, along with several readers, opined that the Supreme Court has largely lost its legitimacy.  Well, shortly after I posted that one, this headline caught my eye …

Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting laws that lower court found were unfair to minorities

Apparently, the Court is moving alphabetically through the 50 states, robbing us of our voting rights.  No doubt they will make it all the way through Wyoming long before November 8th, election day.  Once again, just as in the Alabama case, the vote was 6-3 with only Justices Kagan, Breyer and Sotomayor exhibiting a conscience, a concern that ALL people be allowed to cast a vote and have their voice heard EQUALLY!

The two laws:  One throws out the ballots of those who vote in the wrong precinct. The other restricts who may collect ballots cast early for delivery to polling places.

As for voting in the ‘wrong’ precinct … many states move polling places like a salt shaker on the dining table!  Republicans in particular love to shut down polling places in Black or Hispanic neighborhoods and force people to travel greater distances just to vote.  Not only that, but after re-districting, while your old polling place may still exist, you may be informed that you are to vote at a different one, but it can all be very confusing!

And regarding the ballot delivery … if my neighbor is ill or does not have a car, or for whatever reason is unable to drop off her own ballot,  it is technically illegal for me to offer to drop her ballot off when I go drop my own off.  Or, if she will be voting in person, in a growing number of states, it would be illegal for me to give her a ride to the polling place!  Now, my state doesn’t have ‘watchers,’ at least as far as I know, but some states do … they will stop a person who is dropping off multiple ballots and ask questions and deny the ballot if it is not from a member of the immediate family (read mother, father, or child).

Voting.  It should be the simplest thing in the world, given that it is the only … the ONLY opportunity we have to use our voice to select those people who will hold our lives in their hands for the next 2-6 years. But no … most every state is going to make it as difficult as possible, especially for Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, students, and the elderly.  Really, they want only entitled white male voters to be able to vote.

Congress had a great chance to protect and even enhance our rights to vote and they blew it.  Maybe it’s time we stopped paying their salaries, travel, insurance, pension, and other perks.

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  1. You have every right to be grumpy! Poet, essayist, diarist and activist Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson (1875 – 1935) sums it up for me : “I am profoundly in the D’s – discouraged, depressed, disheartened, disgusted.” Total aside here : If you are in need of a person for a Black History Month post…she is the one! Decades ago I was fortunate to stumble upon Gloria T. Hull’s 1985 book : “Give Us Each Day : The Diary of Alice Dunbar-Nelson”. I also have two other books which contains Dunbar-Nelson’s own writing : 1) “The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson : Volume 1” edited by Hull and published in 1988, though mine is the 1994 paperback copy and 2) “All These Things the Old Tales Tell – The Best of Alice Dunbar Nelson” which is a paperback published in August of 2020. WHAK!! Thank-you!

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    • I might have every right, but it sure as heck isn’t doing my mood any good, nor likely my body! I don’t know much about Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson, but will definitely take a look! Thanks for the suggestion!!! WHAK!!!


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  3. Elon Musk is the #1 b@$#%&*s with over $200 billion, that’s why he’s sending 500 million dollar rockets to Mars (too much money to know what to do with). What’s a few billion here or there?

    Well i have good news for you… thousands are NOT dying of Covid every day, those number are inflated.
    According to CDC director Rochelle Walensky, she released an official statement back in December saying that ppl in hospitals are dying WITH Covid, not because of Covid. Essentially she said the what Dr Fauci said, the pandemic is over, the virus has gone endemic, just another strain of the common flu.
    Yes we should still take precautions, the annual flu kills 100s thousands every year in the US, but SarsCovII has been downgraded, mandates and masks are optional.
    Most of Europe have already dropped all restrictions and reopened for travel and Vacay. *\o/*
    The world is returning back to normalcy, you can breathe a sigh of relief – literally 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing!!.. again, it is the leadership and politicians trying to appease their voters and at the same time try to maintain a image of democracy… in the past they could accomplish such a feat but with today’s technology that is not possible to do… today’s technology is showing the universe what they really are…. “One can run but cannot hide”… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May the love that you give
    Always return to you,
    That family and friends are many
    And always remain true,
    May your mind only know peace
    No suffering or strife,
    May your heart only know love and happiness
    On your journey through life.
    (Larry “Dutch” Woller)

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    • That same technology is also the platform for lies and ‘misinformation’ that a vast number of people are fooled into believing, so I think it’s somewhat of a mixed bag. But you are right … you can run but you cannot hide even the smallest of infractions in this day and age. What a beautiful poem, Dutch … thank you!


  5. Jill, when you look under the hood of voting laws that sound so innocent in title, one sees the discrimination. Here in NC, the state Supreme Court overruled yet again the latest gerrymandering efforts. Of course, the drafters said this was hyper political, which means only they can be hyperpolitical. All states need to move to nonpartisan committees to oversee the voting districts – full stop. Letting a politician do it is akin to asking Colonel Sanders to watch your chickens. Keith

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    • Oh yes, I’ve looked under a number of those hoods in the past month or two and am appalled by what I see. You’re right … if there is such a thing these days as a nonpartisan, those are most definitely the ones who should be overseeing voting districts. I love your last analogy about Colonel Sanders … so very true!

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  6. You’re quite right on both counts. certainly the oppressive ways in which Congress are blocking the black and minority vote and the Supreme Court are enabling them, all pay and benefits should stop until they start protecting people according to the constitution and according to their oath of office. The Supreme Court should be disbanded as being partisan. New bipartisan judges should be appointed with a retirement date applied to their tenure.

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    • The real core of the problem, though, is We the People. Sure, people like me, Neil, Scottie and others stand up and tell people what is wrong and how to fix it, but there are far fewer activists or people listening to us than there are the other two kind. One of the other kind, of course, is the follower who believes whatever the likes of Republicans and Fox ‘News’ tells them to believe, and the other kind are the ones who just tune it all out. They carry on with their backyard bbqs, their sports, family events, cooking classes, and turn a completely blind eye to what is happening to this country. Half of my friends (or former friends) here are like that … they say they don’t care and that whatever it is will work out in the long run just as it has always done. So, there is no consensus, no angry majority demanding justice, demanding change, just the few of us calling out into the dark wastelands. Sigh.

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      • The way I see it, those who are claiming that ‘the pandemic is over’ are those who value ‘the economy’ over peoples’ lives. They recognise that jobs are at risk, that businesses might fail, if restrictions aren’t lifted. And, to them, that’s the only thing that counts. Anyone who argues otherwise is ‘clearly off their rocker’. It’s a classic case of cognitive bias (which, of course, means that they’re unable to see through the fog of their own misunderstanding).

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        • I wholeheartedly agree with you … for some, the economy is the only thing that matters. The thing is, though, that in the U.S., the economy is doing quite well — unemployment is very low with more people working that in the past 30 years or so, but the media downplays the good and hyperventilates over any bit of negative news.

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