The Virus and Abortion

Our friend Nan’s post today is spot on. One cannot simply cherry-pick one’s freedoms … if you believe in the freedom to control your own body, then you must also believe in MY freedom to control my own body. Good post, Nan … Thanks!

Nan's Notebook

Does anyone else see the correlation between those who reject COVID-19 vaccinations and those who supportAbortion?

Again and again the anti-vaxxers scream that it’s their PERSONAL RIGHT to reject the vaccine and/or to go maskless. They will frequently provide examples where they attended maskless gatherings of friends … “and no one contracted the virus!”

For some, it has become so important for them to “exercise their rights” (e.g., the Canadian truckers) that they lose all empathy for anyone who might be negatively impacted. Indeed, many are so adamant about enforcing their personal choice that they have physically attacked others and even disrupted public gatherings where masks were required. One individual even encouraged an armed attack against those who supported masks and/or vaccines!

Yet in many cases, these same individuals will attempt to take away a WOMAN’s right to seek an abortion. Even though it is as much HER RIGHT to…

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23 thoughts on “The Virus and Abortion

  1. On the flip side, if ur pro-choice for abortion, shouldn’t u also be pro-choice for vaccination?
    “My body, my choice” is not an empty slogan, many ppl are fighting to preserve this fundamental right. I hear there’s an American convoy to DC, the occupy movement is picking up steam. And it’s happening all over the world….. revolution.


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