Saturday Surprise — George The Mouse Is Back!!!

Way back in 2019 I posted about nature photographer Simon Dell and the little mouse he discovered in his yard one day.  Since then, Dell has provided many pictures of George the mouse and the little homes he has built for him over the past three years.  George has since been joined by other mice and Mr. Dell has created many fun and beautiful scenes featuring George and his friends.  I thought some of his more recent efforts would be a great way to start out the weekend, so I’m sharing a few here …

🤓 are those balloons for me little mouse ?

🐭 No! they is for my Girlfriends .

🤓 Girlfriends ? you have more than one.

🐭 sure do . it would not be fair for one person to enjoy all this cuteness and snuggles.

Ok who wants some dinners ?

🐭 so tell me again how many of these do we need to cut for all our fans on valentines day ?

🐁 around 75.000 should do it .

🐭 Wow that’s a lot can we not just post a photo of one and say it is for them all ?

🐭 Mr Tographer I nibbled you a Apple to give the wife for Valentines day . Can I have some peanuts now please .

🤓 sure you can  little mouse and I am sure the wife will love the apple

🐭 Ohhh Mr Tographer these flowers are nice . Can I eats them ?

Row houses for mouses

You can also find Simon, George and the gang on Facebook to keep up with his latest.  And to wrap up today’s Saturday Surprise, a video of George the mouse!

Th-th-that’s all, folks!!!  Have a great weekend!!!

33 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — George The Mouse Is Back!!!

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  2. I love the mice and follow them on Facebook. By the time I was eleven my friend and I had 40 white mice in my Dad’s designer garden shed, so I have always liked mice. Imagine if we just saw pictures of busy mice instead of world leaders on the news!

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    • Oh, I’m so glad!!! When I was around 8, I had a pet mouse that used to ride on my shoulder wherever I went (except school, where he was NOT allowed!). My mother hated him and one day I came home to be told he had died that day, but I always suspected he didn’t die of natural causes. Your parents were nicer than mine, letting you have 40!!! Yes, the pictures are a welcome relief from the world and I always smile when I see them … perhaps you’re onto something there … pictures of cute mice instead of world leaders! Works for me!


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