Good Grief Snarky Snippets

There are more ‘good grief, Charlie Brown’ moments in the news these days than I can shake a stick at!  That must mean it’s time for an angst-relieving (or angst-inducing, whichever way you look at it) snarky snippets post, eh?

Josh Hawley’s mug on a mug

Junior Senator Josh Hawley from the ‘show-me’ state of Missouri, has taken the respectability of his position to yet another all-time low.  Perhaps you remember Mr. Hawley’s blatant support of the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, as he walked by and gave them a smile, a wave, and a ‘fist pump.’  Well, today he is turning that hateful symbol into profit … for himself!

The mug shown above can be yours for only $20, the profits going to Mr. Hawley himself, of course! Hawley claims that this cup is his way of “owning the libs,” whatever the hell that means, and that proceeds from the sales of the mug will provide him with some much-needed campaign cash. Oh, and the bottom of the mug …

If you wish to support ignorance and treason, if you wish to continue to allow stupidity and greed to rule the U.S. Senate, then by all means be sure to order yours today!!!

A bridge too far?  No, a man too rich!

I have concluded that I despise Jeff Bezos!  In fact, I am currently looking for better options than Amazon so that I can stop helping the ignoble Mr. B stomp on everyone else in his quest to show off his billions in wealth!

The latest is that he has had a huge yacht … 417 feet long … built by a Dutch firm in Rotterdam.  Trouble is, the yacht is so bloody big that they can’t get it out to sea, for it won’t fit under the historic Koningshaven Bridge.  But never fear … Bezos has the solution!  Dismantle the bridge! 🙄 I mean, no way should Mr. Bezos have to put on his thinking cap and figure out how to take the 310-foot-high yacht apart then put it back together after passing under the bridge, right?  So instead, because Bezos threw the weight of his money around 💰, the City of Rotterdam has agreed to remove the middle section of the bridge to accommodate the world’s most wealthy man.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The move is controversial because the steel bridge has a long history and is now a national monument. It previously went through a major renovation which saw it out of action from 2014 to 2017, when officials said it would not be dismantled again.  The bridge will be put back to rights after Bezos gets his boat out, but still …

Bezos may have more money than anyone else in the world, but when it comes to values, conscience, compassion, etc., he is among the poorest in the world, for he is devoid of all.

A murderer sues his victim’s family???

The murderer is none other than George Zimmerman, the ‘man’ who murdered a young teenager simply for being … Black.  I’m sure most of you remember the story from February 2012, ten years ago.  Trayvon Martin was leaving a convenience store in a predominantly white neighborhood where he was staying with friends.  Mr. Zimmerman was a member of the local neighborhood watch program and determined that as a Black person, Trayvon had no legitimate reason for existing in that neighborhood, so he attacked and murdered him.

Zimmerman did not go to prison and has continued to live his life free as a bird, but apparently that was not sufficient for him.  He filed a lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s parents, their lawyer, two of Trayvon’s friends, and Harper Collins Publishers who had published a book written by Trayvon’s parents about the 2013 case against George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman claims they tried to “destroy his good will and reputation in the community.”  🙄 What ‘good will and reputation’ … he has none … he’s a murderer!

Thankfully the judge in the case had the good sense to throw it out saying that Zimmerman had failed to show “any fraudulent representation” and said any further arguments in the case would be futile.

Methinks there’s more to this than meets the eye …

Mazars USA, the accounting firm that has previously handled the Trump Organization’s financial records and tax returns, has parted way with Trump & Co.  In a letter to the Trump Organization on February 9th, the accounting firm notified the company of its decision and disclosed that it could no longer stand behind annual financial statements it prepared for Trump & Co.  They further advised the Trump Organization to inform anyone who had gotten the documents not to use them when assessing the financial health of the company and the ex-president.  Mazar’s General Counsel, William Kelly, wrote …

“While we have not concluded that the various financial statements, as a whole, contain material discrepancies, based upon the totality of the circumstances, we believe our advice to you to no longer rely upon those financial statements is appropriate.”

What does this mean for the ongoing investigations in New York?  It’s too early to say, but if justice is served, it will cause the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and New York Attorney General Letitia James to take an even closer look at the finances of the company, particularly their asset valuation and taxes.  However, I’m hesitant to predict anything at this point, for we have all seen how Trump is notorious for evading the laws that apply to everyone else and seems to truly be Teflon-coated.

37 thoughts on “Good Grief Snarky Snippets

    • Yes, we need to keep informed of it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. If we just bury our heads in the sand, they we will wake some morning to find that our world, the world we thought we lived in, no longer exists. xx

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    • Nothing racist about it … but Hawley is part of the group of politicos who say we should buy “American products” to support the U.S. economy, and yet he had his mug produced in a country that abuses employees, paying them little and working them long hours in poor conditions.


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  2. Good Grief! Far too tame an expletive, though I understand why you used it. If I was a believer, I would say the world is going to hell in one helluva huge handbasket. But since there is no hell I guess we are just headed for human species oblivion, and we cannot get there soon enough for me. As for Bezos’s yacht, take the effin’ mast down and rebuild it on the ocean side of the bridge. Ruining an ancient structure for the sake of an ego is just incredibly idiotic! That bridge was built to last, not like the boat that will sink the first time it hits a tropical storm on the open ocean waves.
    Josh Hawley and George Zimmerman can both go sit in Mar-a-lago with the Donald and reminisce about what could have been, if they were nice people and not such ignorant greedy selfish idiots. (I gave never used that word in my life as much as I am using it these last few days. Idiots everywhere, and nary a kind heart amongst them!)

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    • Well, I do try to be civil and follow my own rules, though I sometimes do toss in an x-rated expletive. Yes, I agree that it would have been MUCH simpler to dismantle part of the damn boat than the bridge, but that is what I hate about the privilege of the wealthy … the rest of us do not matter! I’d rather Hawley, Zimmerman and Trump all sit behind iron bars than at a beach resort!!! Yep, I use that word a lot these days, too! I wonder if there will ever come a time when we don’t need to?


  3. Jill, Enron’s malfeasance by Jeffrey Skilling (CEO) and Kenneth Lay (CFO) caused the stock to plummet and the death of Arthur Andersen, a previously reputable accounting firm. These two went to jail, rightfully so, but another heinous thing they did was tell employees not to divest of Enron stock in their 401(k) when they knew it was about to tank. Mazars may be remembering this example too late, but my guess is they will try to save face. Just like the people who turned down opportunities to work with Trump being very happy, the firms that did the same escaped a bullet as well. When you fly to close to the Trump sun, you will get burned. Keith

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    • I think you’re exactly right, Keith. Mazars faces great liability if it is proven that they knowingly falsified records and like Neil, I think they may well be cooperating with the prosecution for damage control. Your last sentence says it all!

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  4. (1) On the Jeff Bezos yacht — I don’t entirely blame Bezos for this. The boat builder must have known about the problem before he started to build the boat. Perhaps that boat builder has an arrangement for handling it. To me, the better solution would be to relocate is construction business to the other side of that bridge.

    (2) On the Mazars accounting firm: there’s a good chance that the accounting firm is already cooperating with the prosecutors, and that this announcement is part of a plea deal.

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    • One would think the boat builder would have known that there was no good way to get it out — I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s still arrogant that Bezos is willing to ask a city to dismantle their historic bridge when he could just as well dismantle his boat.

      I agree with you on the Mazars issue … I strongly suspect they are already cooperating with the prosecutors. I am a CPA (retired) and the thing that struck me as odd is that if the firm falsified asset valuations or tax returns, the partners in the firm could also end up in prison! So, perhaps it makes sense that they are doing the CYA thing.

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  5. that is crazy about the yacht – seems like poor planning up front.

    and that is an unusual letter from Trump’s former CPA firm. you would think it would raise a few questions…


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