Saturday Surprise — Critters To Make You Smile

By this point every week I am tired of humans, tired of listening to people, particularly people in the news, and just want something to bring a smile to my tired old face.  I figure you might feel the same right about now, so I hopped over to Paws Planet and found us some adorable critters.  They gave me a reason to smile and I hope they do the same for you!

My dogs Pietà (left) and Dolore (right) sleeping with my pet goose Giorgio MastrOca after they literally wrecked my home playing.

Calf smoochies is the best!!

My sister’s puppy decided to befriend the cat

Hi, the horse, long time no see, I miss you a lot!

Hello, this is my deerest friend. Hehe I am so happy to have him!

Happiest picture I have seen in a while. Can you see the happiness in this picture?

It’s a hard life being loved….

Come on, I’ll help you mah friend

My dog helps me rescue cats. This is Hawkeye and Larry, my foster fail. How could I split them up?

This is my little brother. Being a big sis is never easy but I love it so much. I am always here to care for my brother!

My heart falls for it!

Been dealing with long haulers for the last 3 months. My little pack have become my fretting nurses. Had to lay on the ground a few days ago since I had a round of feeling too tired to walk. These Haggis and Nuggie came over immediately and laid with me til I got up.

Alice found the creek. Cooper tried to help her out.

Bongo and Rooster sharing some watermelon

Chicken befriended kittens and now shares a bed with them

And last, but not least, a cute video of pandas having fun!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and get to do something fun!

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    • I loved that one too, my friend! Notice that it didn’t matter to either the deer or the cat that they were of a different species and didn’t quite look alike. Sigh. Glad you enjoyed the critters!


    • My pleasure, Michael!!! As you probably already know, I’d much rather post about cute animals than people! And did you notice that in several of the pics, critters were cuddling with those of completely different species? No prejudice or hatred there! Only humans seem to judge so closely! So far it has been a fine weekend … I hope yours has too! xx

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