Please focus on the news

I have long said that Keith is the gold standard for blogging. I often think, as I’m writing a post, WWKS, or “What would Keith say?” He doesn’t rant and he doesn’t have much patience for focusing on little, irrelevant things, personality clashes, etc. His post today exemplifies this — his message is to stay focused on what’s important and tune out the b.s., of which there is plenty floating around these days. Thanks, Keith … you are the best example I know!


Yesterday, in my browser feed was the headline Tucker Carlson said (whatever). That is not news. Carlson is an opinion host whose modus operandi does not always include the truth, which is actually a generous comment. What he, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Lawrence O’Brien, Laura Ingraham et al, espouse is not news. It is opinion. And, in Carlson’s case, includes purposeful disinformation as he covers for the untruthful and seditious bent of the former president.

I have been a broken record that the news too often covers things that are not news. I do not care who wins or loses by an action or inaction, I want to know what it is, who will benefit, what it costs and when will it be implemented. Congress largely does nothing but run for office. The fact we have to wait, every time, to fund the government at the last minute is a…

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