Saturday Surprise — A New Street Artist!

Those of you who have followed Filosofa’s Word for a while know that I LOVE street art!  Cute critters and street art are two of my favourite topics for Saturday Surprise and this week I got lucky in finding a new street artist!

Meet David Zinn, an artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan who is well-known for his “ephemeral art,” created on the streets and composed entirely of chalk, charcoal, and random objects found on the premises. Cracks, holes, and small grooves are enough for Zinn to notice the figures they suggest and that’s where he gets most of his inspiration from; his work is done on the go.  David has been drawing since 1987, making various quirky chalk-and-charcoal creatures in site-specific areas that helped the drawings wash away with the rain. His professional commissions included theatrical posters, business logos, educational cartoons, landfill murals, environmental superheroes, corporate allegories and hand-painted dump trucks, and his less practical creations involved bar coasters, restaurant placemats, cake icing, and snow.

“The honest truth about my art is that I am inspired by the absence of perfection as a possibility: between the irregularities of the stained concrete and the limited hours of available daylight outdoors, perfection is blessedly not an option. Instead, there is just the lunatic joy of finding the most satisfying option that exists within those limitations.”

‘Lunatic joy’ … that is absolutely what I felt when flipping through some of his artistic endeavours and I hope you will, too!

I hope these made you smile!  Now go forth and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Mr. Zinn’s artwork! I haven’t seen them in person and likely never will, but the pictures certainly bring a smile to my face! Thank YOU for dropping in and enjoying the drawings!

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  2. Namaste, Miss Jill! I had some Gem sleepovers. This is a Super Saturday Surprise. But guess what? David Zinn is not a surprise to me cause I already knew about him since last year. Gem gets email letters from lots of places and one told her and she told me. And guess what else? Then Gem got me his book called The Chalk Art Handbook and a humongous box of special chalk too. I have another book and a calendar in my bedroom by him that I got for Christmas. The calendar is so cool! I love drawing with chalk on my big blackboard but drawing on the driveway and sidewalk is more fun. It’s okay cause the rain washes it all away and then I draw some new pictures. I’m not very good yet but it’s really fun trying. I try to remember something that a saint said that I learned : Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best. Neck-buster hugs and big kisses. Bye for now and thank you.

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    • Namaste, my dear friend Benjamin!!!! I am SO HAPPY to see you here! I’m glad you liked the artwork of David Zinn and it comes as no surprise at all to hear that you were already familiar with him! I know you’ve probably enjoyed his book and tried a few chalk drawings yourself! Next time you do one, I’d love to have a picture of it! Someday perhaps you’ll be famous like Mr. Zinn and I will say, “I knew him when he was a little boy!” Neckbuster hugs and lots of kisses back to you, dear Benjamin! 💖


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