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The news out of Ukraine tonight isn’t good, but yet it could be worse.  Those Ukrainians have spunk and are standing up to Putin and the Russian military in every way possible.  One of my favourite stories is about the 13 Ukrainian soldiers who, when asked to surrender, told the Russian warship crew to “go fuck yourself”.  It was initially reported that the soldiers had been killed, but late last night it was said they are still alive.  And the other story that makes me tip my hat to the people of Ukraine was the elderly man who said to the invading Russians …

“Russians invading Ukraine is so fucked up! What are you doing here? We have our life and you have yours. I’m Russian too, but I live in this country. You have your own country and we have ours. Don’t you have any problems in your own country? Are you all rich there? Shame on you!”

If Putin thought he would simply storm the capital city of Kyiv, capture or kill President Zelenskyy, and then wipe his hands clean, he is finding that not to be the case.  Ukraine is admirably fighting back.  I know we are all keeping the Ukrainians in our hearts and thoughts each day.  I only wish there was something that we could DO.  Meanwhile, on the home front …

The GOP doesn’t know what the people really want!

We are told by Republican politicians that the people in this country do not want their children to learn the truth about this nation’s past, do not want them to be taught about such things as slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, the brutal treatment of indigenous people, and the Japanese internment.  We are told that parents are up in arms over ‘Critical Race Theory’, which is NOT taught in schools and few people even understand.  We are told that parents want books that talk about any of the aforementioned subject matter banned.  But maybe … just maybe we’ve been lied to.  Oh sure, there are some people who are themselves uncomfortable with the subject of race relations and don’t want to be put in a situation whereby their children might just take a viewpoint opposite their own.  However, it seems the majority of people in the U.S., whether Democrat or Republican, don’t want books banned and do want their children to learn the true history of their home country.  Hmmmm … verrrrry interesting! 🧐

A recent CBS poll on race and education revealed some fascinating facts that run counter to everything the Republican politicos tell us.  In his column yesterday, opinion writer Jamelle Bouie wrote …

“The survey, conducted this month, asked respondents to weigh in on the impact of teaching about race. When asked if “teaching about race in America makes students understand what others went through,” 68 percent of Americans said yes. When asked if this teaching made students “feel guilty about past generations,” 23 percent agreed. Just 16 percent of respondents said that teaching about race makes current students “less racially tolerant.”

When asked if books should ever be banned for “discussing race” or “depicting slavery,” an overwhelming 87 percent of Americans said no. A similarly large percentage said no when asked if books should be banned for “criticizing U.S. history” or sharing “political ideas you disagree with.” And 58 percent of Americans, including 52 percent of white Americans, say that racism is a “major problem” in America today.”

It would appear that the Republican politicians need to listen to the voices of ALL the people, not just the handful of radicals who have been fed a steady diet of Fox propaganda.

Remind me why we pay her a salary?

Ol’ Margie Greene is at it again and this time she has crossed a line as far as I’m concerned.  On Friday, she addressed a group of white supremacists, telling them that …

“You’ve been handed the responsibility to fight for our Constitution and stand for our freedoms and stop the Democrats who are the communist party of the United States of America.”

The event was America First Political Action Committee’s conference, organized by none other than white supremacist (today’s polite name for the KKK) Nick Fuentes.  Call it what you will – ‘white supremacy’, ‘white nationalism’, ‘Ku Klux Klan’ … a rose by any other name …

Margie Greene has been useless since the day she first set foot in the Capitol.  She has no committee assignments due to her incendiary comments and support of violence against Democrats.  The only thing I can figure she spends her time on is giving inflammatory, racist speeches like the one on Friday.  For a while, she and the equally conscienceless Matt Gaetz were touring the country … the Matt & Margie show … but that was cancelled due to lack of interest.

Another speaker at the Klan rally on Friday was Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona.  One speech I found should be grounds for imprisonment, for threatening a person’s life, for inciting violence, was that of far-right podcaster Stew Peters who called for lynching Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying …

“Tony Fauci literally unleashed a bio weapon on the world. Why is this man running around free instead of hanging on the end of a noose somewhere?”

The bigger question is why isn’t Mr. Peters in prison somewhere?  I guarantee that if you or I uttered such a hateful, felonious statement, it would be a matter of minutes before the FBI showed up on our doorstep!  Are the rules different for bigoted Klansmen?

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  1. Re “One speech I found should be grounds for imprisonment, for threatening a person’s life, for inciting violence, was that of far-right podcaster Stew Peters who called for lynching Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying … “Tony Fauci literally unleashed a bio weapon on the world. Why is this man running around free instead of hanging on the end of a noose somewhere?” The bigger question is why isn’t Mr. Peters in prison somewhere?”

    The MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER MORE IMPORTANT question is why isn’t Fauci in prison for life when it is EVIDENT that Covid is a Criminal Holocaustal Plandemic, here is why — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” …

    ““We’re all in this together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission. … The unity of compliance.” — Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist


  2. Some good news, Russia now sitting down with Ukraine to discuss peace talks after massive run on Russia’s banking system due to EU SWIFT sanctioning . Everyone in Russia is withdrawing US dollars as the Ruble loses 40% since the invasion.
    Russia’s financial system is collapsing due to additional sanctions from US and EU.
    “Russia’s Sberbank in Europe faces closure after savers demand money”


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  4. I love the spunk of the Ukrainian car driver, I hope the Russian jumped at the offer and went home. The Ukrainians a real people of Spirit and having tasted freedom from the Russian Yoke won’t be anxious to wear it again.
    I’m quite sure there are not so many numbskulls in America that they’d be blind yo the problems and anxious to start burning books again just to cover up the truth, nothing inspires a child/teen o find out what all the fuss is about and start reading banned books.
    Margie Greene is not a patriot and will be so recognised in years to come She’s harming the image of her own country ridiculing many of the laws and her association with White Supremacists will come back one day and bite her in the bum.

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    • I love their spunk and drive, too! I think that Putin expected them to cower, just lie down and let him take their country away from them, but he got a big surprise! Did you see the story Roger told in his comment? I’m sure the Ukrainians realize that if they don’t fight, if they don’t repel Putin’s troops, their lives will never be the same again and they will live in constant fear rather than the freedom they have today.

      I don’t know, David … there are an awful lot of uneducated numbskulls who still believe that they are of the “superior” race, that their skin colour makes them somehow ‘better’ and they don’t want their children to learn of the vast injustices that have been committed by this country since before it even became a country in its own right. But you make a good point … telling a kid they are not allowed to read something is a sure-fire way to get them to read it! I think that’s why the sales of “Maus” have skyrocketed and you cannot even find a copy to buy here in the U.S. Some online booksellers are charging upward of $150 — for a comic book!

      Margie Greene is a piece of garbage and if the people of Georgia re-elect her this year, they should be placed in psychiatric hospitals! Sadly, though, she’s not the only one who favours white supremacy, conspiracy theories, and Donald Trump. Sigh.


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  6. if you want non USA fictional news about Ukraine, may I suggest France 24, and DW ( Germany/English) , Al Jazeera, these are the 3 that have live coverage, talk to Ukrainians, and when possible warn the Ukrainians where the Russians are at, equipment and strength etc…. you can find these channels on You Tube they are streaming live 24/7 …. on a side note, if any of your readers know any magas or alt right wing gung ho sofa soldiers…. you can tell them Ukraine is taking any foreign fighters and volunteers that wish to join them in their fight for freedom… see if they are just all talk when it comes to fighting in a “civil”war to defend freedom or if they will actually fight for freedom… they take any one male or female of fighting age, 16 to 60 yrs of age. … just a thought…

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    • Thank you for those recommendations!!! I shall check them out and share them with my readers this week! I have the highest admiration for the Ukrainians who are showing remarkable courage and spirit in the defense of their country! You are so right that the maga crowd is all talk … they might take a gun and kill an innocent Black child just because of the colour of his skin, but pit them against tanks and armies and they will run crying to mama as they soil their pants from fear! But then, I have to admit that I don’t have the courage to travel to Ukraine and fight alongside them … luckily they wouldn’t take me anyway, as I am over 70 years old! Thanks again!


  7. Margie Green, you have absolutely no possible idea what communism is. If I could get you in a room and explain what a communist state was you’d be running to the Ladies Bathroom.

    Here’s a story out of the Ukraine which was on the BBC World Service, which actually took place and went along these lines, bearing in mind words would be lost in translation; Ukrainians speak Russian quite well by the way.
    A Ukrainian in his car came across an immobilised Russian tank with one disconsolate soldier left to guard it. (It appears a lot of ordinary Russian soldiers are having that universal soldier’s thought ‘What the **** am I doing here?’
    ‘What’s wrong? Broken down?’ he asked cheekily.
    ‘Yeah. Out of fuel,’ came the forlorn reply.
    ‘Oh. Do you want a tow back to the Russian border?’

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  8. Jill, I applaud the brave folks in Ukraine. It may end up being futile, but their courage against a malevolent tyrant’s force is admirable.

    As for you last reference to the Georgia congresswoman, I choose not to pay attention to people whose currency is disinformation and mean-spiritedness. My guess is Marjorie Taylor Greene said something offensive per her modus operandi. If she wants to be taken seriously, then she needs to have more veritas.

    As for your middle piece, civil discourse over important matters is critical. We must know our history or we are destined to repeat it. I see racism and Jim Crow like talk raising its ugly head way too much these days. Talk show hosts and politicians need diplomatic push back when they say racist or denigrating things. Labels, name calling or phrases are lazy shortcuts to arguments. Listen and ask questions to understand. Keith

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    • Me too, Keith! I’m sure they feel compelled to fight, for the alternative is being ruled by an evil dictator and … I’d rather fight to the death than lie down and tolerate that situation.

      I agree with you and I rarely bother to even read about her antics, but this one just set my teeth on edge. If the people in her district are foolish enough to re-elect her this year, then they deserve mandatory psychological care! To speak at a white supremacist event … is simply NOT DONE by members of Congress! Is this 2022 or have we slid back to 1962?

      I, too, see the racist talk raising its ugly head way too much these days and that is, in part, what keeps me awake nights. I really thought that people were smarter today, but obviously I was wrong. There are a few who don’t rise to the bait, but very few. I’m inclined, though it is an unpopular opinion, to say that it’s past time to put some limitations of the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech. Sigh.


  9. The worod is full of a**holes, and you just named a number of them. But no one will do anything about them, not ss long as Trump is free. People in power ate scared of him, and I do not know why! But once he falls, other walls will crumble. So the sooner you put Trump in prison, where he rightfilly belongs, the sooner you can scrape up the rest of the bottomfeeders and throw their hate-filled asses in jail too. A huge sigh of relief will be released across iour nation. And you desperately need to breathe fresh air, or your insides will rot.
    As for the Russian crew who were told to “go fuck [them]selves,” maybe they agreed. If the Ukainian soldiers are still alive, that speaks to a bond of brotherhood, something which Vladimir Putin has no conception of.

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    • I agree … he has some hold over 95% of the Republican Party that I do not understand! He’s not intelligent, he’s not well-spoken, he’s among the ugliest samples of the human species I have ever seen, and yet … he has brainwashed so many who are, as you say, scared of him. I keep hoping he’ll choke on his Big Mac one of these days, for as long as he lives, he poses a threat to the people of this nation.

      I’m not sure if the Ukrainian soldiers are still alive, but last I heard it was believed that they were. Yep, maybe the Russians turned tail and ran when they came up against people who are not cowed by tanks and ugly dictators. I’m sure at this point that most every Ukrainian figures that fighting to the death beats the heck out of being beaten and starved to death by the evil one.

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