Spring has almost sprung – and the bees need our help!

With everything happening in the world these days, it’s easy to forget some of the more important things … like bees! Luckily, our friend PeNdantry is here to remind us …


Just yesterday (as I write this, on 04Mar2022) a ginormous bumblebee buzzed past me, and said, “Spring is coming!” Well, not literally, but the message was clear. It reminded me of the fact that ‘our’ planet’s bee population is in serious decline (which is almost certainly our fault), and that if bees disappear then we will all starve to death ourselves just a handful of years later.

I’ve been thinking about turning my lawn into a meadow. I’ve long thought that the very idea of a lawn is a relic of a bygone age; one of the many traditions we’ve inherited from our ancestors that deserve to be consigned to the history books. If we were all to convert our lawns to meadows, that would certainly help the bees – and I for one wouldn’t miss the regular mowing chore!

And then, today, I got an email…

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18 thoughts on “Spring has almost sprung – and the bees need our help!

  1. We have our bee-friendly seeds ready for planting.
    Last year we were like excited kids counting the bees arriving in our garden (and those little flies which carry out the same sort of tasks….no I don’t know their names, just seen them around,)

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