Saturday in the park – miscellaneous musings on March 12

With a high temp of 25° and snow on the ground here, I won’t be spending my “Saturday In The Park”, but our friend Keith did, and the thoughts that accompanied his time in the park are worthy of being shared. He covers a lot of ground here … all important topics. Thank you, Keith!


In deference to the band Chicago, let me metaphorically meander this “Saturday in Park” with a few miscellaneous musings. In no particular order:

-one of the Republican primary opponents for a NC US Senator seat is running a commercial against the positions of the last GOP governor who is also running. The ad focuses on what the governor said in criticism of Donald Trump to show that the governor is not Republican enough. The irony is every word the former governor said in criticism is true about the former president and my wife and I both nodded our heads yes.

-the malevolent and untruthful acting autocratic leader of Russia is accusing the US of plotting with Ukraine a bio-chemical attack against Russia. This is vintage narcissistic behavior – brand others with the accusations being made at you. The aforementioned former president uses this narcissistic defense mechanism often, so we should…

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16 thoughts on “Saturday in the park – miscellaneous musings on March 12

  1. Keith’s story took me back a lot of years to the time I first heard about the church bombings in Birmingham. It brought back the tears shed that day as I tried to find a way to tell my children what had happened in a way they would understand. Not sure i ever found the right words for that, but at least they grew up understanding there is still a lot of hatred in this world but not why so many people are so afraid of those with a different skin color. Makes no sense to me at all. Just a lot of stupidity and ignorance showing its face to the world and a lot of people who don’t care enough to even try to make a difference. I wonder when the GOP will begin collecting Kool Aid?

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    • I think when we speak from the heart, we have found the right words. Kids understand much more than we give them credit for. I, too, remember the church bombings, the murder of Medgar Evers and the three who were registering voters during Freedom Summer in Mississippi. We have much in our history that needs to be taught so that we never return to those times, as I fear we are on the brink of doing. The GOP is already disbursing Kool Aid by the bucketful and sadly a lot of people are drinking it. Sigh. Hugs!

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      • I used to do private duty nursing and one of my patients was a former U.S. Marshall who was sent to Mississippi during those times. He had some horror stories to tell about those days and I’ve seen some headlines that match some of his worst tales.
        Hugs right back!

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        • I can only imagine some of the horror stories he had to tell! I’ve lately read 3 books about that time in Mississippi and I’m convinced I will never travel through that state again! Thing is, the mentality still exists, and the children/grandchildren of those KKK members and corrupt law enforcement officers still live, probably still believe in white supremacy. This nation is headed backward it often seems, at least in matters of racial equality. Sigh. Huge Hugs!!!

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          • I would imagine there are great grandchildren there now and they will probably never change if the things that are still going on all over this country are any indication. At least I managed to pull my own kids out of their dad’s mindset which was very deeply Southern. I have a few horror stories of my own about his family’s attitude. He and his brother didn’t discriminate against black workers helping them with the harvest but his brother told me once he was sorry they came in for lunch because he thought he was better than they were. My reply sent him scurrying out the door and my hubs didn’t speak to me for a few weeks because of that, but by golly it sure felt good to hear people thank me for the meal and tell me how good it was. All I ever heard from him was how his mom didn’t make it that way. I told him he could start going to McDonalds for his lunch and he just didn’t take that well.

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            • I wonder … sometimes young people rebel against what their parents believe, so it could well be that ultimately Mississippi will have leadership that eschews the white supremacist roots of the state. Or, perhaps I’m wrong and it will always be the state of uber-racism. Sigh.

              Your hubby sounds like a genuine grade-A arsehole! You did eventually send him packing, right?

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