What Will We Do?

In the past week, I have heard of at least two Republican members of Congress who basically said that what is happening in Ukraine is awful and that we should support Ukraine … with thoughts and prayers, but not anything that costs the U.S. money.  At least one, Warren Davidson of Ohio, was complaining about the inclusion of the $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine that was included in the larger — much larger — spending bill passed last week.  No doubt the views of these two are largely representative of their party as a whole.  In my opinion, this “America First” bullshit needs to end NOW!  Today there was a newsletter from Robert Reich waiting in my inbox.  It is short but describes ever so well the situation we’re in today …

Helplessness in the face of evil

An allegory

Robert Reich, 14 March 2022

It’s like watching a three-hundred-pound bully beat up a kid half his size, for no reason — bloodying the poor kid, pulverizing him. Yet you don’t dare try to stop the mayhem because the bully has a gun that he’ll use on you if you intervene.

You look for police, but there are none.

You round up your friends, who join you in shouting at the bully. But he pays no attention. They threaten that if he doesn’t stop they’ll no longer go bowling with him or invite him out for drinks. Their threats have no effect. The bully continues beating up the kid.

Your friends refuse to take further action. They don’t want to provoke his wrath. They’re as afraid of the bully’s gun as you are.

By now the kid is desperate. You give him some water. He pleads for a knife. You slip him some brass knuckles.

The kid puts up a good fight. You marvel at the kid’s courage and stamina in the face of such brutality. Maybe he can hold the bully off for a while, you think.

But the kid’s resistance infuriates the bully even further. The bully clobbers the kid with everything he has.

The barbarism is occurring in front of your eyes. It’s revolting to watch. Every moral fiber of your being shouts “do something!” Yet you’re paralyzed. It’s suicide if you intervene, but it’s moral suicide if you don’t.

You want to believe the kid can force the bully to retreat, but you know the kid doesn’t stand a chance.

You can no longer bear witness to this slaughter. You have to avert your eyes. Or you have to act. What do you do?

The time has come to make a decision … what will we do?

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  1. Jill, I will tell you what NOT to do. What we SHOULD’VE NEVER done to feed Putin’s ego and embolden him to attack the Ukraine unprovoked: buddy-up to Mafia-type Totalitarian Godfathers like Putin, Kim Jong-un (N. Korea), and Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (Saudi Arabia) while brazenly weakening or dismantling our NATO Alliances!

    Should I also mention all the serious conflicts of interest with real estate holdings and investments inside Moscow & Russia going back to 1987 thru Aug. 2019? 🙄 And we STILL made him U.S. President!!! Unbelievably asinine America, or I should say about half of Americans!!! 🤦‍♂️I’ll provide a Wikipedia link to this in a sub-reply below. But many Business journals provide the same info.

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    • I agree … the former guy’s cozying up to the likes of Kim Jong-un, Putin, and MbS certainly contributed to what has happened since. I hold Trump and MbS accountable for the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and Trump & Putin will have blood on their hands for … how many lives? Thousands? More? Worse yet, he has a chance of returning to the Oval Office!!! Cannot be allowed to happen, which is why I adamantly support a long prison term for him!

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      • Agreed on all points Jill.

        Whatever happened to that age old Constitutional principle that “no one is above the Law,” NO ONE! Not even the U.S. President or his cabinet, administration, et al. Where did that moral equality disappear to!? Why didn’t Richard Nixon serve actual prison-time?

        America, the Land of the free and equal justice before the law? HAH!!! How many centuries are we going to live as hypocrites over and over and over?

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        • I don’t think there was ever a time that “no one is above the law” was applied across the board. Those with money and power have always been able to avoid the long arm of the law, I think. Nixon had the good sense to resign, else I truly believe he would have been impeached AND convicted. Trump, on the other hand, was too egotistical to resign, had the Senate by the short hairs so that they wouldn’t convict him, and then tried to overthrow the entire government just to remain in office! Everything I read points to him being the Republican candidate in 2024, and most of the analysts I respect posit that he could very well win. NO!!! It simply cannot happen! I’ll start a GoFundMe to hire an assassin!

          We won’t need to worry too much about living with this hypocrisy for centuries, because the ignorance of humans regarding climate change and the environment is going to doom the human (and many other) species probably within the next century if they don’t wake up, give up a bit of their convenience, and DO SOMETHING positive! Sigh.

          Good chatting with you, Prof … I always enjoy it!


  2. Now we have arrived at the place of Hard Choices.
    Warren Davidson is a comparative irrelevance against the backdrop of what is taking place, one of those annoying spolit yappy little dogs.
    This is the realm of the Grown Ups and it is not an Easy Place.

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  3. I don’tprofess to know what Warren Davidson wants though I suspect moral turpitude on his part , certainly a lack of moral courage. But he’s noit on his oen there as I suspect there is a lack of courage and honour on behalf of the European powers.I dewtest wars an killing but maybe while he has his troops in Ukraine, raining death on the innocents there we should march our troops into Russia and relieve the people their from their bondage to the lies disseminated about the West and grant them a democracy under Putin’s opposition. He may then have to bring his troops home and I’m not sure they’d fight for him on Russian soil.

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    • I think Warren wants to become a leader in the Republican Party … right now he’s basically a peon as it happens. It seems to me that the entire Republican Party today, with three possible exceptions, is the party of cowardice, of bigotry, and of thievery. They would steal an election were it in their power, they are stealing our tax dollars and giving us zilch in return, and they are promoting policies that discriminate more than at any other time since the early 1960s. As for Ukraine, the Republicans want to be seen as the heroes, but not if it’s going to cost them, not if perhaps their constituents would object to money being spent, especially after Trump convinced them for four years that we should not help our allies, that it is “America First” that matters. Like you, I detest war, but this one is already in process, so the question becomes how can we help the innocent, how can we help a battered nation recover and remain a democracy … without endangering the entire planet? I don’t know the answer … don’t even know if there IS a good answer. I only know that we cannot simply sit back wearing our rose-coloured glasses and do nothing. Sigh.

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    • Ahhhhh … that was my first inclination, too, but there are so many complexities that could have a seriously negative impact on the whole planet, that I … honestly don’t know the answer and don’t think anyone does.


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  5. Dear Jill,
    I have lost my link to Robert Reich’s posts. I wanted to copy my comment to him directly, but it seems I have been unfollowed from him. Can you please give me his contact info. I had it once, but it is now gone from my computer. Thanks.

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  6. What we should do is what we should have done in the first place, amass a huge show of International force ten times the size of Putin’s forces. If facing that Putin still tried to move forward, most likely his troops would have abandoned him to fight alone. There was no need to let the killing start.
    But we are a bunch of wimps. We expected Ukraine to fall on their weapons and give up. Noone expected Ukraine to fight to the death, and now we are too embarassed to act. We have been exposed for whst we are.
    I do not want war. I detest military killing. But if supposedly reasonable people allow a slaughter to take place, we are WORSE THAN PUTIN! As crazy as he is, at least he is honest (to a degree) in what he wants. We are dishonest and disgustingly unreiable to our democratic cousins…

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