Marina Ovsyannikova — Say Her Name!

The first I heard of Marina Ovsyannikova was in a post by our friend, rawgod.  My curiosity piqued, I went in search of more information.  In the world of courageous people, Ms. Ovsyannikova stands out, is at the top of my list.  What did she do?

She was an editor/producer at Russia’s state television Channel One.  Yesterday evening, in the midst of the nightly live news (propaganda) program, she burst onto the set behind the news anchor yelling, “Stop the war. No to war” and carrying a sign …

Translated, the sign reads, “Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re lying to you here.” It was signed in English: “Russians against the war.” The news anchor continued to read from her teleprompter speaking louder in an attempt to drown out Ovsyannikova, but her protest could be seen and heard for several seconds before the channel switched to a recorded segment.

Ovsyannikova also released a pre-recorded video via the OVD-Info human rights group in which she expressed her shame at working for Channel One and spreading Kremlin propaganda.

Ovsyannikova was arrested shortly after her protest and was held for a time at the Ostankino television center before being taken to the police station.  This is the first time that an employee from Russian state media has publicly denounced the war as the country continues its crackdown on anti-war dissent. So strict is the current wave of censorship that other news programs blurred out the message on Ovsyannikova’s sign in their own reports on the incident.  Within hours of her protest, more than 40,000 people had so far left comments on Ovsyannikova’s Facebook page, with many praising her for her taking a stand.  Tell me again how the Russian people love Putin and fully support the war on Ukraine???

What has become of Ms. Ovsyannikova since yesterday evening?  I’ve read conflicting stories.  One says that after being interrogated for some 14 hours, she was fined approximately 30,000 rubles, or roughly $280 USD and released from prison.  But The Washington Post reports that human rights groups say they are unable to locate her.  I suspect there can be no good outcome for Ms. Ovsyannikova from her protest, but I am sure she knew that when she made the decision to do what she did, to stand for truth and justice.

Ms. Ovsyannikova deserves two thumbs up for her courage and honesty … I only hope her efforts were not in vain and that the people of Russia stand up against the brutal dictator in charge of their nation.

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  1. Thanks for your well thought out response, i appreciate reasonable discourse and actually agree with many of your points.
    Ms Ovsyannikova’s reaction may very well be genuine, but it’s impossible to know for certain simply b/c we don’t know her personally. During those 15 seconds on air, we are making an assumption based upon emotion within the context of our world view, with very limited facts.
    Or it could very possibly be staged, we just don’t know.
    There are many claims from the Left that Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard may be sleeper Kremlin agents, Putin puppets, traitors, same goes for Trump…. but how do you prove it? Everyone has an opinion but again they’re not based on facts, just subjective impressions.
    Yes i am critical when it comes to “the news”, how can one not be? Should we simply consume information unconditionally, with absolute trust and total belief, without opposing viewpoints or logical reasoning?… of course not.
    My point being: QUESTION EVERYTHING!
    Apply critical thinking and do not assume or believe that everything in the media is true. This applies to both Russian and Western media, which are mainly heavily state sponsored propaganda, the purpose of course is to control the narrative and affect change according to very specific agendas.
    Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist, while we may not agree with his sensationalistic form of journalism, he does serve a purpose: offering an alternate point of view.
    Therein lies the danger, “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” So said U.S. Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
    Media nowadays is formulated to create a false consensus effect, so the masses don’t have to think for themselves, lulled into complacency and unconscious “group think” compliance.
    I personally obtain information from independent journalist who are not bought and paid (owned) by the corporate media or gov’t think tanks.
    If so inclined, please check out real journalism, uncensored, unbiased news reporting, investigative reporters like: Matt Taibbi, Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Glenn Greenwald to start.
    Add’l list of independent citizen journalists:

    I’m not here to tell anyone what to think, but it is nice to discuss relevant events with someone well versed in history, contextually with political and military knowledge.

    The world is far more complex, deep, confusing and intriguing indeed!


  2. Hillary Clinton once said, “this is the age of info wars”. If Tucker Carlson is a Putin puppet, why can’t Ms. Ovsyannikova be a paid provocateur…. a “Biden puppet” if you will? The media’s job on both sides is to push propaganda, obfuscate the facts, spin city.


    • So … are you, like Orca Flotta, a lover of all things Putin and one who disavows facts, preferring instead to get their news from obscure, unreliable sources and believe the trash they promote? Ms. Ovsyannikova is NOT a “Biden Puppet”, but if you actually believe so, present your facts, your sources. No, the media’s job is NOT to “push propaganda” but rather to related the news, the facts. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t, but except outlets like Fox and OANN, they at least try. Now please, Maddie, stop with the conspiracy theories and off-the-wall crap … I just don’t have the patience or the time for it.

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    • But where do you, personally, obtain information from? For all information was ever from a ‘media’? (Howard Rheingold, writer and critic has cited the cave paintings in Lascaux as one of the earliest examples of ‘media’.)
      How are certain are you, personally, deep down inside absorbing what you feel is ‘information’ but truth be known is acceptable to you because it fits into your view of the world?
      ‘Media’ in all its forms be it a ‘news’ channel or a site dedicated to ‘uncovering’ conspiracies is the construction of people (or person). Unless you have actually been ‘there’ and witnessed with your own senses you are entering into a compact of trust with the producers.
      Can adopt the ‘Saint Thomas’ approach, but it does limit your perceptions of the world, as an aspect of Human nature is the complexity of trust/faith.

      Now, as someone who has spent sometime reading history both political and military, into the Greek Classic era and the myriad of commentaries that affords, the patterns of human interactions become noticeable. The Russian attempt to seize Ukraine; historically predictable. Their response to failure to gain a swift victory, operationally predictable. The display by Marina Ovsyannikova also predictable, folk do erupt (Remember Rosa Parks March 1955?).

      Also to dismiss all the media as pushing propaganda, obfuscating the facts, spin city, is actually rather trite and fashionable cynical. Tell that view to the families, friends and colleagues of journalists killed, injured, assaulted or arrested over the years. You are in danger of stepping into Alex Jones Qanon territory there.

      The world is far more complex, deep, confusing and intriguing than any Conspiracy theory or simple dismissal could ever imagine.

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  3. Jill, what a courageous person who knows something bad will befall her, yet does it anyway. The symbolism goes beyond the words and hopefully will get out to more people who did not see her courageous stand. Keith

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    • Indeed she was. She may well have given her life to raise awareness of the truth, since as of this writing she is still missing from what I can tell. You’re right … word will spread and more people will understand that they are being lied to on a daily basis. Let’s hope she’s alright, that some friends managed to spirit her out of the country to safety.


  4. There are two interesting point worth thinking about here. They may sound harsh, they may sound cynical, I apologise for being me and my view.

    1. She was fined….Fined?? I daresay 30,000 roubles is no joke for an average russian…but fined??
    2. Afterwards she made a statement in full public view, that was broadcast out on the world media.

    Mr Putin…your precursors must be revolving in their graves at a pace likely to cause a minor earthquake. Anyone who dared do that under Stalin would have vanished straight away…So would the team involved in the broadcast for allow a whole 5 seconds worth of air time,…. and a lot of other folk, just in case. During the days of the Cold War USSR ‘they’ would have had a whole script out within the hour denigrating the person, indicating use of violence in getting on air, with witnesses and ‘injured parties’ and after three weeks a whole polite show trial, with a suspiciously contrite accused. And maybe allow her to emigrate to the USA (in a back-door exchange for a few of ‘theirs’ incarcerated for spying).

    Too late now for trying to make this hero disappear. The world knows about her. The world is watching.

    Maybe, just maybe Putin doesn’t have the grip he would like to think he has.

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    • Never apologize for being you or for having your own opinion, Roger! You know how to present your opinion without being disrespectful, unlike Orca Flotta and some others.

      1. I don’t know, in retrospect, if she was fined or if that was what the propaganda network said. Last I heard, a few hours ago, she is still missing.
      2. She recorded that statement earlier that day, before carrying the sign onto the newscast and shouting “Stop the War!” I don’t know if she scheduled it to be released after the event, or if she put it in the hands of a trusted associate to release, but she had already recorded it.

      As I said, she is still missing from everything I can gather. I hope she has been spirited out of Russia by friends, but I can’t really make a judgment call until we know one way or another. I rather hope Putin had a serious case of apoplexy when he saw that newscast! And perhaps he doesn’t have the grip on the country, especially given the number of protestors standing courageously against the war.

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  5. A lot has been said about how most Russians believe the propaganda because they mostly watch state controlled TV. If that’s true, then the consequences of this single act of heroism will be far reaching. If nothing else, those who saw it, or were told about it by friends and family will start to realise how blinkered their knowledge of the world truly is. That is cause for hope.
    What saddens /me/ is that so many people in Western countries are also victims of propaganda campaigns that are becoming more blatant all the time. The truth is out there, but most people are either too lazy to look for it, or too entrenched in their comfortable world view to want the truth. :/

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    • Indeed … Fox News is the main purveyor of lies and disinformation here, and they are also the most-viewed network! What does that say about the people of this nation? Fox is just about the equivalent of Russia’s State T.V., the only difference being it isn’t controlled by the government. However, they are the puppet of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, so not too much difference. I agree with you, though … I think what Ms. Ovsyannikova did will reach thousands of people in one way or another and let them know … if they will only listen … that they are being lied to by Putin & Co.

      We in Western nations have no excuse other than, as you say, laziness and ignorance. Sigh.

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      • Fox is polluting our air here in Australia too. And in the UK. I can’t work out whether Rupert Murdoch actually believes the bullshit or is simply one of those arch manipulators who gives people what they secretly want, and makes a fortune while doing so.
        I’m having an ‘I hate humanity’ day so take what I say with a big grain of salt, but I fear that democracy is doomed to fail because the /majority/ of humans aren’t very nice people.
        Benevolent dictators accomplish more good, but they’re few and very far between so on average, a democratic system is likely to do less /harm/. That’s not saying much though, is it?

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        • No, Murdoch doesn’t believe in or care about the bullshit that Fox spews … he cares only about profit.

          I have those “I hate humanity” days quite frequently of late, and I am very much with you on the loss of hope for not only democracy, but for the human species. We are going to wipe ourselves off the planet either with nukes or by our greedy inattentiveness to climate change and our destruction of the environment. Sadly, either way, we will also doom many other, though not all, species. Earth will likely be run by the insect kingdom for a time.

          I cannot think of a benevolent dictator who did more good than harm in history. And it’s for damn certain that the likes of Putin and Trump, two peas in a pod, will NEVER be mistaken for ‘benevolent’. Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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          • Yeah. I’ve been trying to come to terms with cockroaches but they still give me the heebie jeebies.
            There were some kings and queens who were essentially dictators but did some good. Can’t think of any off hand but I’m sure they existed, once. Or maybe they simply weren’t ‘bad’ in comparison to the times. Trump though? -snort choke roll around on the floor-
            -hugs back-

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            • I admit that I’m not a big fan of las cucarachas, either, but I still try not to kill them. We don’t get many of those, but we do get crickets accidentally coming in the house, and if Goose or I don’t notice them and quickly rescue them, our Boo pulls their legs off, leaving them helpless and I presume in great pain. At that point, there is no recourse other than to flush them down.

              Well, as far as leaders go, it IS all relative. Perhaps a dictator who followed Putin would be much kinder and thus would be considered a ‘benevolent’ dictator, but a dictator nonetheless. Who knows what will become of this world in the next 100 years … one part of me is happy I won’t be around to see it, yet another part of me wishes to see how things evolve … or devolve.

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              • lol – I assume Boo is a…cat?

                I feel the same about the future, Jill. I play mind games in which I try to work out how democracy could survive, but they’re pretty radical and I can’t see how this version of democracy could evolve into something better. I fear that only after a period of ‘dark ages’ would democracy re-emerge in a better form. I just hope we’re not already teetering on the brink of those dark ages.


                • Yep, Boo is short for Booker T. Washington and he is a cat … all cat and all boy! Loves to torment his sister! He also loves to use the computer … on more than one occasion when I left my laptop open, he has sent an email!

                  Sigh. If you’re like me, those mind games are played when you get in bed at night, pushing sleep into some corner while the mind spins and bounces. The only way I see for democracy to regain a foothold, for people to unify, to come together for the greater good, is some major catastrophe that leaves the world in the dark, literally, and without its technological tools ‘n toys to help people survive. Some will find ways of surviving and helping others, while some will simply perish. Or, the world may continue on its current path with far too many people thinking they are somehow superior, living for profit at the expense of others, etc. Let’s just go find a desert island with no phone, no t.v., and no humans! We can live in peace.

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                  • Your Boo made me laugh. Give him a hug from me. 😀
                    As for our future, I fear that a reset is coming. History is full of failed civilisations. This one is probably near its useby date. Let’s hope something does rise from the ashes.

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                    • Hug given and enjoyed … he says … mmmrp, which is Boo-speak for ‘thank you’!

                      Yes, I fear the same my friend. I keep waiting for people to take their brains out of their posteriors, but so far it just isn’t happening.

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                    • You’re welcome, Boo. 🙂
                      Thank god for cats.
                      I have a theory that the pressures of so many people living too close to each other build and build, like a festering sore, until one day the pus filled sore just has to burst. Nothing else seems to work. I fear that’s what we’re going through now. 😦

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                    • I fully agree … cats, dogs, hamsters … all critters can bring us joy and put a smile on our faces!

                      Hmmmm … your theory is as good as any other I’ve heard. I’m just at a loss to understand the roots of the current bigoted hatred we’re seeing today. Perhaps too much proximity is a contributing factor!

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                    • It would be all too easy to dismiss half the world’s population as degrees of sociopath except that according to Diana, the same people would jump to help if a neighbour got in trouble.
                      It’s definitely not…simple. 😦

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  6. After a 6 month hiatus from WordPress, this is what beckoned me back; and this is the first article I’ve read. Kudos to Ms. Ovsyannikoua and all of the brave Ukrainians fighting for their homeland and the brave Russians willing to stand against Putin. There was a brief clip in Canadian news about a week ago about university students who have ingeniously created an app/program that seeks out Russian phones with a message telling them the truth about the war. The CBC reporter asked, “Isn’t this illegal?” One student responded, “We must do something to counteract Putin’s propaganda. Who cares if it’s legal?” Kudos to them too!

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    • Good to see you back!!! And I’m honoured that this was the first article you read! There is a lot of courage in the Ukrainians, and also in those Russians who stand up for what is right, even knowing they will pay a hefty price for their protests. Thumbs up to the students you mention … I think I saw something about that, but didn’t take the time to read the article … I’ll see if I can find it and read it now. Glad you’re back!!!

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  8. Remarkable what anti-Putin, anti-war protestors are doing in Moscow & Russia to force more facts, truth into Putin’s Totalitarian sanctuary! My utmost applause goes out to Marina Ovsyannikova and all others there who risk ending up in Siberian prisons, never to be seen or heard from again!!! 👏

    And Jill, just as a reminder… the PBS Frontline documentary on Putin’s Road to War airs tonight at 9pm EST, 8pm CST. I highly recommend everyone watch it! It will cover some 10+ years of how and why Putin has arrived in the hellhole he’s in now and committing war crimes & crimes against humanity!

    Furthermore, for our misguided brainwashed Orca Flotta—who is still hanging around here NOT providing any reliable, independent sources with links for her personal Putin-propaganda flatulence. We’re still waiting Orca. Meanwhile, here’s another Russian journalist publishing TRUTH about Putin and his inhumane murderous military in Ukraine:

    Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats has contributed massive amounts of acclaimed reporting on Putin and his authoritarian Kremlin regime.

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    • Thank you, Prof! I didn’t watch Putin’s Road to War, but have found it on YouTube … with closed captioning!!! Being near-deaf, that is the only way I can possibly watch anything, but I have bookmarked it and will watch it later this week, as well as the one you included in this comment! Thanks again. As re Orca, I doubt she will be chiming in with any credible sources for her opinions, so don’t hold your breath.

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