WARNING:  This is a rant, and one for which I make no apologies.

Humans comprise only 1 of 2.12 million species on the Earth today that we know of.  Some scientists believe there are actually somewhere between 5 million and 10 million species on the planet.  Think about that one for a minute … we are not the ‘be all and end all’ of the planet, although it seems we are trying very hard to end life on this planet for most all species including ourselves.  The one thing that humans take the #1 place for, though, is arrogance.  Humans evolved and at some point, decided that they are the most valuable, superior species on Planet Earth.  To that end, mankind has somehow concluded that it is his “god-given right” to kill members of every other species either for food or for sport.

Do you remember a man named Greg Gianforte?  He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2017-2021 and is now the governor of Montana.  But what Gianforte is most famous for is beating up a member of the press, Ben Jacobs of The Guardian, simply because he didn’t like the question Mr. Jacobs asked him regarding his view on health care policy during his 2016 campaign.  Gianforte tried to claim that Mr. Jacobs had grabbed his wrist, but that was proven to be a bald-faced lie by witness testimony and recordings of the event.  In the 2016 election, Gianforte was elected despite (or perhaps because of?) his assault on the reporter … says something about the state of Montana and its people.

Gianforte lasted only four years in Congress but is now the governor of Montana and never has there been a more despicable example of the human species.  What has he done now, you ask?

It happened last December 28th when Gianforte decided to commit murder.  The 5-year-old mountain lion was wearing a GPS-tracking collar that Yellowstone biologists use to monitor the rare and elusive predators. Park staff knew the animal by its research number: M220. I have no idea what gave Gianforte the notion that what he was about to do was in any way fair or honourable, but what he did was chased the mountain lion with hounds until it ran up a tree for safety, at which time Gianforte and his friends shot and killed the lion.

Look at this face … isn’t it far more beautiful than that if its murderer, Greg Gianforte?

There was no ‘fair fight’ … Gianforte and his group had 4 bloodhounds and hi-powered guns that could cover a distance far greater than the lion could, while the lion had only his claws and teeth and he could not possibly have gotten close enough to cause so much as a scratch on any of those so-called ‘men’.

This was far from the first murder Gianforte has committed upon other species. Less than a year earlier, Gianforte killed a Yellowstone wolf in a similar area that was also wearing a tracking collar, prompting an outcry among environmentalists.  On October 28, 2000, he was fined a measly $70 for violating state Fish and Wildlife Commission rules by killing an elk. In February 2021 while governor, he violated state hunting regulations when he trapped and shot an adult black wolf known as “1155”.  This sorry excuse for a ‘man’ believes he has a ‘right’ to murder innocent animals for trophies!

Gianforte grins as he shows off his “trophies”

Gianforte has four children … this ‘man’ should NEVER have been allowed to reproduce!  Why isn’t this ‘man’ in prison???  He committed a crime … a crime against this entire nation, against all inhabitants of this planet!

While I believe that Gianforte is among the very worst examples of the human species, there are others vying for that title.  In a period of just under six months last year, hunters shot and trapped 25 of Yellowstone’s wolves — a record for one season — the majority killed in Montana just over the park border. The hunting has eliminated about one-fifth of the park’s wolves, the most serious threat yet to a population that has been observed by tourists and studied by scientists more intensively than any in the world.  The Republican-controlled legislature in Montana passed laws mandating a decrease in the state’s wolf numbers and allowing hunters to catch wolves in neck snares, hunt them at night and lure them with bait, sometimes chopping off the animals’ feet and heads, among other atrocities.

A wolf’s carcass left to rot by murderous hunters

I’ve long said, only half-jokingly, that if I get the chance to come back to Earth again, I’m coming back as a wolf.  I still hold that hope, for I’ve always felt that the wolf is my ‘spirit animal’ if such a thing exists, but today I hope that if I do return to Earth as a wolf, it is almost anyplace other than the United States!  People here love their guns and are so damned arrogant that they believe they are superior to every other species and that it gives them the right to murder members of other species.  Heck, I won’t even kill an ant or cricket I find in my house if there’s any way to rescue them and return them to nature!  Apparently I am an anomaly among the human species, at least in this backward nation!

Meanwhile … no, humans, you are quite possibly the most flawed species that exists today.  You fight against doing those things that might ensure the survival of yours and others’ futures here on Earth, but would rather keep driving your big cars, keeping your house the perfect temperature, and buying more and more ‘boys toys’ — guns to kill, to murder.  To murder … helpless wolves, mountain lions and other beautiful animals who have never harmed you in any way.

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    • I know … if I could come face to face with Gianforte I would spit right in his eye! I’ve never felt as much white-hot rage as I felt when I first read of him murdering that lion. 😭😭


  1. It would be fun, to get him on a prime time tv show. Talk to him a casual way about hunting and his views on it. Then after he has gone on for a while, challenge him to go out dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt, with one small knife, to fashion his own pointed sticks with, to spend seven days out there and see what he comes back him.
    The responses would be interesting, particularly if you kept pressing him on the challenge.

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  2. I don’t know why some humans think that it is okay to go into the wild and take a life. The only two species that I do not mind killing are flies and mosquitos…fire ants too. Other than that, I could never take the life of such beautiful animals, and due to my empathy, I tend to feel pain when in close proximity to hunting folks. This guy is sickening…and there are too many like him.

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    • Several years ago, early in Trump’s tenure, I posted this similar post about the Trump sons and some of the animals they had killed without conscience: Like you, I don’t know why humans think they are the superior species when they kill with impunity. Animals don’t kill others just because they can, and they don’t kill other animals just because their fur is a different colour! Yes, sigh, there are too many like the Trump sons and Greg Gianforte.

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      • So much of that previous post that you shared, I had no clue about. That’s terrible 😕 I think I tuned out and shut down during the Trumplican years. I shouldn’t have but did. Thank you for sharing that with me, my friend. I need to pay more attention to that.

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        • I cannot see the Trump ‘boys’ on t.v. or on the news without envisioning those poor dead animals. 😢 You are not alone, my friend … many people tuned out during the Trump era, and it’s understandable … you probably saved yourself from an ulcer! But, we have to stay aware, else the madness creeps in and one morning we wake to the sound of jackboots and a pounding on our door, just as the German people did in the late 1930s.


          • When the insurrection happened, I felt like we looked as if we were in Nazi Germany all over again, and then when the Ukraine attacks happened…it just has shocked my system. My heart is broken for the people, and I think it will get worse before it gets better. This morning and yesterday I did some text banking for a people power team I am involved with. We were texting to raise money for Ukraine…but honestly…by the time this is over I think there will be nothing left of Ukraine. It’s nearly leveled as it is.

            I am with you on the vision of a bunch of stuffed animals, like that guy on Road House that had a huge room of trophies. Sickening 😦

            Hopefully your Saturday has been good, my friend! I am just now getting back to my blog after spending Thurs and Fri with my granddaughter and daughter 🙂 Big hugs and loves, Jill!

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            • I cannot begin to predict the eventual outcome of Putin’s war against Ukraine, but I agree with you that it will likely get worse before it gets better. Thing is, though … I don’t agree that there will be nothing left of Ukraine. Look how hard the people are fighting, how determined they are to keep their country. In the long run, they may lose this war, but Putin will NEVER be able to turn his back, to simply rule in the way he has ruled Russia all these years. He thought that within a matter of days, Ukraine would be his for the taking, but the Ukrainian people showed him a thing or two! Even the Russian people are rising in rebellion against his actions, and his own military! I think it’s probably fair to say that he is the most hated man in the world today, and that’s a dangerous position to be in. So, don’t give up hope just yet!

              I applaud you for doing what you’ve been doing, raising money to help the Ukrainian people! And I’m so happy to hear that you got to spend some time with your daughter and granddaughter! I hope you had a wonderful time with them! Love ‘n hugs to you too, dear Amy!!!

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              • The Ukrainian people and leaders are strength that I have never seen before. I am glad that you brought that up because I would say that I was seeing the material side of it. You made me think about the tornadoes that level cities and how a year later there’s no remaining damage from the tornado…like it was never even there. Thank you 🙂 You made me see and think differently for a good moment!

                It was a great visit with the kiddos 🙂 It refreshed my brain a bit! I adore the time I have with them, and I hope your weekend is going well! Big hugs and loves, my friend!

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                • I’m so glad!!! Yes, the Ukrainian people will protect and then they will re-build … of that, I have no doubt! And Vladimir Putin will not be able to stop them! I cannot think of a time during my lifetime when people have shown so much resolve, such outstanding courage. My grandparents used to speak of people during Hitler’s regime who were similarly courageous, but that was before my time … still, I remember their telling of those stories as if they were yesterday. People are made of much stronger stuff than we often believe. We only show our full strength when put to the test, as the Ukrainians have been.

                  I’m so glad you had a great visit and that you took a break from all the dark stuff! Aren’t grandkids just the best? 😊 Hugs ‘n lots of love to you, dear friend!!!

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  3. I value all life, beit human, animal or plant, and in this respect I look at systems and species rather than individual animals. Here in Aotearoa, the ecosystem is under threat by introduced species, both animal and vegetable, but particularly by mammals.

    The islands of Aotearoa evolved for 80 million years in the absence of mammals. Predators of any type are mostly omnivorous or insectivores. Humans, from the arrival of Māori 800 years ago to the more recent influx of Europeans and other ethnicities have been disastrous to the NZ ecology. In those 800 years, but especially in the past 200 years, we’ve lost 60% of our endemic animal species. Plant species are doing only slightly better.

    While humans have been responsible for some of the harm simply by being here, most of the harm has been caused by animals we’ve brought with us. Even such “innocuous” species such as mice, chamois or the German wasp can wreck havoc on the environment.

    The Australian possum was brought in to create a fur industry and now more than 30 million of them are eating their way through the ecosystem predating on birds, insects and forest canopy with equally devastating effect..

    Neither endemic plant life nor endemic animal life can withstand the onslaught of possums, rats, mice, stoats, rabbits, deer, goats, horses, cats, dogs and many other species. I can illustrate this by mentioning just one example. There are 5 species of kiwi and it’s possible that all 5 species will no longer exist in the wild in the life of my children {both in their 40s}. Kiwi produce one or two eggs per year depending on species, but current rates of predation means that only one in twenty chicks reach adulthood. Do the math. A kiwi pair will need to fledge a chick every year for fourty years just to maintain the current population. They can’t.

    Very low reproduction rates of endemic species be they animal or vegetable mean their demise is inevitable unless we eradicate species that predate on them. To this end, hunting is but one means of doing so. I have absolutely no respect for someone who hunts for the pleasure of killing animals. To me they are merely a useful tool in protecting our environment along with trapping and poisoning. The NZ ecosystem cannot survive without the very species that has been instrumental in its destruction – homo sapiens.

    On the other hand, if anyone knows how we could persuade Australia to take back 30 million possums or Europe to take back even more rabbits, stoats, hedgehogs, sparrows, mice, rats, cats, dogs, deer, goats, etc, and a means of carrying it out, I’m all ears.

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  4. I can’t even fully read this, Jill. I hate this SO much! I am so tired of many bad ones….and they seem to be growing..and I know it’s always been alike this..but it’s never going to end, be it horror to people, animals, or the environment. What is wrong with us! Why are we this way!

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    • I understand, Mary … it was beyond difficult to research and write, and I had tears in my eyes the whole time. You ask a good question, my friend … one to which I have no answers, but it is certainly worthy of pondering for a while. The only thing I can figure so far is there is something toxic in human DNA that makes us arrogant and greedy, but then … how to explain the good people that I write about every Wednesday?

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  5. All for the sake of (an unfair) sport, hobby, and boosting of testosterone and Self to feel haughty, superior. Then hang your prize for everyone to gawk at—in deluded praise or sickening degradation of Homo sapiens, the Alpha-males with an overcompensation of self bigness. What a pitiful excuse for an American “sports hunter” who behaves more like a retarded dimwitted Neanderthal. 🤬

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  6. Sylvia Dolson is a naturalist, wildlife photographer and freelance writer with a passion for bears. These words seem a fitting addition to your heartfelt rant and are found in Dolson’s June 2013 book “Joy of Bears” published by the Get Smart Bear Society : “Like us, animals feel love, joy, fear and pain, but they cannot grasp the spoken word. It is our obligation to speak on their behalf ensuring their well-being and lives are respected and protected.”
    As for Greg Gianforte and those of his ilk these 1903 words of Theodore Roosevelt are more generous and kind than they deserve : “There is not in all America a more dangerous trait than the deification of mere smartness unaccompanied by any sense of moral responsibility.”
    WHAK!! Thank-you!

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  7. Luckily, not all humans are hunters, for if we were, there would be no animal species alive on this planet but humans. And since humans cannot survive without other animal species, where would we be!
    UNLUCKILY, it only takes a few assholes (sorry, but that is what hunters and even fishers are!) to do great damage to those species they THINK they are superior to. Their “superiority” proves their “inferiority”! They are less than human, and should be treated as such. I remember a torture to the death scene in a book I read as a youngster, maybe 10 or 11 years old. A man was tied up in the desert so he could only squirm, but not get loose. He was buried very shallowly, with just his face exposed, then his captor cut off his eyelids so he could not shut his eyes from the desert sun. But even that was not enough. His captor then poured honey all over the area where the man lay. Ants and other desert animals were rapidly attracted to the honey, and the man died a long horrible death.
    I am a pacifist, as I believe you are, Jill, but for what Giafantore does, what Don Jr. and Eric do, and a whole cast of others do, I think that desert death would be fair recompense. Let them know they are the inferior inhumane beings they really are.
    My dream invention is some kind of alarm or wind-directing object that could be placed on all vehicles so as to prevent all insects or animals small and large from being struck by the vehicles humans drive, including boats and airplanes! And another one that would drive fish, porpoises and manatees away from boat propellors. Humans do so many things that cause so much suffering and unnecessary death to so many living beings.
    I understand that some killing is necessary, life lives on life, and whether it is plants or animals, that kind of killing is necessary. But it can be done humanely, without causing suffering, to plant or animal. What we need is the will to accomplish this. We need the will to stop manufacturing “all weapons” that wantonly kill living beings. We need to learn to be responsible for every needless death and all needless suffering to stop.
    This should come naturally to us, as you said, we are just one species in probably billions, truth to be known. And every species is necessary to the life of every other species. Check our DNA, every species is related. Every species! But yet, we think we are superior. No, WE DO NOT HAVE DOMINION OVER THE BEASTS OF THE FIELDS, OR THE FOWL IN THE AIR (however that biblical passage goes!) or even the plants in the ground or the animals and plants in the waters or wherever life exists. Do I sound like I am preaching? In this instance, I hope so!

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    • You certainly did read some depressing and frightening books at age 10 or 11! Even today, I wouldn’t read that! Would that be a just punishment to mete out to the Trump boys and Gianforte? Perhaps, but … two wrongs don’t equal a right, so I would rather they just spend their lives in a prison in some remote area and fade into obscurity. For those types, that would be a living hell, I think.

      I respect and admire your desire to save every member of every species, but for right now, I’d settle for going after the ones who intentionally cause murder to the defenseless. Hitting insects with a car is inevitable and unintentional, as is accidentally stepping on an ant or beetle outdoors.

      You are a kind man … a good man with a very tender heart, and I admire that. But, my friend, you cannot single-handedly fix all that is wrong with the world. You’ll only drive yourself crazy trying. The human species is well on its way to self-extinction … maybe that is the solution for the rest of the plants, animals, fish, and insects in the world.


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  10. This just showed, how we humans think, we are, above, all lower orders of other forms of, living organisms, when the truth of it all is, humans are, a hell of a lot, lower, than these, lower orders of, living organisms, with which, we are, currently, sharing, this, global, planet with.

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  12. What gets at me most is how happy he looks showing off those dead animals … Killing animals in self defence or even to feed is one thing, but as a sport: disgusting!! It’s nothing to be proud of! – Anyway, I feel your rage … and I know that I won’t show your post to my youngest boy, as he would flare up in rage and desperation too… He loves animals and especially wolves. So, if you ever come back as a wolf, you would have a fierce protector in him. – In the meantime, lots of love&hugs from over the big pond!

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    • Exactly! He’s proud of what he’s done … killing defenseless animals just for bragging rights! I don’t even consider hunting to be ‘sport’ … it is murder, plain and simple, but sadly the animal kingdom doesn’t have lawyers to press charges against the likes of Gianforte and others. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No, don’t show it to the boys, for I fear they would be as heartbroken as I am. I’m happy that your youngest feels so passionately on the subject! Perhaps he will someday have a hand in changing the world! And that decides it … when I return as a wolf, it will be in The Netherlands!!!


  13. Thats so tragically! ;-/ The poor lion, but maybe you had heard about the brown bear, some years in the past our former Bavarian Primeminister Dr. Stoiber has let to be shoot. He was a younger one and had killed some sheeps. Hunting is the originous right of them, not of humans. xx Michael

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    • Was it then that they coined the phrase “Problembär” (“problem bear”)? I am originally from Austria, now living in the Netherlands, but I am familiar with the discussion. – Here in the Netherlands a few wolves are re-appearing in the national park areas, and people also are getting nervous. I think the real problem is that we humans think that we own the world.

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    • It is … I cried the whole time I worked on this post. No, I hadn’t heard of that … I shall look into it, though. It seems that my friend Jeannie (Choosing) has, though! I could understand hunting back in the day when that was the only way humans could find food, but today??? NO WAY! They don’t even eat what they kill … they just kill for bragging rights! To “prove their manhood” which, in my opinion, is seriously flawed if they must kill defenseless animals to prove they even have one! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. xx

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