A Stranger In My Own Country

Y’know … lately I’ve begun to feel very much a persona non grata in the nation I was born in and have lived in for all of my 70 years.  Why?  Comments like this one from Florida governor Ron DeSantis …

“We want people that are going to fight the left, and that’s what we need to do in this country. That’s what we’re doing in Florida, standing up for people’s freedoms. We’re opposing wokeness. We’re opposing all these things.”

So, to be clear, DeSantis says ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) oppose equal rights for Blacks, LGBTQ people, women, Latinos, atheists, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who doesn’t meet DeSantis’ approval, for that is what “wokeness” is, as defined by the narrow-minded conservatives who see white, Christian males as superior to all others.  And ‘they’ oppose helping people in need, oppose international alliances and trade, and oppose basically anything that is supported by people like me.  Since I was 13 years old, I have been a taxpayer in this nation, and yet today I am intentionally made to feel an unwelcome entity.

Another example is when the former guy makes claims like “Americans want _________” and yet it is nothing that I support or think is just.  Am I no longer an American, then?  Did my citizenship expire sometime in the past decade and nobody thought to tell me?  For the record, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat … I am an Independent.  I am an Independent for a number of reasons, the first being that I don’t wish to be hounded by phone calls, emails, and texts begging for donations for one candidate or another.  Beyond that, however, is the fact that I don’t support every policy of either party, or every candidate of either party.  I largely, probably 90%, lean toward the same values as the Democratic Party, but I’m not willing to commit to any political party.  Although I have voted for Republicans in the past, the current ideology (or lack thereof) of the Republican Party is such that I cannot foresee ever doing so again.

I am an independent thinker, always have been.  My antennae start twitching the instant somebody tries to tell me what I should think, and then I head off to do my own research and form my own opinion.  As Euripides was fond of saying, “Question everything.”

State legislatures all around the nation are doing their darndest to keep people from voting … poor people, Black people, young and elderly people.  Why?  Because those are the demographics that typically care more about the average people in this country than about the wealthy, therefore those are the people who would more than likely vote for a Democrat.  Legislatures and governors in nearly every state are also passing laws that would hurt LGBTQ communities.  They are also trampling women’s rights in many states, robbing us of our rights to decide what is right for us without the interference of a male-dominated legislature.  The only people who seem to matter to the Republican Party are the wealthy, white, straight males – the rest of us can go to hell in a handbasket for all they care.

I used to think this nation had values, that the people, the average working people, would see through the political arrogance and greed and vote for those who pledge to ‘do the right thing’ by the nation and its people.  Today, I no longer believe that.  I don’t know if it’s a reflection on our devolving education system or that people are changing, but today it seems that people fall for the flimsiest lies on the part of the politicians and eat up every word that comes out of the mouths of the Fox “News” opinion people.  Humans pride themselves on being an intelligent species, but I’m just not seeing it in the general public.

Back in the day, Richard Nixon was demonized for his corruption, but in this, the 21st century, we see people like Donald Trump being worshipped as heroes not only in spite of their cruelty and lies, but in some cases because of them!  They seem to be cheering on the most horrific people, while turning against those who are trying to do the right thing, to care about the nation and its people.

After I wrote my post about Montana governor Greg Gianforte and others murdering endangered wildlife for trophies, my friend Mary Plumbago commented “What is wrong with us! Why are we this way!”  I’ve been ruminating on this … trying to find an answer … but the truth is that I just don’t know.  There is definitely something very wrong with some of the people … maybe many of the people in this nation, but I don’t know how we got here and the bigger question is … how much worse will it get?  What will it take to stop the madness, to bring the people of this nation together to fight for a set of values that benefit ALL people, not just some?

I will tell you this much … if the people of this country are so ignorant as to return Donald Trump to the Oval Office in 2024, I will thereby renounce my citizenship on that very day and will begin seeking my best option for relocating myself and my family outside the United States.  And that is a promise.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!!… again, it falls back to the people (much like in Russia, or anywhere else) the likes of DeSantis, Trump, Putin are telling their followers what they wish to hear in order to stay in power and further their personal agenda and their ego… the followers have found their comfort zone and do not wish for change (especially in religion/faith based beliefs)… in history’s past if one did not like their environment, they could pack up and leave, in today’s world one cannot do that for change is every where, they can run but they cannot hide… so they will vote for anyone who promises to protect them from change… 🙂

    One don’t hear much about all those folks who are trying to make this country (and the world) a better believe I will stay around and do what I can to help the youngsters prepare for the future and perhaps show them they don’t need Trump to follow their dreams…“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ( Mother Teresa) ….. 🙂

    “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary” (Steve Jobs)… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Thank you, Dutch. I especially like Mother Teresa’s quote … all any of us can do is make small ripples, but enough small ripples can eventually cause a tsunami! While I’m not normally cowed by the fear of change, the change I see taking place in this nation today makes me both angry and fearful for the future. But alas, tomorrow is another day.

      Thank you as always for the beautiful Irish Saying … 😊

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      • The change is still ongoing and what you are witnessing are those who are trying to deny change because they do not want change to take place, be it out of fear or greed…what you are seeing is what is making the headlines, while the efforts by many to help make this country and the world a better place (you post some efforts with Good People Doing Good Things) do not always get front page but is happening quietly, like a small tsunami you mentioned… 🙂

        Change can be a bit scary and stormy at times but “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. (Author Unknown) so get your dancing shoes on and let your fingers do the walking while your heart does the talking!!.. 🙂

        Until we meet again..
        May the love that you give
        Always return to you,
        That family and friends are many
        And always remain true,
        May your mind only know peace
        No suffering or strife,
        May your heart only know love and happiness
        On your journey through life.
        (Larry “Dutch” Woller)

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        • You are so right!!! The voices of hatred and violence are the loud ones, but not necessarily the majority. You’ve reminded me of something I often note in my Wednesday ‘good people’ posts … that the truly good people are too busy going about the business of being good people, of helping others, to waste their time tooting their own horns, so what we see and hear the most of are the ‘other’ kind. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I forget my own lessons!!!

          And thank you for the beautiful poem by my dear friend Larry “Dutch” Woller! Family and friends are indeed many, and love is often returned a hundredfold. Knowing peace in my mind is often lacking, but … that’s nobody’s fault other than my own … my mind sometimes goes astray. Hugs, my friend.


  2. We will know in Nov of this year where we are headed…the midterms. So crucial and I have my fears. And 2024…a lot can still happen..war, further climate change, more inequality, starvation, trump’s health and maybe justice being served on him, but I doubt it.
    If I was young..30s/40s, I’d leave now, but at 75 just where would I go? I am in Florida. A midsize town and I truly like living here…weather, friends, my home..but yes it’s gonna get bad. But there’s no guarantee about anywhere else either. The world is slowly going mad and self destructing. 35/40% of the people like and admire trump. That in itself, tells you all you need to know about any future. When people are that ignorant, selfish and just plain hateful..we are doomed.
    I agree with Grumpy about religion being a main cause always of wars and persecution. And Bee for feeling a major catastrophe might have to happen to ever turn this around and that could take years to recover. We’d all be gone, but it could happen…

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    • I think all of us who care about democratic principles, about equality for ALL, and about taking care of people, not only in this nation but wherever there is a need, are concerned about the mid-terms. However, I think the negativity is counter-productive. I see it in the media, hear it from Democrats in Congress, and it is the first step in self-destruction. We need to be positive, to realize that there are a number of excellent candidates running for seats in Congress this year and WE can help them … but only if we believe. It seems to me that Trump & Co have thrown a wrench into the minds of the Democratic Party and led them to believe that they cannot win. REMEMBER, my friend, the Republicans ARE the MINORITY in this country! But, if we sit down, wring our hands and say, “Oh woe, oh woe, all is lost,” then you’re right … cruelty and white supremacy will take over Congress for the foreseeable future.

      Like you, I am 70+ and don’t have much in the way of energy or resources, but I will not stop fighting the good fight as long as I still breath … maybe only another month or two, maybe a few more years, but I will be heard and I will stand up for truth, for the disenfranchised, for true education, for civil rights, and whatever other causes the white supremacists would steal from us.

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  3. First and foremost allow me to emphatically state that I cannot find any fault nor disagree with the writing in this excellent post! That said, I have returned several times with every intention of adding an acceptable comment on the content alone. Each and every attempt ended in failure for one simple reason…my mind could not, would not go beyond the words ‘A Stanger’! Even rereading the entire post several times did not alter the fixation on those two words. Therefore, I am capitulating to the original impulse and am unleashing the dreaded P4L…you may stop reading here and now with my understanding should you so desire! Upon reading ‘A Stranger’ my mind immediately went to the June 1961 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Why, you ask? My addled mind provides no clear answer! The book belonged to my elder sister, then 16 years of age, which when not being read was kept hidden betwixt the mattress and box spring of her bed to prevent our Mother from finding it. Then the book was passed onto me and its continued protection was maintained in the same way during my enjoyment of it. If you think that is the entire story, think again! The mind also went to the Barbra Streisand song on the 2005 “Guilty Pleasures” album…”Stranger in a Strange Land” written by Barry Gibb. In the event that you may have forgotten (or worse, never knew) that was the follow-up album to the 1980 album “Guilty” which also featured Barry Gibb. And strange as it may seem, there you have it, straight from my mind into yours! As Daniel Mainwaring wrote : “The mind is a strange and wonderful place. I’m not sure it’ll ever be able to figure itself out.” WHAK!! Thank-YOU!!

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    • Oh my!!! Your mind certainly did go off on some tangents I couldn’t have predicted! Reminds me of the times I suffer from what I call “mind bounce” and one little phrase can send my mind bouncing in a hundred different directions! Still … the travels of your mind made for some very interesting P4L!!! Thank you!!! WHAK!!!


    • Just wondering, Ellen. You mentioned Jill’s title reminded you of Heinlein’s “Stranger,” yet you failed to mention what “Stranger” meant to you. To me it meant looking at things from a whole new perspective. Not following the crowd, but finding my own paths through the world. It meant not believing everything I was told to believe! I taught myself to not only question everything, but to find my own answers without outside biases. In a later interview Heinlein said he believed little of what was contained in “Stranger” when he wrote it, he just wanted to challenge the social mores and beliefs he encountered around him. But as he grew older, he realized what he had written was what he believed in the depths of his spirit. Strange how the spirit talks to the mind through the subconscious! His later writing, srarting with “Time Enough for Love” I think, gave us his new outlook on life. Not sure when you read it, but we are close to an age. Heinlein, and other SF writers, especially Philip K. DICK, helped me see a totally different world than what others around me saw. I am very greatful to all of them, for more than anyone else, they taught me how to think–and how to care.


    • Thank you so much for sharing this video! I knew some, but not all of this, but my jaw dropped as my eyes popped open at hearing the full story. This is NOT what this nation is supposed to be!!! Thanks again!

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  4. ‘Freedom’ says this guy from Florida.
    I shouldn’t repeat myself so quickly but………
    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
    (By the way DeSantis, you know ‘jack’ about what Left is……I could give your feeble little right-wing mind nightmares if I told what ‘Left’ really entails)

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  5. Reblogged this on The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston and commented:
    I have been doing a lot of reblogs from my friend, Jill. This one is exceptionally brilliant, but it also brings you to think about the world and its current situation. As a volunteer and activist, I am supposed to be politically unbiased, meaning not endorsing anyone publicly. However, I will always stand against political figures who make this country look like a joke, which it has looked that way for a while.

    When I started college, I knew that I wanted to do something that mattered, and so I chose to major in two areas–political science and criminal justice. I never knew how much those degrees would mean to me, but then I look around at the current state of the union and the state of our constitutional rights. It’s appalling. It’s treacherous. It’s embarrassing.

    I just wanted to share this post with you all, and let you know that regardless of what Ron DeSantis says…wokeness is the path to change. When all are woke, we see through the carnage that is being caused by white supremacy and colonization of anyone who is not in the white boy club.

    If that phrase offends you, I am talking about you. If you feel uncomfortable when I say we live in white supremacy…you are part of the problem. Stay WOKE!

    xoxo, E.M.

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  7. I think there are not many countries and people who have kept common sense alive in recent years. Look at the UK. No previous PM would have survived “PartyGate” or basically being paid by Russian Oligarchs. I know I said in my last comments I can’t let hope go that people will wake up one day. I agree with RawGod. People are scared of change. And the world is changing massively. Its hard to make sense of change when all you surround yourself with is messages that trigger your base instincts and your fear. Maybe we have to live through a enormous catastrophe first before everybody sees the advantage of getting along with everybody instead of fighting.
    Maybe the only thing we can do is following Gandal’s advice: “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” 🤗

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    • You are so right! And as for Boris — I really thought he was going to get a vote of ‘no confidence’, but then Russia attacked Ukraine and everything else because secondary to all of us.

      Yes, people DO fear change … the fear of the unknown is inherent in all of us, I think. The world is shrinking in the sense that we ARE a global world, no nation can survive alone anymore, but some here rail against it, claiming “America First” and ignoring the needs of other people in other countries. Sigh. I am often glad that my time here on earth is nearing an end … I don’t like what humans are becoming. I LOVE that quote by Gandalf, though … 😊

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  8. The two biggest contenders for the GOP nomination for POTUS in 2024 are Trump and DeSantis. One is as bad as the other, and if either gets the nomination and wins the election, America will never be the same. If it’s not already too late.

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    • Agreed. Trump is horrible … without conscience, intentionally cruel, and greedy, but … he is also lacking in intelligence. Unfortunately, DeSantis is all the things Trump is, but he is also more intelligent, making him even more dangerous, I think. But in truth, neither one of them would be a good choice … either would become a dictator before the end of their term and would find a way, manufacture a crisis or whatever it took, to ensure a lifetime in the Oval Office. I can only hope that the people of this nation open their eyes, listen to facts and truth, and set aside their own greed & arrogance before November 2024. Sigh. Not likely.

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  10. Jill, as an independent and former Republican and Democrat, we have discussed our concerns over DeSantis long before he became governor. His time as governor has not dissuaded me from these concerns as he has focused on political posturing rather than governing. People have been hurt by his posturing. He is the kind of person that scares me as he is a more capable version of Trump, who was too ego-centric and mercurial and less competent to get things done. DeSantis can get his brand of posturing passed.

    DeSantis represents what is bad about politics – the we/they BS that goes on instead of governing. Florida has real problems going on, but the governor tends go focus on lightning rod issues rather than problems. That is what this old fart thinks. Keith

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    • Quite so. With Trump, it was a lack of conscience, but no accompanying intelligence. Now, if you combine those two, then it is a recipe for disaster. What worries me most is that DeSantis and Trump, though lacking any humane qualities, are still practically worshiped by a large number of people — enough to win elections, obviously. As I was discussing with rawgod earlier, the people will have the opportunity to speak, to voice their opinions at the polls in November, but far too many people at this point seem blind to reality and truth and are attracted by the ‘shiny objects’ Trump and DeSantis dangle before their eyes.


  11. Jill, this is difficult for me to face up to, but the crux of the problem comes from my people: white evangelicals. Trumpism drove me away from church; I haven’t attended in several years now. But I still believe many of Christianity’s basic tenets. So, concluding that the white evangelical church is the primary problem hurts. But I can reach no other conclusion.
    Recently I began a new job helping high school students prepare for their college entrance exams. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the intelligence, work ethic, and politeness of these young people. While I’ve coached just a few hundred students so far, I’m confident that they accurately represent the majority of their peers. So if the school system at large is doing a good job of educating and preparing these kids for life as responsible, open-minded adults, who is responsible for then turning many of them into automatons who are willing to worship and blindly follow a selfish, mean-spirited, bloated, bloviating monster of a man who would be king?
    The answer is this: far too many white evangelical churches. I know this, too, from experience. Having, for decades, attended and even assisted in leading many white evangelical churches, I’ve seen folks turned away from independent thinking and toward subservience to authoritarian figures. So, it should be no surprise that white evangelicals are Donald Trump’s most loyal disciples. And when Trump goes to meet his maker–I do believe that will happen, and it will not be a “beautiful” encounter for the new messiah–Trumpism will become Desantism or Greenism, or some other ism as evangelicals transfer their loyalty to another despot.
    If Trump is re-elected–or if Trumpism in some other form wins the day–this nation will be doomed. And my people will be to blame.

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    • While I do know some of your background, I don’t think of you as one of ‘them’ … you’re not anymore and likely never would have been if they had been as radical as they are today, for you’re a good man. I firmly believe that one can be a believer, can believe in the words of Christ, without being religious or ever attending church. It’s what’s in your heart that matters, not what you wore to church and how many “Hail Mary’s” you said. I think that it is not only the evangelical church that is the problem, but organized religion in general. It has been the cause of so much arrogance, hatred, and so many wars. Although I am a non-believer, I have good friends who are faithful Christians and I get along fine with them … we respect each others’ views, though we don’t believe the same. The evangelicals, however, seem unable to allow anyone to even exist who doesn’t think the same as them, or who they cannot convert.

      I think it’s awesome that you are helping young people in this way!!! And like you, I find that if there is hope for the future of the world, it lies with our young people. They have seen the world as it is, been subjected to school shootings and the lies told by the likes of Alex Jones, and they seem, from what I can tell, to be preparing to step up to the plate and change things, although change is always going to be gradual.

      Yes … sigh … there are many waiting to step up to the plate upon Trump’s demise and none are people of conscience, people who would be compassionate leaders. For several years now, I thought the GOP would re-build after Trump was de-throned, but instead they seem to have made him their ‘king’ and are willing to carry him across the threshold right into the Oval Office. I hope they don’t succeed, but I am concerned enough to lie awake nights worrying about it.

      Good to hear from you, Jerry! Keep up the good work with the young people!

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  12. I Ican’t think of a worse situation to be in Sweetie, to be perfectly honest I’d cut and run the minute the .REPUBS select TRUMP as their choice for President., it’s going to be a minimum of four years of hell for any Democrat or Indie voter and no doubt TRUMP will demand he’s made President for life like his pal PUTIN.. To my mind Manchin is killing the U,S, all on his own. i hope he’s proud of himself.the bills he’s voted against have been vital and he’s been a double agent for the REPUBS.

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    • Oh, there are definitely worse situations … think of the people of Ukraine fleeing in fear of their lives. But no, this isn’t much fun … this is no longer a country I even recognize and it seems the Republicans are on their way to getting their wishes — taking over the country, setting women’s rights back hundreds of years, returning to the Plessy v Ferguson ruling of “separate but equal” (which was NEVER equal), and eradicating the LGBTQ community entirely. Those of us who don’t ascribe to the tenets of evangelical christianity will be treated as 2nd class citizens, will have no rights, no standing. Sigh. Yes, Manchin IS killing his own, but they aren’t able to see it and have fallen for his rhetoric. Sigh.

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  13. I would say, Welcome to Canada, but our Conservatives are following in the footsteps of your Republicans, and while we did not vote then in last election, next election we might. Part of the problem, as I see it, the world is changing, and a lot of people are scared of what it might change into. They believe the stories of the “good old days,” even though there is no such thing as the good old days. It is just that people remember the goods things, and forget the bad. They want “those days” back again, they think life was safer then. They forget the suffering they went through to get here. But really, the more “woke” people who move to Canada, the less chance of ever electing a Conservative government again. So, yes, please do come. And bring all your best friends with you. Besides, after 3 months, your insulin will be a hekkuva lot cheaper. In Alberta, if things don’t change, $25.00/month. How does that sound?

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    • I think you’re right about the world changing and people fearing change … it’s pretty much the nature of humans to want everything to stay the same, which is why racism is again expanding in this country. I wouldn’t blame Canada one bit if they completely denied access to people from the U.S.! The lure of $25 per month for insulin is tempting! I buy mine from Canada, but it still costs over $800 for a month’s supply, about half of what it would cost if I bought it here!

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      • The difference between private healthcare and public healthcare. We all share in the costs through our taxes, thus providing everyone with some kind of health care. Unfortunately, there is still racism and prejudice depending on the caregivers, but at this point we are not cspable at weeding out all the racists, or people who pre-judge others without knowing their individual circumstances. Again, human nature.
        But we try, and we want to get better. I know I will take flak for this statement, but until we get rid of the nuclear family, this will not change. When parents are free to brainwash their children (Not all parents do this, but far too many do!), we will always have racists, bigots, and those with prejudices. NO ONE POLICES FAMILIES, and everyone resents attempts to try, but if we want to progress as living beings, we humans will someday have to look at the bald truth. Nuclear families are the biggest cause of hatred of others. Skin colours, nationalities, sexual genders, all those things and more contribute to hatred. But it starts at home for more than 75% of the population. We cannot change humanity without changing how we raise our children.

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        • All parents instill their own values … or at least try to … in their offspring … it’s human nature. Sometimes it takes, and sometimes it doesn’t. But nuclear families are here to stay, my friend. I cannot imagine if someone had taken my children from me at birth so they wouldn’t grow up with my sense of values. If that became a worldwide trend, people would stop bothering to have children — too much pain seeing them taken away. And where’s the love, the security that family provides? Nope, I have to disagree with you there, although I could support a policy to sterilize people who have shown a tendency toward racism and cruelty to others.


          • There are ways, and there are ways. Love does not have to be withdrawn. I wrote an extensive essay on how to replace nuclear families at one point, only I cannot find where I wrote it. Most of it is still in my head, though I would probably have to rethink the finer points.
            But instilling your own values in your children is often what makes nuclear families dysfunctional. If you get to give your child your values, everyone gets to give their children their values. This cannot be controlled. The solution is to give children “no values” until they are old enough to know what values are. In other words, not brainwashing them to be just like their parents. Just allowing them to be kids.
            It would take two or three generations at most to successfully move away from nuclear families. Even though most people want to have babies, few people have the fortitude to live peacefully with children. The stresses are too great for most parents. That is why 90% of families are dysfunctional.
            But as I said, I expected flak, even from you, I hate to say. This is not something that can be instituted world wide overnight just because I say it can be done. It has to start on a small scale, and allow people to see its benefits and successes, while discovering and working on its weaknesses. If I am lucky, maybe I will find the time to write it all down again, and hide it out in the open this time. I hid it too well last time, even I do not know where it is.

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            • Well, you say this cannot be instituted overnight, and I say it will never be instituted on any large scale. Families are what make us who we are, families are the joy (and yes, sometimes the pain) that we live for. And I would disagree that 90% of families are dysfunctional … some are, but 90%??? Nah … most are good people just trying to survive and add some love to the world.


          • I just thoight I would remind you of some things you said just a day or two ago:
             “I am an independent thinker, always have been.” …”As Euripides was fond of saying, “Question everything.”
            Sterilizing people goes way beyond the pale. No one should be prevented from having children. But to treat everyone the same, all children should be brought up the same way, to be able to choose the way they want to be, “not the way their parents want them to be.” Nuclear families are tantamount to owning children. NO ONE SHOULD BE OWNED BY ANYONE! And that I know you believe. I am just taking it farther than you ever thought possible…

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