Saturday Surprise — Smiles, Smiles, And More Smiles

Back when I first started the Saturday Surprise feature in 2017, my friend Bushka (who stopped blogging shortly thereafter) was concerned that I might be over-committing myself, and he made me promise that at any given time if I didn’t feel like sticking to the schedule, I would forego the Saturday Surprise post.  I considered doing so today, for there are many serious topics begging for my attention.  But it is those same serious topics that have bombarded our senses all week, and I decided that finding something to kick the weekend off with a smile was the most important thing.  All those other topics will still be here this afternoon, tomorrow, the day after …

So, what follows is your daily dose of cuteness … get those smiles out of mothballs, folks, for I guarantee you’ll find something to bring out a smile and an “Awwwwww.”

These super cute photos were taken by Miles Herbert, a British photographer who runs Captivelight Photography, holding workshops and photography with “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs and other beasties.”

Herbert says that the cute harvest mice you’re about to see were photographed in an indoor studio. The photographs are beautifully taken, vividly colorful and are sure to put a smile on your face, even on a bad day.

Have you ever seen a Dracula Parrot?  It is actually the Pesquet Parrot, but it gets its nickname from its pitch-black beak, head and tail, a black and grey chest, and scarlet feathers.  It is endemic to hill and montane rainforest in New Guinea … could ‘splain why I haven’t seen one around here!  It is considered “vulnerable” for the fact that its brilliant red feathers bring a small fortune on the market, so it has been overhunted.  Sigh.  Anyway, see for yourself how gorgeous this bird is …

And just in case you haven’t had enough cuteness to bring a smile yet, take a look at this Koala video … now if this doesn’t do the trick … you’re hopeless!

23 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Smiles, Smiles, And More Smiles

  1. I will begin at the end with a forewarning that I am mounting my soapbox and unleashing my P4L! As you may recall…Koalas are near and dear to Benjamin’s and my heart. Several years ago, during an online search, we came across the “Australian Koala Foundation” which was a gold mine of information and treasures. Deborah Tabart is the CEO and has invested over ten years trying to get “The Koala Protection Act” passed, so far without success. In 2008, Deborah was awarded an OAM which is the Medal of the Order of Australia for her contributions to protection and management of Koalas and their habitat. Koalas are disappearing due to loss of habitat and loss of Eucalyptus trees which is their food source. Benjamin and I then “adopted” a Koala which continues to the present. I also purchased, from their online shop, a stuffed toy Koala for Benjamin which joined his beloved “Family of Critters” from around the world. The AKF newsletter and Deborah’s Diary continue to be a welcome guests amidst my inbox. Climbing down now but allow me to add that the cute Koala video prompted the above!

    Onto the middle then! The Pesquet (Dracula) Parrot is a gorgeous bird! It is both saddening and maddening to learn that this bird, too, is vulnerable and endangered by human’s foolishness and greed. Why is it that the supposedly highest order of animals, homo sapiens, are the most inhumane?!

    And finally (do I detect an audible sigh) the beginning of the end! Whilst I cannot say that a mouse in the house is a welcome visitor I do try to capture and release them outdoors unharmed. I must admit that, unlike the talented Miles Hebert, there has never been nor will there ever be a photo session with mice held in my house. In fairness to my inhouse photographer and myself…these harvest mice are really rather charming and our mice are definitely not! Of course this cannot be ended without a quote and it is the mice, and yourself, which prompted this one! In the 1907 Gelett Burgess book “The Maxims of Methuselah” : “A woman and a mouse, they carry a tale wherever they go.” In the event that the name Burgess does not ring a bell, amongst many other things, he authored an 1895 short poem that you will surely recall : “I never saw a purple cow I never hope to see one; But I can tell you, anyhow, I’d rather see than be one.” What you may not recall was the follow-up poem, written due to his exasperation, in 1897 : “Ah, yes, I wrote the “Purple Cow” – I’m Sorry, now, I wrote it; But I can tell you anyhow I’ll kill you if you Quote it.” The End!! WHAK!! Thank-You!

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    • WHEW!!! Your P4L is indeed on steroids today! And every bit of it was thoroughly enjoyed! Given the lateness of the hour, I won’t thoroughly respond, but suffice it to say that I really did enjoy your comment. Koalas are among the cutest, most “awwwwww”-inspiring critters there are, and no I’m not one bit surprised to find they are a favourite of Benjamin’s, too! I’m 100% with you on humans’ greed contributing to the endangerment of not only the Pesquet Parrot, but many other species as well. I think we can agree that humans are far from being the “highest order” of animals. Those opposable thumbs and larger brains only seem to make us more arrogant and greedy. I don’t suppose you’d like to hear about the pet mouse I had as a child … it rode on my shoulder wherever I went (except school, of course), and when something or someone spooked him, he would hide under my hair! I loved him … my mother, not so much! WHAK!!!


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  3. Jill, very cute. Thanks for sharing these. As I scrolled through the mouse ones, I kept thinking of the Barbra Streisand/ Neil Diamond duet of “You don’t bring me flowers.” You are welcome for the earworm. Keith

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    • Ooooohhhh … you just had to plant that one, didn’t you? I’ve been humming it all day since reading your comment this morning! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cuteness this morning! Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


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