Time for a Change

Well, folks, the U.S. Senate finally managed to pass a piece of legislation. Don’t get too excited, though … as fellow-blogger Joseph Urban tells us with his usual tongue-in-cheek humour, there is really nothing to see here. No applause for the U.S. Senate today!

The Old Liberal

Looks like the US Senate has finally agreed to throw aside partisan politics and solve some important issues. After years of mindless squabbling for partisan advantage, they have come together to deliver a victory to the American way of life.

Hunger? Latest estimates claim that 17,000,000 American children go hungry every day. Nope.

Gun violence? 20,726 gun deaths in 2021. Excluding thousands of suicides. Not today.

Health Insurance? In 2020, over 28,000,000 Americans did not have health insurance at some point during the year. Oops.

Voting rights? State after imposes new hurdles to stop black folks from casting a ballot. No big deal.

Nope. Those issues, while important to some, pale compared to the tough choices made by the Senate.

Time. What time is it? Time for a change. The issue bringing together Mark Rubio and Corey Booker is the issue of time. Is it 5 PM or 4 PM?…

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18 thoughts on “Time for a Change

  1. Good share Jill. In the spirit of the original….

    Oh gladsome day. Let the bells ring out. Come dear children let us dance in the streets and say to the World ‘Be of Good Cheer Everyone. For see what can be achieved if we work together,’
    As the old USA goes….
    ‘Gimme a break!’ (Well that’s my family friendly comment for the day)

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  2. Another brick in the laughing stock wall. The world watches as the US Senate makes a shambles of government. The only thing they are missing is a guy they call “BoJo the BoZoo!”

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  4. Exactly my reaction to our current level of ‘leadership’. I agree with Clive. Between passing this and the anti-lynching bill, it’s ridiculous how ineffective Congress has become. Of course, that seems to be what the GOP wants: an effectual government that allows unfettered capitalism and thwarts justice and equality for all.

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    • Mine too, Michael. They pat themselves on the back for this, hoping to distract us from the fact that almost no meaningful legislation has been passed by this Congress. The anti-lynching bill took over 200 tries before it was finally passed — a damn shame! I still think we need a major-scale tax rebellion … stop funding their trips, meals, and salaries and maybe, just maybe, they’ll remember on which side their bread is buttered. Sigh. Voting rights, women’s rights, education … those things MATTER, but obviously not to Congress! Hugs ‘n cheers, my friend!


  5. It’s a sorry state of affairs when something so meaningless and trivial is the only thing that can unite both sides of the aisle. Have they even heard of Ukraine?

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    • I agree, Clive. It’s the ONLY thing they have unanimously agreed on in years, I think. And they are patting themselves on the back, grinning and saying, “See, we did it!” Sigh. They have heard of Ukraine, but they largely disagree about the details, such as a no-fly zone, financial aid to Ukraine, etc. And, of course there are a number of Republicans, though not the majority of them, who support Putin … I guess just because Trump does. Sigh.

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