ONLY Jolly Monday!!!

Hi … it’s me, Jolly!  So … Gwammie’s gwumpy today and when I asked Joyful why she wasn’t in da kitchen cooking for our fwiends, she threw her book at me an’ told me to cook it myself if I wanted somethin’.  Well, since I’m not ‘llowed in da kitchen, I figured I better head out to pick up some donuts ‘n coffee for you guys!  I’m sowwy I couldn’t do better, but … like I said, I’m not ‘llowed in da kitchen … just ’cause I set it on fire … twice.  Anyway, here’s some stuff to snack on … and Miss Ellen, I did wemember your half-and-half!  And den, come see what I found to make you laugh on dis Monday morning!

Here’s some ‘toons Phil helped me pick out at his place, Phil’s Phun

An’ I just thought dese signs were pwetty funny, too …

Gwammie helped me find dis animal video about a happy reunion … I hope you like it an’ it makes you smile!

Well, fwiends, dat’s all I got today.  I’m sowwy … I did da best I could, but without Gwammie an’ Joyful, it’s hard!  I hope you smiled today an’ I hope you share da smiles dis week!  Love ‘n hugs fwom me, Jolly! (an fwom Gwammie an’ Joyful, too, even though dey didn’t do nuthin’!)

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  1. As the American comedian Peter A. Shukoff, better known by the stage name Nice Peter, has rightly said : “Even the best weeks start with Monday.” I must apologize for my late arrival and offer my sincere gratitude for a much needed Starbuck’s coffee with the equally much needed Half & Half. And, much as Krispy Kreme donuts are loved…the calories are prohibitive and so must be shunned. Jolly, you truly are the champion of the day! Therefore another quote, as a tribute to you, must be added. In the Charles Dickens book “The Life and Times of Martin Chuzzlewit”, which was first published in monthly serials from Jan. 1843 to July 1844, is a delightful character by the name of Mark Tapley. Throughout the book Tapley repeats this phrase in varying ways : “There might be some credit in being jolly.” In fact the character’s continued positive outlook in the most trying of times inspired the little known or used noun “Tapleyism” which means : extreme optimism even in the most hopeless circumstances. Dare I say that you are the very spirit of Tapleyism this Monday and we are all in your debt! There is definitely more than some credit in being “Jolly”! Greetings to the missing two of the usual threesome, Joyful and Jill!! WHAK!! Thank-YOU!

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    • Thank you, Miss Ellen! I think I like dat guy Mark Tapley — he’s got da right idea! Joyful is back to herself, but Gwammie is still gwumbly and gwumpy. Next week dey will be better! Love you … Gwammie says to tell you “WHAK!!!” 😊


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  3. And why is gwammie so gwumpie today? Can’t get her smile on? Too tight? Or too loose? Maybe Miss Goose can draw one on your mask? No one will notice! Come on, Gwammie. Time to get nice for the guests! Fake it till you make it! Give it for the Gipper! The Fat Lady isn’t singing yet!

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