Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans and the right wing media only care about attacking the Democrats to create outrage in their cult like base

Most days, our friend Scottie posts a series of cartoons, memes, and socio-political commentary. He includes some that deal with world events, some political ones, and some that are … well, jut for fun! He spends hours compiling these and I think you’ll enjoy them! Thank you, Scottie, for all your hard work!

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imageModerately Confused Comic Strip for March 09, 2022

Matt Wuerker Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

Clay Bennett Comic Strip for March 20, 2022

Michael Ramirez Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

Joe Heller Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

Us no universal healthcarewaiting-skeleton111

brexiteers know battleone trump gop thrown inthey are lying to youJack Ohman Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

face of the gopgo to the poollsRepublican agendagop and race 2022Stuart Carlson Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

right to refuserepublicans who voted for jacksonimageLalo Alcaraz Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

imagewill trade refugees


Every conservative argument is the same: they create an outcome that will NEVER happen, they try to hoodwink as many haters as possible for their identity politics, then when none of their predictions come true, they never apologized or seek forgiveness.

See: gay marriage, LGBT rights, inclusion.

It’s bad faith, homophobia, and hate masquerading as a political party.

just go to churchpay your taxesThe bible beltwater for guzzlerair pod sub wooferFarcus Comic Strip for March 21, 2022

Baldo Comic Strip for March 07, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

This cartoon lies while making a claim the other news agencies lied.   The right thinks that just because there is a laptop that means all their wild claims were correct.   Spoiler alert the report they cite states there was nothing incriminating found on the laptop.  Nothing!  It is like the Durham report where they claimed that it showed Hillary was spying on tRump.   No the report did not say that.   They claim the report showed that Hillary was…

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    • My pleasure, Scottie! You do a great job with these … unfortunately, I don’t always get to see them for time and energy is still very limited, but they are really good and the amount of time you put into them definitely shows. Question: why did you change your blog from Scottie’s Toybox? It seems that some of your followers haven’t made the transition, and that’s sad, for you do great work.

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      • Hello Jill. WordPress nuked my blog Scotties Toy Box and wouldn’t tell me why. I begged chat support to tell me why and they wouldn’t. They did refund all the money I paid for the year even though the year was nearly over. I think they realized they made a mistake. I had millions of hits. I learned later from Disqus that I was accused of being a spammer spamming sites. It was because on Disqus I would report the spamming bots and I guess Russia got tired of me doing it. I now know that there is a special place you are to go to appeal but I did not know it then and no one would tell me anything. So with Nan’s help I created a new Scotties Toy Box on a different host as an org blog. I hated it. It never worked correctly. So I created Scotties playtime. I hope that people will find me again. You have helped greatly with that. Nan has helped a lot. Mock, Paper, Scissors has helped a lot. I often say not every post is going to be interesting to everyone. I try to post on a verity of subjects but find I do have some subjects I tend to focus on. I know videos are hard for some viewers so I try to find videos that have CC, or do written posts on subjects when possible. I love the blogs, it is a social community for me, and I get to see others opinions as I comment on their posts. Best wishes.

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        • OH MY!!! That’s awful! Especially awful is that you couldn’t get any help from WP’s “Happiness Engineers”! Well, I’m glad you’re back, and to whatever extent possible, I will help get the word out about Scotties Playtime! Like you, blogging is a significant part of my life and I miss it on those days that I’m just not feeling up to it. Some of my very best friends are my blogging buddies! Glad you’re back, my friend! Hugs

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