A Very Jolly Monday!!!

Good morning my friends, and welcome to … M-M-MONDAY!!!!  Whoa … what was that sound?  I just heard someone’s belly growling loudly … was it yours, Joe?  Okay, we better cut to the chase and see what yummy assortment of treats Joyful has cooked up for us.

Wait … Joyful … peanut butter and pickle sandwiches???  

Hey guys … next time you’re on a trip and your wife says she needs to stop for a potty break, you might want to reconsider the eyerolling and deep sighs of exasperation.  A South Carolina man said he had been driving with his wife when they stopped at the Rainbow Gas Garden in Swansea so the woman could use the restroom.  The man said he decided to go into the store and bought a Carolina Riches scratch-off ticket. He said he waited until his wife returned to the car to scratch the ticket, which revealed a $200,000 top prize!  I bet she hasn’t let him live that one down!

I put Jolly in charge of finding today’s cartoons and I think he did a pretty good job … let’s see what you think …

And just to give your soft hearts something to “Awwwwww” about, I came across a few really cute animal pictures …

How ‘bout a few funny memes?

And last, but never least, if it’s Monday morning there must be a cute animal video lying around somewhere, right?

How many people would have been willing to do everything Rebecca did to keep Bean alive?  I give her a two thumbs-up for her own sacrifices, for rescuing and caring so much for that tiny little critter!

Well, folks, our time together has gone all too fast, hasn’t it?  I hope you’re enjoyed the treats and found a chuckle or two here.  Please remember to share those beautiful smiles I see on your faces – not everyone has one of their own.  Have a great week, dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

35 thoughts on “A Very Jolly Monday!!!

    • And thank YOU for making my week a little happier by dropping in, even though I know it was the smell of bacon that lured you 😉 Have a great … or at least a decent … week ahead, dear friend!


        • Ha ha … I figured you were busy with the pillow-hugging! I’m so glad to know you had sun! We saw the sun last week … Wednesday and Thursday … but the weekend was back to cold, snowy, and blah. No matter, though, for I was in a warm house with my daughter & granddaughter, so all was well in my small world. xx


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  2. You may have seen it on Fb. This was on our news yesterday. A six month-old “baby” kangaroo, trying to get back into his mother’s pouch. He barely fit anymore. It took 5 or 6 tries. The mother just stood there. She did not try to help, but nor did she try to stop him from trying. They must both get something from it.
    I cannot remember how many times I heard that line about spankings. Once a week at least, though often every day. If the badtard loved me so much, why did he keep on beating me! (Typoed bastard, but it fit, so I left it!)

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    • I’m so glad you found some humour and fun here! This is why, even when I’m not feeling terribly ‘jolly’, I always strive for a Jolly Monday post to start everyone’s week with a smile. Have a great week ahead, my friend!

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    • It seems she turned out to be a mouse. At first I thought she was going to be a raccoon with those big ears, but ultimately she ‘grew into’ the ears! I’m glad you enjoyed Rebecca and Bean … have a great week ahead and keep smiling!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the bacon this morning, as well as the humour. Bean was adorable, wasn’t he? And Rebecca’s dedication simply amazed me. Happy Monday and a good rest of the week to you, David.


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