Saturday Surprise … On Stolen Cars and Stolen Hearts

I must be feeling a bit nostalgic today, for this post, first published in 2017, is a humorous personal account.  Now, if you’re wondering why I’m reduxing yet another Saturday Surprise, I’ve been hard at work on my post for this afternoon, and due to poor sleep lately I’m not quite up to speed today.  I think you’ll find some humour here, though!

One suggestion when I first started the Saturday Surprise feature came from Erika of Dorky Mom Doodles, who said, “I’d love to hear more about how your experiences/life stuff has shaped you and your beliefs.” Now personally, I don’t think my life has been all that interesting.  No doubt the experiences of the past 66 years have contributed to who I am today … but again, not all that interesting.  However … since I am very tired at the end of a very long week, and since Erika is a good friend from long before, I thought I would give it a shot this Saturday.  So, I present you with two somewhat humorous glimpses into my past … one from 50 years ago, the other from less than 12 hours ago.

My First Car Theft …

I was a really ornery child, and an even ornerier teen.  You guys thought I was always a real sweetheart, right?  Well, I joined the workforce at age 13, and my parents, who traveled frequently, decided that if I was old enough to have a job, I was old enough to look after myself, so I had a great deal of  autonomy at a very early age.  Oh sure, the neighbor was supposed to ‘check in’ on me, and my father’s secretary would call once in a while, but otherwise, I was on my own.  So, I learned to drive.  I worked with a lady who had a ’57 Buick, stick shift, and though I probably almost ground her gears to a nub, she did teach me to drive.

Now, my parents were trusting souls, and the keys to the family car were left atop their dresser in their bedroom.  Whenever they were out of town, I took the car keys and went out.  Let me just intersperse here, that I wasn’t really bad … I did not do drugs, nor alcohol, nor sex … I just liked to drive and feel free.  So, I took the car out, went to visit friends, went to the library, sometimes a movie … and then I went home to bed.  This went on for several months, and I wasn’t too bright, for I didn’t think they would ever find out … I mean, I put the keys back just so every time.

vista-cruiserBut apparently some of my parents’ friends saw me toodling about town in the ol’ Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon, and reported my transgressions.  Nothing was said, but the next time they left for the other coast, the keys were nowhere to be found.  So, I did what any self-respecting ornery teen would do … no, I did not stay home and watch Dragnet … I had a friend teach me to hot-wire a car, and off I went!  Unfortunately, the car was low on fuel, so when I stopped for gas, I then had to pop the hood and cross the wires to re-start it.  I guess someone thought that was a bit odd and called the cops.  So ended my first experience in grand theft auto.

behind bars

Shortly thereafter I bought my own car, a ’56 Chevy, for $50 and never needed to steal one again!

56 chevy

A Cute Kid and Expensive Popcorn …

This evening I needed a few things from the store … salad fixings, since Chris is out of town until late Sunday night, so Miss Goose and I are on our own.  So, I borrowed (no, I did not steal it … I asked for the keys and she happily handed them over) my neighbor and friend Maha’s car, and set off for Kroger.  Upon entering the store, there were a gaggle of Boy Scouts in the lobby, and the cutest, most adorable little guy came running to me immediately.  He was maybe 5-6 years old, curly sand-blonde hair, and thick, horn-rimmed glasses.  I think he may have reminded me of myself at that age, for I fell in love with this little guy.  He held up a bag of something … backward, so I had no idea what it was … and said, “Please, please, please buy some?”

I asked him to turn the bag around, and it turned out to be white cheddar popcorn.  Now, I love white cheddar anything, and I always try to be supportive of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, so I told him I had just a bit of shopping to do, would be back out in 5 minutes and would then buy some.  When I came out just a few minutes later, li’l cutie came running up to me, grabbed my legs, and said “you came back!!!”  Oh be still my heart!


So, I proceeded to the table where the scout moms had the goods on a long table, along with a calculator and a cash box, little guy still clinging to me.  I picked up a bag of the white cheddar popcorn and saw a bag of caramel corn, so I picked up one of those too.  Now, best I recall, last year those were each around $5.  So, waiting for scout-mom to use that calculator and tell me a total, I pulled a $20 from my pocket.  Yeah … you already see it coming, don’t you?  Guess … just GUESS how much?


Yes, $35 for two bags of not-even-very-great popcorn!!!  Me being me, I would normally have explained to those scout-moms what they might do with their overpriced popcorn … but there was my little guy with the thick glasses, looking up at me with what I can only define as love … and so, I sighed, pulled another $20 out of my pocket, and left with 2 bags of salad, some crispy onion straws, and $35 worth of popcorn.  It does occur to me that I should have had the opportunity to bring the little guy home for a day or two, for the price.


So now you have seen both my extremes … the car thief and the softee.  Hope I did not bore you beyond tears or cause you to re-paint your image of me in a darker shade.  Now it’s your turn … share with us, if you will, a funny story from your past in the comment section!  And then go out there and have a terrific weekend!  Love and hugs to you all …

28 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise … On Stolen Cars and Stolen Hearts

  1. Oh Jill, I love these stories! You need to make this a regular feature, my car theft expert! What you don’t know about people. LOL!!!! Those cutie pie kids get you all the time don’t they. It is hard to say no, just think you made that little boys day, but WOW on the price! Bless your heart for still making him happy. 🙂
    Hmmm….2 stories from me. Wellll…. for the past I was literally rear ended at the same intersection 2x. On my way to my Dr appt and then again on the way back! I was speechless the 2nd time, thinking No way!!
    Another one from the past, my friend and I raced another car with cute guys in it. Were we stupid, yes! I wasn’t driving though. We realized that we were stupid when we raced, beat them, but they stayed following us. We drove all around until we finally lost them and arrived back shaking at our apartment and promising each other we would never agree to a race at a red light again.

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    • Ha ha … I’m glad you loved them, but I don’t see this becoming a regular feature! You’d be bored by the second or third episode!

      Wow … twice in the same spot and in one day!!! I hope you’ve learned to avoid that intersection at all costs!

      Heh heh … drag racing, eh? Yeah, we all did some pretty stupid things in our youth, put ourselves in situations that could have turned deadly. At least we learned … some people never do! Thanks for sharing your youthful stories, my friend! Have a happy week ahead! Have you heard anything back about your book yet?


      • I have moved since then, so yup I avoid that intersection. LOL! Talk about really feeling that someone was out to get me that day! 🤣 Fortunately the damage wasn’t bad.

        Very true unfortunately about people not learning!
        Wishing you a wonderful week as well, my friend! 💛 Still waiting to hear, hopefully by the end of the month!! Keep those fingers crossed! 😉🙂

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        • I’m glad the damage wasn’t bad … and I hope it wasn’t the same person rear-ending you both times, for that would have spoken volumes!!!

          You too, dear friend … have a good week and if the weather is decent, do something fun! Oh yeah … my fingers are crossed and re-crossed … I may have to have them surgically separated by the time I try to uncross them after you’re a best-selling author and I buy your book at Barnes & Noble!


  2. I have never stolen a car, but i my youth stole just about everything else. But this story is not about me. I ccould never have even thought about stealing a canoe. But an acquaintance of mine did. This was way back when, when sporting goods stores were just a gleam in some entrepreneurs eye. Everything a sportsperson could want was in the Sporting Goods section of the local Canada-wide chain department store. My “friend” walked into the SG section, put his head into an upsidedown canoe, hoisted it on his shoulders, and started walking towards the door. A helpful clerk saw him walking with the nose of the canoe bent just high enough to see his way towards the door. The clerk did not ask to see the receipt for the canoe, I guess he just assumed no one would shoplift a canoe, so he asked if the thief needed any help getting the canoe outside. The thief said, “Sure. Thank you. If you could hold the door open till I could get it outside, that would be a great help.” I was twenty feet away, just about peeing my pants holding back the laughter. Sure enough, the clerk obliged and held the door open. When the canoe was through the door, the clerk even wished the thief a nice ride on the river, went back inside and closed the door. Larry, that was the thief’s name just kept on walking with the canoe. No one said a thing to him. Where he took it I have no idea, I guess he had a buyer for it in the parking lot.
    I wish I could have been in the store when they discovered they were short one canoe, with no sales record for it.
    But the story does have a moral. Larry had no paddles for the canoe, I guess. He got caught later that afternoon trying to walk out of a rival store with canoe paddles. He ended up in jail for those. But the theft of the canoe went unpunished. And in the end, I did pee my pants.

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  4. I love it! Mom had a brown and cream 1958 Buick LeSabre in 1968. I was twelve. That damn car had HUUUUGGGE tail fins. But, it also had an ignition that didn’t need a key to turn it and start the car! Well, I discovered that, there was little to stop me from backing out of the garage and doing a cruise around the neighborhood. Of course, Mom heard the car start and leave, and then return, and she was furious. LOL.

    Those beasts were fun to drive, weren’t they? Hugs and cheers, M

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    • Oh yeah, I remember those huge fins!!! And those cars were made of metal … not fiberglass … they didn’t crumple with just a little pressure like today’s cars! Yes indeed, they were fun to drive … a feeling of power, of being on top of the world! I’m happy to hear that you were a bit of a rebel too! Hugs ‘n cheers!!!

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    • Ha ha … yep, it’s probably no wonder my parents made me get a job … a full-time job … at age 13!!! They probably thought it would keep me out of trouble, but … 😂 Be proud … I learned to stand on my own two feet long before most people do! Happy weekend to you, too, dear Emily!


    • Well, remember that was back in the mid-1960s so $50 was more like $450 today. Plus, the car was around 10 years old and in those days, cars rarely made it to even 100,000 miles. But still, it was a steal and I did love that car!

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