Send Jets to Ukraine!

This post by Diane Ravitch is in and of itself worthy of a re-blog, but check out some of the accompanying commentary … very interesting! Thank you, Diane!!!

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President Zelenskyy has repeatedly pleaded with every nation that would listen: Send us jets so we can protect our citizens. Thus far, President Biden has stood firm in opposition because he fears a wider war. Ukraine is not a member of NATO so NATO is not obliged to defend it.

But as awareness of the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Russian military increase, the necessity of helping Ukraine defend itself grows more compelling.

Ukraine wants MIGS. Poland wants to give them to Ukraine. Let it happen.

What is the difference between sending tanks to Ukraine and sending jets? What’s the difference between sending Stingers and Javelins and sending jets?

Putin threatened war if the West defends Ukraine. But the West is already defending Ukraine.

Putin already said that economic sanctions are a declaration of war. So in his mind, he is already at war with the West. But…

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  1. I tried to leave a comment on Ms Ravitch’s site, but could not. The cursor was in the text box, and I was typing, but nothing happened. Nothing at all. Very strange. So I will say my piece here. Treaties and other negotiated sttlements went out the window the instant Putin attacked Ukraine using Russian troops. Let us be clear, Putin is the enemy, not Russia! He sees himself as a sovereign nation. He is not! But he is the titular head of a people who have been taught to do as they are told for so many centuries they have little in the way of free will. Putin ordered them to fight, so they fight. In essence he has ordered them to die, not for Russia, but for Putin. And they do not kmow how to disobey. That the act of bravery by Marina Osyannikova was so momentous a few weeks back speaks to that follow-the-leader sttitude. She btoke the mould, and now we have no real knowkedge of how she is paying for doing so.
    But all that aside. Ukraine needs help, REAL HELP! and the free world has hung them out to dry. They want the Ukrainian people to save the rest of the world from Putin, and though the Ukrainuan freedom fighters sre doing a valiant job trying, it is a losing battle in the long run. Without help, Ukraine will be defeated. Their country is already destroyed. Were the war to stop by some miracle today, where would the citizens of Ukraine live? Their homes have all been blown up! Where will they get clean water? Where the food they will need to feed the displaced millions? Where the infrastructure to find shelter and healthcare? Where to bury the bodies of all the martyrs created by Piutin’s army? But the war is not stopping today! It is only going to get worse.
    If the time for action is not Now, when is it? I do not know if sending jets is the answer? Does Ukraine have the pilots trained to fly them? Sending a few armed men will not help either! What we, the free people of the world absolutely need to do, is send in a force so huge that the Russians in Putin’s army will turn tail, or just outright surrender. And without soldiers, Putin cannot continue his stupid war of aggression.

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    • RG, isn’t the point of US diplomacy to try de-escalating the situation? Ok so sanctions didn’t work, how about helping the 2 country resolve their differences thru peace talks? How is sending more weapons and fighter jets helping the Ukrainian ppl or gov’t? Doesn’t that just prolong the conflict and lead to more death and destruction?
      The west doesn’t need to get sucked into this quagmire, it’s really none of our business interfering in other nations’ issues…. who wants WWWIII?

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      • The “Peace Talks” aren’t going to work, my friend. Not gonna happen … Putin has no intention of giving a single millimeter. Think ahead … what happens when Russia or another nation decides to attack the U.S.? Do you want our allies to come to our defense? Not likely if we abandon them now.

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        • Dear Jill, there’s always hope for peace, infinitely better than war. According to
          “Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Have Advanced To Point Where Meeting Between Putin And Zelensky Is Possible, Ukrainian Negotiator Says”

          Regarding ur 2nd point: Russia has no reason to attack the US or Europe. This “war” is about bringing Ukraine back into the fold, and consolidating power. It’s also about global financial dominance, Russia wants a piece if the petrol pie. If Putin can sell Russian oil onto the world market in Rubles, then he can weaken the petrodollar and US will lose it’s dominance & no longer retain the status of world’s reserve currency. Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping want equal superpower status in the new multi-polar geopolitical world.
          Point #3, Ukraine is not part of NATO, so the West has no obligation to defend it. Ukraine was never truly an ally, simply a useful pawn to be used as a thorn in Russia’s backside.
          War is hell, the quicker we can help end the conflict, the better for everyone. The last thing we need is another costly entanglement like Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan…. what purpose or gain can we possibly achieve by engaging with Russia?
          Besides, we have plenty of domestic issues to care of, like climate change, voter rights, blm/ police brutality, LGBTQ persecution and discrimination, possible overturn of Roe v Wade, losing both houses during midterm elections and oh yeah….. #45 seeking #47!
          I’d say we have our hands quite full at the moment.


        • As i had read it seems the problems on both sides, Jill! The Ukraine is not willing to stay outside the NATO and the EU. Why not? What happened to Gorbachev back then wasn’t exactly friendly. Ukraine should become a neutral state, with security guarantees from western states. But then you can only do less lucrative trade with Ukraine. It’s all about the money! Look at the German refusal to completely stop trading. xx Michael

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          • Well … it seems to me that it should be Ukraine’s decision to join or not join NATO. Why should Russia or even the U.S. have a say in that decision? I do understand Russia’s fear of being “boxed in” by NATO nations, but if they leave others alone, others will also leave them alone. Or am I being naïve? Sigh. Yes, like everything else these days, in the long run it is all about money, corporate greed, profit, and keeping the average person under the thumb of the wealthy and powerful. xx

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            • I agree with you, Jill! But there is my home country which want to make big money by playing with Russia and the USA. Why the heck had they created this new pipelines? The elder ones, one straight through the Ukraine would have prevented a war, and Ukraine would have got money for the transfer too. Its all about money, and now they are selling weapons with an option for a later reconstruction of the country. ;-/
              In my meaning, and also said by Biden some weeks in the past, Germany cannot accept the sovereignty of other states. Dont forget, Germany is still ruled by the descendants of the 15th-century rulers. D. Rumsfeld “Old Europe”. 😉 Have a nice day! xx Michael

              Have a nice day! xx Michael

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              • Sigh. Yes, it seems that everything in the entire world boils down to money … and power. And at the rate things are going, the top 5% or so worldwide will own the world and the rest of us won’t stand a chance to improve our lot in life. Some days I’m very glad I’m old and won’t live many more years, won’t have to see the disaster that humans are creating. xx


    • I agree. The time has come to either be a friend to our ally, to stand for what is right, or to sit down and shut up, understanding that when it’s our turn to be attacked … and it WILL happen some day … we needn’t ask our allies for help, since we abandoned them. Meanwhile, those who say we shouldn’t help … I hope they have nightmares every night about the 200+ children who have died, about the bombed out houses and apartment buildings, the bodies in the streets.

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    • I’m sure he’d say something, make some lame accusations, but the world must surely be tired of his mouth by now … I surely am! Thing is … the more nations come together to support Ukraine, the quicker we can end this war with fewer casualties. Putin IS the enemy … of every nation on earth at the moment.

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