The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/2

Y’know … some days even the political cartoons raise my hackles, but I must admit they are dead-on accurate and say as much at a glance as some of the OpEd writers can say in 1,000 words.  And so, each week I head over to Political Charge where TokyoSand has compiled the best of the best from the week.  This week is no exception and I think you’ll agree with the take of most of those drawing the ‘toons.  Oh, if only I had such artistic talent … I could be rich and famous!!!  I wonder …

Anyway, here is a sampling of Tokyo’s Toons and I hope you’ll follow the link at the bottom and head over to her place to check out the rest!  Thank you as always, TS!

There were a lot of different news stories that got traction this week, as evidenced by the range of cartoons I saw. Here are some of the best ones, in my opinion.


See all the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!

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