Middle-o’-the Night Thoughts

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking … most of it in the wee hours just before the sun rises around 7:00 a.m. … and my thoughts have taken many pathways, some of which I’ve written about in recent posts.  Another is the environment and how people are in denial about their own role … about the role of humans in general … in the destruction of our planet’s atmosphere.  What to do about it?

Well, last night I had a thought … advertising!  Advertising and marketing are powerful tools used mainly to sell products and increase corporate profits.  People are gullible … we believe that if we don’t use that one brand of toothpaste, our smiles won’t be beautiful, and if we don’t use that new good-scented deodorant, our friends and even our significant others will shun us.  Why do we believe it?  Because it is shoved in our faces time after time after time, day in and day out.  Eventually, subliminal persuasion works and when we see that new variety of soda on the grocery shelves, we automatically reach for it without thinking.

So … if advertising works so well to sell products, doesn’t it make sense that the Environmental Protection Agency, working along with all the environmental groups, should invest in a bit of air and print time to tell people over and over and over how they should turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat, and drive less?  How they should stop feeding the oil companies so many of their hard-earned dollars and stop buying water in throwaway plastic bottles?  Now, I’m no genius, so if I’ve thought of this, surely others have too?  If people hear something enough times, a seed begins to grow in their minds … let’s get busy and plant the seed of conservation!

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about the utter stupidity coming out of the mouths of some members of the Republican Party these days.  But a couple lately, both by freshmen members of the U.S. House of Representatives, just beg for dissemination …

Lisa McClain is a representative from the state of Michigan who gave a speech at the former guy’s ‘rally’ outside of Detroit last weekend.  As she was rattling off the “accomplishments” of the former guy, she claimed that he “caught Osama bin Laden”Say WHAT???  Usama bin Laden was killed in a raid during the administration of President Barack Obama shortly after 1:00 a.m. on May 2nd in the year 2011 … nearly six years before the former guy first set foot into the Oval Office!!!

Ms. McClain claims it was “an honest mistake”, but I’m sorry … she’s a liar.

And then there’s ol’ Lauren Boebert, a representative from the state of Colorado, who has decided that LGBTQ people should not be allowed to ‘come out’, or tell others of their gender identity, until they reach the age of 21.  Shit, Lauren, it’s not like buying alcohol or tobacco!!!  It’s who a person is!!!  A child should be encouraged to talk about their feelings, to express themselves, and a young person must not be made to feel that there is ‘something wrong’ or that they are an aberration!  Send Ms. Boebert and her gun collection back to Colorado and let her resume her duties as owner of “Shooters”, that sleazy bar & grill she owns where the servers all carry guns!  Take her OUT of our government!!!

Last weekend saw yet another mass shooting, this time in Sacramento, California.  Six dead, at least 12 injured.  Police have arrested one man but suspect there was a second shooter involved.  Over 100 casings were found in the area.

Well, I guess there’s more than one way to reduce the population in the U.S., eh?  Funny, though, that people are appalled at the idea of abortion, want to ban birth control, and yet … the idea of nearly unrestricted guns and 10,963 deaths by guns so far this year in the U.S. doesn’t seem to bother them a bit.

I can hear the gunkies now (my latest wordvention … if drug addicts can be called “junkies”, then shouldn’t gun addicts be called “gunkies”?) saying, “There she goes again, crying about how we’ve misinterpreted the 2nd Amendment, how gun deaths are so awful … she’s like a broken record.”

Well, gunkies, rest easy for today I’m only going to let loose a big SIGH rather than a torrent of words that the people who need to listen to cannot hear.  Until one day … one fateful day when you get that phone call telling you that your own child has been killed by a man with a gun.  And then, maybe … just maybe, you’ll understand.

Oh, and one last thing … Sarah Palin, the failed governor of Alaska, has announced that she plans to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Best wishes to Ms. Palin for a monumental, perhaps even record-shattering LOSS in November!  As governor, her approval ratings dropped from 93% to 54% in under two years.  She resigned more than a year before the end of her term, citing “opposition research,” 150 FOIA requests and 15 “frivolous” legal ethics complaints filed by “political operatives” against her, as well as stating that she did not wish to be a lame duck governor.  No doubt she did the good people of Alaska a huge favour with her resignation, and hopefully she will do us all a favour by losing in November!  She’s like a bad penny … she keeps showing up where she isn’t wanted.

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  1. On last night’s news, contrary to how we learn things of late, they showed three different episodes of mass gun violence in the US over the weekend, from three separate places. The news channels in Canada have had a moratorium on American gun violence since the start of the new year, it seemed. Then they hit us with 3 in a row. That was a shock to the system.
    As for Republican Neandertals (no insult intended to Neandertals, only to Republicans) there seems to be a contest to out-stoopid the stoopid. Every day keeps being stoopider than the last. Roger wants to give Palin awards, but there are still about 271 days left to go in 2022. Plenty of time for someone, even Palin, to think up something even stoopider to say. I am sure DJT will out-trump the MAGAts by years’s end. As it is, I think Putin (an honourary Republican if ever there was one) is in the lead, expecting us to believe it was not his soldiers killing all the civilians in Bucha, and elsewhere–that the pictures and videos are fakes. Mariupol is almost leveled. How the hell does anyone fake that!
    As for advertising, in this instance I doubt it would help. Fighting climate change is not profitable to the already wealthy, they make most of their money off killing the planet. They don’t care about the future, only the now. They would find a way to block the advertising, or to counteract its effects. After all, they conttol the media, and if they want, they. will take conttol of the internet. (And suddenly our roles are reversed, Jill. You don’t think I can change nuclear families, or democracy. And I don’t think uou can adveryise us to correct climate change. Both our views are correct and necessary in my mind. But neither of us has the power to fight City Hall. Yet! )

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    • Why would Canadian news have a moratorium on U.S. gun violence? Seems to me they could use it to say, “Look, see how much better it is in Canada without unfettered guns in every civilians hands?”

      ‘Tis true that Putin and Trump are masters at the provable lie, but they can’t be bimbos. We do have a fairly sizable crop of bimbos this year, though, and it grows larger every week.

      You’re right … big oil would stop any such advertising by threatening the television networks and news media. Too bad the CEOs of the fossil fuel companies weren’t smart enough to see what was coming and invest some of their money into renewable sources, eh?

      Good point … but, we both have good hearts and sometimes that’s the most important thing, yes?


  2. Jill, question that should be asked of Palin is will she quit this job when the going gets tough as well? She spoke of being a Mama-Bear as a VP candidate, but a Mama-Bear would have stayed in the fight as Governor when criticized. Keith

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  3. “10,963 deaths by guns so far this year”

    But … butbutbut … it’s only early April now. 😮 Gotta ask again and again: WTF is wrong with your funny country? Is everybody so unhappy, stressed, overworked, oppressed, unfree, they see no other way of getting rid of their aggressions than with violence? Truly exceptional. 😉 And those were only the shooting victims. I don’t even wanna know the number of broken jaws and lost teeth in countless pub brawls around the country.

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    • I am at a loss to explain the gun culture of this nation. I have written before about a family who, when faced with the choice of giving up their guns or losing their children, opted to keep their guns and their children were taken away and placed in foster care. That is an extreme example, but the gun nuts in this country will go to extremes to keep their guns, and to have the right to have as many, including assault weapons, as they choose. It’s crazy. When the pandemic first hit in 2020, gun sales skyrocketed! I asked then, “What … do they think they can shoot the virus out of the air???” Sigh. Idiots.

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  4. “As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight”.
    Far Left??? What the fornacazoni does this woman know about The Far Left???? If she saw the true Far Left in action after changing her underwear she would be on the next plane back to Alaska (tough on Alaska I know).
    I’m nominating this for not just ‘The Most Ignorant Political Comment by Sarah Palin’ award but also, ‘The Dumbest Thing Said by a Republican in 2022’ award and as you know that will be against some very tough challenges.

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  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Jill! Yes, its not understandable, why the responsible not using the advertising methods teaching people about the climate change. By the way, the UNO is doing this regularely, but as i have seen, only on Instagram. Have a good day! xx Michael

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    • They can’t do it, Michael. Would be bad for bizniz coz if they were honest they would need to tell us to drive our good old gaz guzzlers until they fall apart and don’t jump on the electric vehicle hype train. My van is 54 years old now and a real environmental pig. Still he couldn’t do as much damage to the planet like a single new EV. The batteries alone are killers already. And from where are we supposed to generate the electric power to recharge the cars?

      Imma gonna drive my old van the next 25 years or until I’m too old to drive. And nobody can tell me I’m not conscious of the environment. Don’t need to watch stupid advertising for stuff I have found out in 10 minutes of research.
      Elon Musk can go to space … and stay there for all I care. 🙂

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    • Well, if people don’t wake up soon, we are all doomed, humans and many other species destined for extinction, so what better way to wake the masses than where they reside — in front of their television!!! Thanks, Michael! xx

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      • Too bad I we don’t have a TV then. Gave it away to our cleaner lady, like, 12 years ago. It’s fun finding your own news sources and make up your own mind.

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        • We have one, but I never watch it. Well, I take that back … my daughter and I watch a British soap opera, Coronation Street, on a regular basis, but that’s about the only time the t.v. is turned on! I get my news from about 20 different sources online and in print. You’re right … it is fun to go trolling the news, as long as you’re wary of that which might not be factual.


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