A Few Grumblings & Grousings

My motivation is skating on thin ice the last day or two, probably because I’m not sleeping well and thus not feeling at the top of my game.  But a few snippets came to me yesterday that I thought to share …

France’s very own Trumpian figure …

Marine LePen is back.  In case you’ve forgotten, she was the right-wing populist candidate who ran for president of France back in 2017 and lost to Emmanuel Macron, gaining only 33.9% of the vote.  LePen is much like other populist candidates including Trump … she talks a good talk, says what she believes people want to hear, but has no plan of action and much of what she promises is simply un-doable in a democracy.  Just as when Trump was defeated in the 2020 election and I expected (hoped) he would disappear into oblivioun, I hoped the same for LePen after the 2017 French election.  But, like Trump, like a bad penny, she has stuck around and is now … yep, you guessed it … running against Macron yet again this year.

I’ve heard the populist agenda so much that I could almost write the script:  harsh restrictions on immigration, nationalism (“America” or “France” First), tax cuts, increases to people’s pensions, etc.  The reality is that none of this is simple, much of it is both undesirable and counter-productive.  This IS a global world now, not one where individual nations can safely or productively stand alone as LePen, Bolsonaro (Brazil) or Trump would like to portray it.

The election in France is being held today, and the likelihood is that there will be no clear winner, meaning a run-off election will be held on April 24th.  Currently, most pollsters project Macron to win at that time, albeit by a slim margin that seems to get slimmer day-by-day.  For the sake of the people of France, but also for the sake of the larger world, I hope Ms. LePen is trounced once and for all and goes back into whatever hole she crawled out of!

Back here in the U.S. …

Of late, a number of highly unqualified people have run for congressional seats … some have even won, like Margie Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn.  In the upcoming mid-term elections, there are at least two that stand out like sore thumbs:  “Dr.” Oz, and J.D. Vance.  Let’s follow the yellow brick road and start with Oz …

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon.  That said, his days of practicing serious medicine in order to save lives are long since forgotten.  In the days since, he has pushed misleading, science-free and unproven alternative therapies such as homeopathy, as well as fad diets, detoxes and cleanses. Some of these things have been potentially harmful, including hydroxychloroquine, which he once touted would be beneficial in the treatment or prevention of COVID.  He has become a joke, a laughingstock, a media circus clown.  And now … he wants a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Oz is running as a Republican for Pennsylvania’s open US Senate seat.  What qualifications does he bring to the table?  None.  But then, this is 2022 when ‘qualifications’ are deemed irrelevant and persona is the test that must be passed to lure the voters.  Please, Pennsylvania … do not vote for this circus clown!

J.D. Vance is not a doctor, but rather a published author of exactly one book:  Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis.  Not having read the book (and having no intention of doing so) I cannot critique his literary work, but I can address his run for the seat in the U.S. Senate being vacated by Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  His platform speaks for itself, including such things as ending women’s rights, ‘protecting’ second amendment ‘rights’, an “America First” foreign policy platform, and stiff restrictions on voting rights.

Handing Oz and Vance seats in the U.S. Senate would no doubt turn the Senate into as much of a clown show as the House of Representatives is today.  There was a time when I would have laughed, knowing that these two bozos weren’t going to get within 50 miles of the U.S. Capitol, but the populace of this nation has proven me wrong, has proven that the goofier, more outspoken and outrageous a candidate is, the more appealing he is to the uninformed masses.

And that’s it for now, folks, but I thought you might enjoy this clip from a very old … OLD … television show, What’s My Line, that Dan Rather sent in his daily email yesterday …

71 thoughts on “A Few Grumblings & Grousings

              • Hmm haha! I wonder which parts will turn black and fall off first…actually… it would be funny for some of them to turn black since they hate black folks so much…You’re onto something there 😀

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                    • People don’t realize it, even though a couple of years ago it was widely publicized! People just seem not to care, not to be able to understand the reality that we are killing life on this planet in many ways. One of my pet peeves. Sigh.

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                    • It’s one of my pet peeves too. I am one that try to get groups together to clean up the beaches and recycle (even though I end up just doing it with my family). The private beaches are actually more littered than the main beach lately.

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                    • I know just what you mean! There is a very small park behind where we live with a .8 mile walking track. Weather and health permitting, I usually walk 4-5 laps a day there and every single day there are empty water bottles, food wrappers, and I’ve even found underwear along the walking path! About once a week I used to don rubber gloves and take a trash bag and clean it up, but I haven’t for a year or so. It’s a lost cause. People are slobs!!! I often wonder what their house looks like if they are that nasty in the park or on the beach! Sigh.

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                    • Public bathrooms make me wonder that too! It’s like eww…some folks will just throw their dirty napkins on the floor. 🤢 People are definitely slobs, and I think most just don’t care that they are.

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                    • It knocked me down about a week, but it was mild I think. Luckily I kept it to myself lol. I agree about the restrooms…but worse are porta-potties. I would rather take a stray bullet most times.

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                    • Well … I’ve only been in a porta-pottie once, but I can still top that. In the first year of my marriage, we lived in his mother’s house in the mountains of Virginia … a tiny town called Clintwood. Though his father would later build a bathroom, when we lived in the house there was none, so we had to trek, in the dead of winter, to the tiny one-seater outhouse which was down a steep hillside! By spring, I had enough and rented us a mobile home and moved our stuff one day while he was at work, leaving him a note with our new address!

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                    • Oh goodness…I would have hated to go out in the nighttime by myself lol. My Dad used to love taking pictures of old outhouses, and he had one at the last farm he owned before his passing. I remember using it once when the plumbing had gone out in the old house. I was so scared something was going to come up through the hole and bite my behind 😀 😀 😀 Where he lived was called Silverwood, but it was in Indiana. The steep hillside in your memory would not have been fun when you had to go!

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                    • Your mention of fearing what might come up through the hole brought back a memory of a story my father-in-law once told. It took place in the very house we were living in at the time. He said that one night he and my mother-in-law were sound asleep and he had a dream that a snake crawled across the bed, right over top of them, and then went into a dresser drawer that had been left open. He claims it’s the truth that the next morning, sure enough there was a dresser drawer open and … yep, you guessed it … there was a snake coiled up in the drawer!

                      No, the trip down the slope to the outhouse was no fun, especially since part of the year we lived there I was pregnant! Daughter Chris was about 2 months old when we moved from there.

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                    • I would have pissed myself and jumped smooth out of my skin 😀 I don’t mind tame snakes, but wild ones scare the bajeebees out of me lol.

                      I have a picture in my head of that. I bet that was not fun at all, especially pregnant and covered in snow.

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                    • Snakes are rather like humans … sadly. Sigh. My daughter used to have a friend who had a pet snake … I’m an animal lover, but letting a snake wrap itself around my shoulders just has no appeal!

                      No, it wasn’t fun … but y’know … those are the things that make us stronger (if they don’t kill us first!)

                      How’s your week going, my friend? Busy, I’m sure, but I hope you’re feeling well & happy. Big HUGS ‘n love!!!

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                    • I used to have a 5 ft. Burmese python, and I held it all the time, until he got bigger than me. Then he started constricting on my neck too hard when he would move. Once he started breaking pattern, I stopped letting him crawl on me. Thank goodness…he was pretty big, and I am only a pint-sized human compared to most average folks. I didn’t want to become food lol.

                      My week has been exhausting but rewarding, frustrating but a learning experience. How has your week been, my friend? I need to make it over for some Jolly Monday and current events. I have been in meetings for most of my week. I have an easy day tomorrow and the weekend. I am going to take full advantage 😀 I have a hair appointment on Saturday with my sister! Makeover time 🙂 I’ve missed you and hope you are well and happy too 🙂 Big ole Hugs and much love 🤗

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                    • Much as I love all critters, I don’t think I would have been comfortable with a python wrapped ’round my neck! I’m glad you didn’t become supper some night!

                      I figured you were having a very busy week and was hoping it was a good one, but it sounds like it was rather a mixed bag. Mine has been quiet, typical. Have a great day tomorrow with you sister and your hairdresser! Time to ‘let your hair’ down and regroup from the week! I’ve been tired from not sleeping much this week, but otherwise I’m doing okay! Could use some sunshine and warm weather for a change here! Big hugs and much love to you, dear friend! ❤

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                    • It was beautiful here today … sunny and around 70°! Daughter Chris took a vacation day today (she has about 100 vacay days accrued!) and we went to Barnes & Noble for the first time in over two years!!! We, of course, wore our masks, but we didn’t see another person with a mask on! Sigh. One night soon, I must send you a nice, chatty email! We both stay entirely too busy! Have a terrific weekend, dear Amy! Love and many hugs to you!

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                    • I would love to go to B & N! It has been a while. I had this man sitting next to me in the doctor’s office today that all he could do is cough the entire time I was waiting. Everyone had on masks, but it still scared me. I was hugging my chair in the opposite direction. He was very close, and I get very scared lol.

                      We do stay busy! I still have not caught up on my blogging this week lol 🙂 I will look forward to the email, of course! I love our conversations! You have a terrific weekend too, and I will send you some before and afters 🙂 Much love and many hugs, my friend ❤

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                    • It’s always been my favourite place to go, and I did enjoy it, but at the same time I was a little disappointed. They’ve removed all the comfortable seating areas, have much more open space, meaning far fewer books, and in many cases they sections were mislabeled, such as saying “Non-Fiction/Political” and the shelves in that section being filled with mystery novels. And NONE of the old, familiar staff were there. Still, it was fun and I had $150 worth of gift cards, so … I bought two books without having to spend a dime!

                      Our cat Pandi had to go to the vet yesterday … she had a lump on her stomach/chest. They did surgery, removed one of her ovaries and some other female parts, and she’s home now with a drainage tube and stitches. She is quiet (definitely a change for Pandi) and obviously in pain, so we’ve been taking turns checking on her frequently. And, I am more than $2,000 poorer now. Sigh. But, she’s family, y’know?

                      I can’t wait to see the before & after pictures!!! I hope you had a great time with your sister! Love you bunches! ❤


                    • Oh my goodness! I am just now getting to this comment *insert facepalm here*. It’s been one of those weeks.

                      I hope Pandi is okay. Poor baby! I can relate with the sweet kitty though. I had to go through about the same thing in 2019. I only have the one ovary left in my body after.

                      That is also sad about B & N taking away that comfort to screen before you buy. Yay about free books though 🙂

                      I hope you had a great weekend, and love ya bunches! ❤ I've missed ya! I am ready for Friday! I am going to take an little hiatus to gather my brain back after this week. Two doc appointments, two lobby meetings (facilitated by me), a job interview, blood draw, injection in my wrist, a practice session with my team (went horrible due to a miss know-it-all), and close of the conference…All from Monday (today) until Thursday. Bring on the weekend 😀

                      I am so behind on current events that the last I heard on the television was that Macron won his re-election.

                      Love and Hugs for days! (Just in case I am kidnapped by the minions inside my computer HA!) ❤

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                    • No worries, dear friend … I knew this would be a busy, busy week for you and I fully understand!

                      I’ve missed you, too! I seem to be extra tired this week, probably a result of the trauma & drama of Pandi’s surgery and the aftermath. Friday is just around the corner, so take heart! “Injection in my wrist” — carpal tunnel??? Ooooohhhh … a Miss-know-it-all, eh? I think most every group has at least one of them!

                      Yep, Macron won his re-election bid and Musk is on his way to his takeover of Twitter. But to be honest, you haven’t missed a heck of a lot of importance in the news thus far.

                      Love ‘n hugs to you … we’ll be back in touch at the weekend, assuming that you aren’t turned into a zombie by Friday!!! 🥰

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                    • I hope you get back your energy. I would be the same way with my fur babies, so it’s understandable for sure. I think I am already a zombie, since about Sunday 😀

                      I have carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel. This new doctor gave me these cubital braces for when I sleep. I tried them last night, and they were on the floor this morning 😀 Hah! I took them off in my sleep. They straighten my arms and not sure they’ll work. I will try again tonight 🙂

                      Our lobby visit today went great. One more to go on Thursday, and then done for the week 🙂

                      Love n’ big ole hugs, my dear friend! 🥰

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                    • Hang in there, my friend … just two more days ’til the WEEKEND!!!! 🥳

                      Okay … I’ve heard of carpal tunnel, but never cubital tunnel … heck, I didn’t even know I had a cubital! I would have a very hard time sleeping with braces on my arms, for sure. I remember the many times I’ve had a cast on one appendage or another and getting to sleep was sheer hell, so if I could have removed them, yes, I would have! Our Pandi has learned how to remove the collar that’s supposed to keep her from irritating her stitches and staples … now that she’s learned how, I doubt we’ll be able to keep it on her for very long at a time. 😼 Good luck with your braces!

                      I’m so glad your lobby visit went well! You’ll have to tell me more about it when you get rested and recuperated from this long, busy week! Take care, dear friend! Hugs ‘n love!!! ❤

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                    • Yay! I am so ready! I think everyone else in the house is also 😀

                      I have never had a cast, but I am sure that I would have done something to it in my sleep. Both braces were on the floor again this morning LOL! I’m like Pandi!

                      I turned out having a great team! We have one more lobby visit tomorrow, closing ceremony, and then debrief myself to make sure I got all my tasks done before hiatus 🙂 I will definitely have a lot to share with you! Love and hugs my friend! ❤ I hope you got some rest!

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                    • Almost there! You can do it!

                      Ha ha … you are incorrigible! As is Pandi — she managed to get her cone off again last night, then kept me up all night sleeping on top of me. We tried, per my daughter’s suggestion, a onesie that people on the internet said worked well to keep their pets from biting at their stitches. Pandi is so small, she jumped right out of the onesie! I’ll be so glad when her stitches and staples come out! Maybe I’ll get to sleep again!

                      I hope that by now the bulk of it is over and you can finally relax a bit, but it sure sounds like it was a productive week for you and your team! Looking forward to hearing more about it! Love and big hugs, dear Amy!

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                    • I did it! 🙂 It was a good ending to the conference. I am going to write a post about it. I learned and grew with my team. It was a first, and I will be volunteering again next conference 🙂

                      Me and Pandi are on a hidden agenda to escape our devices 😀 I hope she does let you get some rest. It sounds like she could use a dolly dress 🙂 Me, however, there is no cure for me being an escape artist in my sleep haha! This morning I had one on my chest clinging to my wrist, which scared the crap out of me, and the other had flown across the room towards my closet. They are going to have to figure out a different kind of sleeve for this ole girl…I haven’t been able to remember my dreams this week, but I bet they’ve been eventful! 🤣😁

                      I am going to kick back, watch some Seal Team, and do absolutely nothing 😀 I hope you get some rest my dear friend! Love and big hugs to you!

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                    • 👏👏👏 YAY!!! You did it! You da woman! I’ll check out your post soon! I think you really enjoy these things, even though they are a LOT of work, but you’re doing good things, for sure!

                      Ha ha … if you’re not careful, you’re going to wake up some morning and find you’ve thrown the thing right through the window! Methinks your body is telling you something … it doesn’t like being unnaturally confined when it sleeps!

                      Enjoy your Seal Team (a tv show???), pick up a good book, make some popcorn, and just enjoy the heck out of your weekend — you’ve earned it! Love ‘n hugs, dear friend!

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                    • You are such a good friend to me 🙂 I started a more portfolio-minded blog for my political voice and my path with my volunteer work. It’s brand new, but I will be adding more of my voice to that page.

                      Here’s the post that I wrote about the things I learned about myself:


                      I worried about throwing them through the window too! My sister is having a good giggle about it like we are with the braces 😀 They were in the closet today, so they traveled a bit further haha! I think doc is going to have to try again with a new remedy lol. How’s Pandi today?

                      Seal Team is a show about Navy Seals, and it’s pretty good 🙂 I am new to watching it, but sis has been watching it since it started. I am a bit of a tv junkie.

                      Big hugs and lots of love, dear Jill! Thanks for being such a supportive friend ❤

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                    • Awwww … it’s easy to be a good friend to someone like you! You give more than you get!

                      I think your idea to start a second blog for your political/volunteer work is spot-on! I checked it out and liked what I saw. Now, to get you some followers … I shall ponder on how I might help.

                      I rarely watch television at all, except the British show “Coronation Street” that daughter Chris and I watch every night except Thursday when she has band practice and doesn’t get home until late. For one thing, I have to spend all my time reading the captioning, which means I don’t really get to focus on the action onscreen, and for another, I find it difficult to just sit and watch anything. I can happily read for hours, but watching t.v. bores me more often than not. David has been on my case to watch The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series, and I promised him I will start this weekend, so I guess I better make a start, eh?

                      Hugs and love back to you, dear Amy! Keep up the good work! ❤


                    • 🙂 I think you are one of the best friends I have ever had.

                      Your comments there warmed my heart and made my day. I am going to build content, and then I will start gathering followers. It will be a good journey 🙂

                      My dad used to watch one of the British comedies, but I cannot remember the exact name of it. It had wine in the title. It was pretty fun to watch. I haven’t watched all of the hobbit movies or Lord of the Rings. Sis did get them for me to watch on vudu though 🙂 Let me know how your watching experience goes.

                      Hugs and loves on this beautiful Saturday, my friend! ❤

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                    • Ever since I began my blog back in … oh, I think around 2010 … I’ve been amazed at the ease with which certain people just become friends, as much so as some of the people we’ve known all our lives. I’ve long said that this is my 2nd family, my blogging family. I don’t have just ‘readers’ or ‘followers’ but I have friends and family. You are now a member of that family!

                      It takes time to gain followers … as I said, I started in 2010 or thereabouts, but it was really just a happenstance sort of thing … I wrote mostly book reviews, a few tributes, etc., but it was in 2015 that I got serious about it. At that time, I was thrilled to have around 100 following my blog, and today I’m nearing 5,000, but it was a long road getting here. I was lucky that I had a blogging mentor who gave me some excellent advice, most of which I still remember today!

                      I will let you know … when I finally start watching! Don’t tell David, but today I read instead of watching The Hobbit!

                      I hope your Saturday was fun and relaxing and that your Sunday will be the same! Love ‘n hugs, dear Amy!!!

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                    • Aww that warms my heart! Another great start to my day! You are also a member of my fam from afar 🙂 I think people get aligned when they need eachother the most. It lifts me up having you as my friend.

                      My Saturday was pretty relaxing. My sister and I just watched shows, did a bit of cleaning up, and relaxed. We are repeating that today, except I am blogging from my laptop while watching some Harry Potter shows 🙂

                      I really enjoyed your posts I read last night. I got caught up a little bit on my reading and current events. That’s something I really enjoy about your blog is that you keep me in “the know” about the stuff I care about. I think with followers that I would be looking for quality over quantity in the numbers. Even if only 1 person reads, I’d be happy 🙂 But I am easily pleased and easily amused. Ha! Like you, I would be thrilled with 100 people that actively read my musings.

                      You’re secret’s safe with me on the Hobbit! Sometimes the books are better than the movies anyway 🙂

                      Have a great Sunday, my dear friend! Love and hugs coming your way ❤

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                    • Yes, even though I am a non-believer, I’ve long believed that people come into our lives when we most need them. Call it fate, or kismet.

                      Yes, I focus on quality rather than getting hung up in statistics, followers, etc., but admittedly I’m a bit puzzled at the moment, for my views, which used to range from 250-300 on most days, are down significantly … some days I don’t even get 200 views. David suggests it may be that I’m getting repetitious, so I may try to work on freshening it up a bit. But overall, I write what I think, and I am who I am, so … I’m not likely to alter it much!

                      I am determined to try to start watching The Hobbit tonight! I’m fairly certain I will enjoy it once I get into it … I’m just not much of a movie person and always seem to have other things to do, such as blog work, laundry, reading, writing, etc.

                      It was a nice, relaxing Sunday for us. Tomorrow, not so much, for my cardiologist appointment is at 3:00 and I always dread things like that. Ugh. Love ‘n hugs, dear Amy! Have a great week ahead!

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                    • I hope your appointment goes well. Always sending my love and light your way!

                      I may be a little biased, but I don’t see repetition. I just think that dumb people keep doing dumb (excuse my tongue) shit that needs to be seen and talked about 😀 You do that well, and my favorite is the cartoons and current events that you post. I think you do a great job!

                      Have a good appointment, and a great rest of your day, my dear friend! All my hugs and loves headed your way for 3 PM!

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                    • The appointment went well. The doc still wants me to have the Cardioversion procedure, but I declined for the moment … perhaps someday, but after what happened last time, I’m not eager to try again.

                      I’m happy to hear you say you don’t think I’m getting too repititious. I do have some pet peeves, things that I tend to opine on repeatedly, but for the most part my readers share those pet peeves. Awwww … thank you for your kind words, my friend! That is the reason I keep on doing what I do … I know it’s appreciated! Love ‘n hugs!!!

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                    • Cardioversion sounds scary. I cannot say that I would be in much of a hurry to do that either. I am glad the appointment went well though 🙂

                      You’re most welcome for the kind words, and I hope they encourage you that there are more like me that learn from your posts 🙂 Love and hugs ❤

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                    • I wasn’t so much afraid of the procedure as the brouhaha surrounding it. Last time, they kept me at the hospital for more than 6 hours, wouldn’t let me have so much as a sip of water or a bite of food, even though I am Type I, insulin-dependent diabetic and my sugar was very low, and then still didn’t do the procedure because my potassium was too low. I am not willing to go through that again!!! Love ‘n hugs back at you, my dear friend!!!

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  2. LePenn may be picking up on right-wing votes from the collapse of other right-wing candidates (she cares for kittens…awwwww). Macron has also run into the domestic dissatisfaction issue over cost of living increases….It will be close; we’ll know on Monday.

    Send pictures of Eleanor Roosevelt to all prominent I wanna be like Ted Cruz brigade; that’ll make their heads spin.

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    • I understand that the next most popular right-wing candidate advised his followers NOT to cast a vote for LePen. That in itself is telling, I think. However, I am concerned about the run-off election in two weeks, for she wasn’t far behind Macron today. It will be close, but I damn sure hope France does not join the ranks of Turkey and Hungary. Sigh.

      There’s a thought, but … I dunno … Cruz and his brigade have very little respect for any who don’t see the world as they do.

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      • Macron won the first round, but he’s not celebrating yet .Zemmour has now told his followers to vote for Le Penn.
        It’s complicated in France, like the UK they’ve been hit by increases in cost of living, with more to come and Macron does not have a very popular public profile.
        We shall have to see.

        As regards Cruz, he is a lost cause to Reality, so just annoy the hell out of him, enough that he makes one big public mistake…..enough to stop the Democrats squablling.

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        • No, he can’t celebrate just yet, for he only won by a scant 5 points, and now LePen has two weeks to garner as much support as she can from the supporters of those who are no longer in the race. Yes, every nation on earth is suffering (or rather, those who are not already wealthy are suffering) from inflation and high fuel prices, but it shouldn’t be a determining factor in the elections (though we both know it is and will be), for it is a global problem and if fingers are to be pointed, they should be pointed straight at Vladimir Putin, not Boris, not Biden, and not Macron!

          Cruz made one big … BIG public mistake in the winter of 2020-2021 when a large portion of his state was freezing and without electricity, and he took off for Cancún with his family. But alas … people’s memories are short and by the time he comes up for re-election in 2024, they will all but have forgotten. Sigh.

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  3. Thanks for sharing!!.. at the risk of sounding like a broken record, again it comes down to the people… change is in the winds and a element of society are resisting that change and will support anyone who will say they stand with them.. and there are those who would welcome change but are afraid to make their thoughts known for fear of backlash, etc…
    People like LePen, Trump, Oz, Greene, etc. (thinking only of themselves and their ambitions) are taking advantage and telling those people what they wish to hear… they depend on others of like feather to help them govern (judges, politicians, etc)…
    In the past one would not realize what all was happening because of the lack of communication, etc but with today’s technology we are more aware of what is happening and hopefully with that same technology the everyone can work together to make this world a better place in time…

    Hope you are feeling much better, all is well in your part of the universe and until we meet again..\
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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  4. Jill, the reemergence of LePen is scary in and of itself. Ironically, seeing the piece on Eleanor Roosevelt, who is the antithesis of LePen in style, substance and policy, is apropos. I included a reference to Eleanor Roosevelt in my piece today on collaboration. Keith

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    • I fully agree, my friend. LePen is a frightening figure and I had hoped we’d seen the last of her. She didn’t win today, but as predicted, she will now have two weeks before the run-off election to gather more followers, and the results from today were far too close for comfort. Erdoğan, Orbán, Putin … Europe does not need another like them! LePen has been trying to shift focus away from her previous praise for Putin … let’s hope the French people are too smart to fall for her line of b.s.


  5. Politics is a huge mess everywhere right now, and, all these, democracies became, dictaorships in disguise, and, sometimes, it just, makes us too angry, to read about what’s, currently, going on all around, and there’s, nothing we can do, to, change things, because, we allow these, bad people, to, take control over our, lives.

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    • I would agree that many democracies are shifting more toward autocracies, but I disagree that there’s nothing we can do to change it. We have a voice, if nothing else, and we can use our voice and our vote to make a difference. It may seem a small thing, but … small things can grow into big things. We cannot stop trying, at any rate, for to give up would be to hand over the reins of power to the most evil, most corrupt.


  6. One of the things American democracy needs right now, and what most democracies will probably need to do in the future, is to test all potential candidates to see if they c,an pass a simple test of what their job will entail if they are elected. Then, on top of that, when a candidate is elected, not only must they take an oath of office to actually govern for the people who elected them, but slso to agree that if they stand in the way of said governance in any way, like refusing to vote on a matter that comes before them, then they will be kicked out of that office without further pay or pension, because they are not doing the job they were elected to do. And that agreement must be made every time they win an election. If they are mot willing to do their job, at all times, then they will not earn their pay, and especially not any pension that they may have earned in the past!
    Meanwhile, good luck to M. Macron.

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    • I am in COMPLETE agreement with you on this one! I think they should have to pass a test to determine their qualifications for the job, their understanding of the job and its outreach, AND … I think every political candidate should have to take and pass a lie detector test where certain questions concerning their values and motives are asked.


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