A Man Without A Heart

My mother used to advise, “If you have nothing kind to say, then say nothing.”  Well, unfortunately if I heeded that advice today, Filosofa’s Word would not exist.  The world today is not conducive to kind thoughts and words.  In fact, were I to heed her advice, I might just as well have my vocal cords removed, for I doubt I would ever speak again.  Okay, okay … perhaps I exaggerate a bit, for I am capable of the occasional kind word, but more often than not I find what I have to say is less than kind.  Especially when the topic is … certain people.

Today, it is none other than Elon Musk who is stirring my ire, raising my hackles, and making me grrrrrrrrowl. 

Earlier this week I mentioned in a post that Musk had paid $2.64 billion to purchase 9.2% of Twitter stock.  There was much speculation that he intended to assume a seat on the Board of Directors with the intention of overriding the former guy’s lifetime ban from Twitter.  But then, he turned down the seat on the Board, which left people scratching their heads.  It was, however, suggested that, since members of the Board are limited to owning no more than 14.9% of the stock, Musk could not have become a majority shareholder if he accepted the seat on the Board.  Well, folks, it seems that was his goal after all …

Yesterday, it was announced that Musk had offered to buy every remaining share of Twitter for a price of $54.20 per share, or a total cost of roughly $43 billion, which would effectively make him the sole owner of what is currently the most widely-used social media outlet.  This is what’s known as a ‘hostile takeover bid’ and make no mistake … his intent is hostile.  Twitter has kept the newslines hot today as Twitter executives and employees try to decide what to do.  On the one hand, if Musk’s offer is rejected, he threatens to “reconsider [his] position as a shareholder.”  On the other hand, if the current owners bend under the pressure and agree to sell the entire company to Musk, Twitter may find it loses a huge chunk of its followers.  I, for one, will close my Twitter account forever if Elon Musk takes over, and I know of many others who will also.  In fact, that has been the biggest topic of conversation on Twitter today.

So, why does Musk want to own all of Twitter?  He claims it is to create a “platform for free speech around the globe.”  Bullshit.  His intent is more likely to create a safe haven for the likes of Donald Trump, Madison Cawthorn, Vladimir Putin, and others while free speech for the average person would be trampled.  It would, no doubt, become the world’s largest outlet of lies, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.  No doubt QAnon, the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and others would be applauding.  Ol’ Margie Green and her crew of clowns would be dancing naked in the streets!

Now, I have two problems with Mr. Musk’s actions.  First, of course, is that while Twitter isn’t perfect, it is a free and open forum that most of us use at one time or another for one reason or another.  We can discuss, disagree, agree, empathise, etc., without fear of retaliation.  It is already a free speech venue – I don’t want Trump back on Twitter … it is much more pleasant there without him!  Musk, like Trump, is a bully – he has bullied many people on his Twitter feed and cares not what he says.

But more important is my second reason for being dead set against Musk’s takeover – money … or rather, what money can do for people in need.  Elon Musk is uber-wealthy and has wasted more money in the past year than most of us will ever see in a lifetime.  Paying $2.64 billion to buy 9.2% of Twitter stock was disgusting … sickening.  Now to be willing to pay an additional $43 billion to own the platform makes my blood boil.  I’ve put together some quick & dirty numbers (chart below) … the amount of his total potential investment would be $45.6 billion, or enough to feed 26 million children for one year, or 1.4 million for the entire 18 years of their youth, from cradle to college!!!  How many lives could be not only enriched, but saved, if only Elon Musk had a heart instead of a toxic black hole inside his chest.

There is a reason that I am dead-set against anybody having excessive wealth and Elon Musk is the personification of that reason.  He does not use one single dime of his wealth to help people, the environment, wildlife, or any of the other causes that have such great needs today.  Instead, he plays dangerous games that increase his own wealth and power while putting the rest of the nation, the world, in jeopardy.

51 thoughts on “A Man Without A Heart

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  2. Closing out Twitter would be a sweet way for the masses to react. I have never used Facebook, and Twitter is nice for a fast scroll to see what’s good in my field of interests, but I wouldn’t miss it at all. Now if he tried to take over WordPress….

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  3. I never rated him, since he had a hissy fit because he couldn’t use his toy submarine to gather cheap publicity rescuing children trapped in a cave.
    A mass pull out from Twitter would be a good move, I bet there are a few who would like to pick up the resulting market.
    What angers me is the willingness for folk to get suckered into these various media outlets (And the ones on the Clumsy Left too).
    In a wierdy world I would have this great big megaphone world-wide and yell out, every so often…..’Will you lot reading your conspiracies and prejudiced sites…think you yourselves!’…Actually the first phrases which came to mind would not be used as children would catch the message.

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    • I had forgotten about his role … or lack of a role … in the rescue in Thailand a few years back! Wasn’t there a lawsuit? I’ll have to look it up.

      You may be right … I think I’m pretty tired of most of the social media outlets … I rarely go to Facebook anymore but to post my blog posts and check for notifications. I like Twitter okay, but my life would be just as good … maybe even better … without it. Yes, people see something on FB or Twitter and call it ‘news’, believe it must be true, rather like my late mother-in-law used to do with the tabloids. In fact, social media is just an electronic replacement for the rags, I think.

      I think that no matter how big your megaphone, people would not hear you, for they are lost in the empty spaces where some of us have brains to fill the void. Sigh.

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  5. perhaps you should actually take your mother’s advice. saying nothing would certainly be a more responsible course of action than your continual output of propaganda designed to enrage your audience on a daily basis just so your miserable soul can have some temporary company.


  6. Jill, sounds like that movie plot to Bond movie “Tomorrow never dies.” Own the news sources and create the news. Oh, that is Rupert Murdoch. I guess it is real life. Musk is just one more. Keith

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  8. I always think he could virtually solve America’s homeless crisis singlehandedly by building hostels and he could recover some of his money by charging rent to anyone in work, that money could be reinvested perhaps in permanent homes for those who have jobs. But feeding starving children would be great too..

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    • You think too small, David. Don’t be greedy. Let him give his money to the world-at-large, or better yet, give a few billion to Putin to pull his armies out of Ukraine. But insist on handing the money over personally. Ahd cover the money with some of that poison Putin gives to all his political opponents. Nah, Musk will ever do that….

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      • … same as Putin would never do something stupid as pulling his troops out of Ukraine and leave that place in the hands of the fascists and their American handlers. Putin is much too humane and non-corrupt to sacrifice all the innocent people for just some money. Russia is well off and doesn’t need any hand-outs by Musk. And once Putin is done with the ongoing extermination effort, Ukraine will have a future, too.

        “poison Putin gives to all his political opponents”
        You don’t actually believe that badly constructed propaganda lie, do ya? After all the years and all the evidence to the contrary. Whoa, the propaganda/brainwashing kung-fu of US govt is strong! 😮


        • You are the one believing all the lies. Ukraibe is a sovereign nation and Putin has no cause to be there. If you believe he is freeing Ukrainians from something, then tell me why they are willing to fight to the death in Mariupol!
          I’ve been rrading your bullshit in a few different places, and it is time someone called you om it!
          Pitin is urdering nom-combatants! How the hell can you justfy that!

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    • If he can throw away more than $45 billion just to satisfy a whim, then you’re right … he could solve our poverty problems and ensure that no family is without a home, and that no person goes hungry. But, he is far too selfish for that … he lives in his Ivory Tower where he cannot see what is ‘beneath’ him. I’ve read that he treats his employees horribly, which says a lot about what sort of person he is.

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