Jolly Monday … ALREADY???

Wh-wha-what???  It’s Monday again already???  H-how did that happen?  Where did the weekend go?  It was here just a minute ago … I know it was!  Sigh.  Okay, well … good Monday morning friends.  Forgive my disheveled state … I really thought it was Saturday morning and … and … I was going back to sleep when Jolly came in, jumped on the bed 5 or 6 times, and told me you guys were here!  Hopefully Joyful is better prepared than I am this morning and has put out some yummy things for us to snack on … let’s go see!

Well, now that you’ve got something yummy to munch on, let’s get down to the business of finding a smile or two to start the week off right, shall we?  First, just a few cute critter pics to make you go “Awwwwww …”

And Jolly tells me he has a stash of funny ‘toons ‘n memes, so … I turn the floor over to Jolly!

How ‘bout just a bit of ‘toilet humour’ from over at Phil’s Phun?

And let’s end the morning with a super-smile-inducing animal video!

We hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and that those smiles I see will last you ‘til at least Wednesday!  Remember to share the smiles, ‘cause some people lost theirs and need a new one!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

42 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … ALREADY???

    • Wow! Then I am thrilled to have made you smile! Smiles come hard for me these days, as well … at least genuine ones. Luckily, we have five furry family members who often bring a smile … or a scowl, just depending!


    • Thanks, Michael! I’m glad you found some chuckles here … and I never knew how wine was made, either! I always thought it was people stomping on grapes in their bare feet, which was disgusting enough, but this? I may never drink wine again (she says as she sits sipping her cream sherry). Hugs ‘n cheers to you, dear Michael!

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    • No need to be sorry … I’m glad you got to ‘stroll around’ over the weekend! Does this mean you had sunshine and warm weather? I hope so. And of course I knew you’d be pillow hugging at least part of the time! Yep, that giraffe won my heart … sitting so perfectly and with a look on his face that brings a smile! Have a terrific week, Michael! xx

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        • Your nighttime temps sound about like ours. On Friday, it was 20° C, and then this morning I awoke to a covering of snow!!! Like a roller coaster ride … up, down, up, down. Bavaria Siberia … I like that description! xx


    • I’ve misunderstood the lyric all these years too!!! And now … guess what? I have that song stuck, replaying endlessly in my head! Ah well … it could be worse! I’m so glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday, Larry, and I hope you have a great week ahead … or at least a good/decent one! These days, that is all I ask.

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    • That’s for sure! I think it would be funny to have one … say, in a public restroom … that suddenly burst out in a deep voice … “STOP RIGHT NOW … DON’T DROP ANOTHER DRIP!” Talk about scaring the pee out of someone!


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