The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/23

I thought this would be a good time to take a look at TokyoSand’s weekly political cartoon post and see what cool ‘toons she’s found for us.  Naturally, the central topic of discussion is Ron DeSantis and his ban on fact-based education, his retributive action against Disney that will harm the people of Florida far more than it will harm Disney, but there were a few other topics as well.  I especially liked the one about Tucker Carlson!  Thank you, TS, for all your hard week finding the best of the bunch!

Here are some of the great editorial cartoons I saw this week. A lot of cartoonists were focused on the, well, fascism coming out of Florida.


See all the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!

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    • Thank you, Michael!!! I hope your weekend was awesome! By the way … just got news that Macron is the projected winner in France! I breathed a huge sigh of relief! xx


  2. I smiled at a few, Jill, but for the most part I walk with Roger, this sh*t is getting too serious to laugh at. What is happening South of us, and slighty Northwest, makes me want to vomit. You, meaning America, talked the talk for 250 plus years, but you never learned to walk ths walk. And now your Republican chickens are coming home to roost, but there is no where to build their nests. The ghosts of the DoDo birds are flocking to your shores, waiting to greet the Ghost of America when it is officially declared dead. The invitation to Canada still stands.

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      • And we differ again…()that’s what makes us strong).
        I never like to label an entire nation for the excesses and wrong doings of part. After all in the US, the majority voted against Trump….twice.
        In the UK I can hear cries of outrage from the Left, Liberal and Nationalist wings at anyone suggesting Boris was ‘their’ PM and he reflects the views of all of the UK.

        Now…the Dis-united States of America, that’s another matter.

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        • It’s just a matter of preferences sir. Right now the States are almost all doing idiotic things, no matter the “majorities” being anti-Trump. The thing is, everyone is allowing them to do these idiotic things so far, so the USI. I will gladly remove this designation when all the idiotic laws are rescinded. But until they are, it stands. Meanwhile, the Dis-United States works just as well, but it does not tell the story behind the disunification. All is does is present a picture, without the why. Mine deals with the why, and I expect the non-idiotic Americans to know I do not mean them. ✌

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          • Indeed rawgod. You nailed it. ‘Preference’.
            I’d agree there are times when Nations as a whole embrace idiotic concepts; Nazi Germany being the classic recent example.

            At the present I see a battle going on for The Heart & Soul of the Nation (not the only one), and it’s at the grass roots that the main fight is coming from.
            A long hard road back to some sort of sanity.

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              • Well ( I drawled).
                From my readings of histories it only comes in small and infrequent doses anyway. Like those rain showers in deserts when plants grow fast and beautiful for a short time.

                So while I sit in my gloomy corner of The ‘Realism’ school of International Relations, I genuinely wish you well with your endeavours to seek out sunlit uplands, where Sanity may flourish.

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                • I have a problem with sanity too, but I am not sure this is the time to discuss it. In a few words, sanity is what a society agrees upon to be socially acceptable. It need not have any relation to any kind of truth, if there is even such a thing as truth. And it is not something that is even done consciously. The term “Social Contract” is in direct relation to sanity. No one signs a Social Contract, yet people expect other people in their society to be bound by it. And thereby you have the true meaning of sanity, agreement to bel8eve certain things about a group of people in a certain area. For example, in a cannibalistic society, it is sane to eat people. We know this is not considered sane in the world “at large,” yet in that area of the Amazon jungle it is totally sane. Who is right? I would say, based on the fact burying or cremating bodies is a waste of good protein, the cannobals have it right. As long as they are not growing humans the way we grow cows and chickens, eating a human body is no different from eating the dead body of a cow.
                  But where is that line drawn. If we think humans should be allowed to live their natural lives before the cannibals eat them, why aren’t we allowing cows to live their natural lives before we ear them. Whst is good for the goose is good for the gander, no? I’venever adked, but probably cannibals would call us insane for eating living beings before their lives end naturally! Hell, look at the way we treat lobsters, we throw living beings into pots of boiling water so we can eat them. That has to be insanity everywhere, doesn’t it. Why do we have to torture a living being in order to please our taste buds! That is murder! But yet is is called sane in our society. I have never eaten lobster in my life, and never will, because I refuse to take part in an insane process. Yet I am the one called insane for not eating lobster! I would rather be called insane than sane, but to upset the applecart, what I am being is unsane. I refuse to accept sanityj ust because people agree eating lobsters that were alive just seconds go is a sane thing to do.
                  Ack! I never wanted to go this far, but now I have, I am not going to delete it. Sanity is not truth, it is social agreement, and nothing more. That does not make it right!

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                  • Sorry for the delay in replying, I was suddenly aware ‘I am sure I missed one of rawgod’s replies’….so went hunting back down the days…Found it!

                    Good points you’ve raised rawgod.
                    Convention. Social Norms. Part of the Success of Law is Habit. Group behaviour. Cultural Infrastructure. Political or Religious Beliefs.
                    Deviate from any and you risk the charge of Insanity, either as an emotional outburst, a bureaucratic judgement, or a fabrication to suit your opponents.
                    I would suggest there are some acts which enter into realms where judgement is skewed- such as self-harm or the urge to kill people just because. However that said there are realms such as War were all norms break down.
                    At times I would defer to those in the medical professions, but even then keep one allegorical eye sceptically cocked in case a professional is using that as a cop-out because of an inability to grasp a physical problem. There again what is Insanity and what is a condition which bring harm and suffering to that person such as severe depression? Is that person insane or suffering?
                    An area of complexity.
                    I will dismiss the rather trite quote used by some ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,’ In the world of physics, particularly quantum, the response is ‘How do you know?’
                    Keep on searching.

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    • I had the exact same thought when I looked over Tokyo’s toons last night … not a one of them brought so much as a chuckle. It’s kind of like watching your house burn down and being expected to find humour in it.

      Not much … could be that Putin taught the class.

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