Time To WAKE UP ⏰ Democrats!!!

Listen up, Democrats!  It’s past time to stop this “Oh woe, Oh woe, Oh thrice times woe” bullshit (thanks, Roger!)  The Republicans cannot be handed a majority in the House of Representatives or the Senate in November, but it seems that is exactly what the lily-livered wusses of the Democratic Party plan to do!  If you believe your party is destined to take a walloping in November, and if you keep wringing your hands and whining instead of doing something about it, then yeah … that is precisely what will happen!  Check out Blake Hounshell’s latest column.

If, on the other hand, we get off our fat arses and get out there, make our voices heard, campaign like the life of the nation depends on it (because it does!), and make sure the names of the contenders in November are heard so loudly and so often that they are burned into people’s minds, then we stand a chance of keeping a democracy.  In fact, we should stand a damn good chance of keeping the current majorities in both chambers of Congress, given that the Republican Party is so damn screwed up they can’t even keep their stories straight!  A few examples:

  • Margie Greene, a freshman House Representative from Georgia, played a role in the January 6th violent white nationalist insurrection and as such, should not be eligible to run for re-election in November. She testified at a hearing on Friday, and it seems that … ol’ Marge isn’t too bright, for her answer to everything was “I don’t remember” or some variation of that theme.  For me, the kicker was when she was asked whether she urged President Donald Trump to impose martial law as a way to remain in power.  Her response?  “I don’t recall.”  I really think something that damn important would not just … slip her mind.  She’s a liar, just like Kevin McCarthy …
  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose dream is to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House after the mid-term elections, told people after the January 6th attempted coup/insurrection that Trump was responsible for what happened and should be held accountable. He went so far as to tell people that he was planning to ask Trump to step down, and he did some research to investigate whether Amendment 25 was an option for removing Trump.  But then, when that was made public, he denied it … vehemently!  But then, lo and behold, there was an irrefutable recording.  Apparently, Trump Republicans are now saying that McCarthy will never be Speaker of the House.
  • And then there’s Mark Meadows, who was once Trump’s Chief of Staff, and who, it was recently disclosed, was registered to vote in three states at once! And … who is it crying “voter fraud”???  But Meadows is in even deeper than that, for it was also recently discovered that he was warned that violence was part of the plan for the events of January 6th, and he … did nothing.
  • It’s almost too easy these days to pick on U.S. House Representative Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina. He has been the subject of much consternation and many jokes as he claimed his colleagues invited him to a drug party, but the latest … well, a picture speaks louder than words, yes?

Cawthorn did not deny that the pictures were real, but referred offhandedly to them as “goofy vacation photos during a game on a cruise (taken waaay before I ran for Congress)”.  Okaaaaaaayyyy, Maddy!

So look, Democrats … the Republican Party is truly a bloomin’ mess!  I cannot think of many in the upper echelons of the party who have not lied repeatedly and worse yet, been caught in their lies.  Yes, the maga crowd seems to still be rah-rah-rah-ing Trump and his boot-lickers, but I think the maga crowd is growing smaller in light of some of these more blatant transgressions, and some, at least, are beginning to realize that this sort of trickery is not the way to run a country. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I think I have more enthusiasm for Democrats to hold, or even increase their majority in both chambers of Congress in November!  Where’s the spice, Democrats?

The only reason the pundits, even those who lean toward the left, are so pessimistic this year is that President Biden’s approval numbers are low.  They are low, in large part, because of things happening that were out of his control, and in part because the press seems determined to highlight his mistakes and ignore his many successes.  Historically, the midterms go in favour of whichever party does not sit in the Oval Office, and historically congressional elections will follow the approval ratings of the incumbent president.  But history has its exceptions, and this year could well be one of those exceptions.  We better work to make that happen!

President Biden is not perfect … he is human (which is much more than I can say for the former guy).  Sure, he has made mistakes … every president who has ever served has made mistakes.  But, Biden has done a heck of a lot of good that he gets far too little credit for in the press.  They prefer to focus on the economy, but what they leave out is the fact that the U.S. economy is in no worse shape than any other western nation and the causes are global issues, not unique to the United States!

So, let’s put some energy into this campaign!  Our friend rawgod suggested that the Democrats need a ‘fiery slogan’ … and maybe he’s right!  Something that speaks of determination, of democracy, of PEOPLE over profit!  Something that speaks to the average Joe, struggling to pay his bills and feed his family.  Just think how effective the Trump campaign’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” was – and still is!  MAGA is now synonymous with GOP!!!

And we need to start holding the press’ feet to the fire, calling them out on their lukewarm attitude toward the President, his Cabinet members, and Democrats in Congress.  Put a bumper sticker on your car showing your support for your local candidates!  Attend a rally or two by your preferred candidates if you can … show the world that the Democratic Party ain’t dead yet!  Because my friends … if the Democratic Party is dead, then the very basis of the nation is dead, the U.S. Constitution will be shredded.  If we leave the managing of the nation to the likes of Greene, Trump, McCarthy, Boebert, Cawthorn, Cruz, Vance, Oz and the like, then we can damn well kiss democracy, kiss the Constitution “good-bye”.

70 thoughts on “Time To WAKE UP ⏰ Democrats!!!

  1. Hey Jill…Sorry ‘bout this, ‘it’ finally came into a format….Based on history folks….

    Ok. We are talking about rallying cries?
    I’m going grim here, something which appears necessary. The voter turnout in 2020 was 62%, which in normal circumstances is not bad. However when you have a party which:
    Had a presidential candidate in 2020 tried to halt the election process because it did not go his way and incited mob violence. Then was not disavowed by said party.
    Has elected members who are openly involved in one of these most ludicrous of Conspiracy tittle-tattles than even has those of 9/11 pale into insignificance.
    Works with a frenetic, some might day hysterical pace to undone legislation ensuring voters’ rights and women rights, to name but two, while endeavouring to re-write history in a communist style.
    Approaches the wording of school text books in a doctrinal, again hysterically biased style.
    Indulges religious fundamentalists.
    Suggest there is no problem with assaults on teachers because they were covid masks
    Turns a blind eye to mob-handed intimidation.

    You have to ask yourself is opting out a responsible attitude?
    And based on the above, I will go one deeper:
    158.4 million voted in 2020 on a turn-out 62% this suggest 60+ million did not vote. Now I have not been able to trace how many white voters did not vote, but on the basis that voters turn-out of whites was 72%. We arrive at a rough figure of 40 million. This is sketchy and does not take into account the attempt by Republican regions to stifle non-white vote. So lets be generous and assume 30 million white did not vote and the majority felt it wasn’t worth their time, and anyway, it didn’t affect them did it.
    Well then 30 million. Let us just look deeply into some possibilities based on the above activities of Republicans and more to the point their grass roots enthusiasts. Suppose where you live becomes very active from a Republican, Evangelical point of view. And suppose there you are sitting down when there is a knock on your door and a small group of smiling, earnest folk ask you:
    For donations to the local republican funds, because they are the ones who care for freedom.
    Ask nicely, will you be attending church this week and they look forward to seeing you there.
    Ask if your child is OK at school, because they heard your child was falling into questionable company and you had to be careful of grooming.
    You would of course be putting up a flag soon, because they noticed you did not have The American Flag flying from your house or displayed on your lawn.
    Would you sign this petition relaxing gun laws (you thought they were). For freedom’s sake.
    Oh tosh! You reply to these scenarios. That would never happen here in the USA. Well imagine if you said ‘No’ to that smiling group, might not their smiles grow tighter or fade, a bit. Might you feel a bit uncomfortable?
    No, you say. Tosh! And don’t tell me about 6th January either that was a bunch of southern red-necks that was.
    Really? Can you be certain?
    You child who love, comes out to you. They are gay. They are gender neutral. You love them. You accept they. But are they safe outside of home. On the internet? On their phone?
    Do you want any other scenarios. Like your place of work. Or the small shop you work at targeted for some reasons
    30 million. Do you think this does not concern you?

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    • WHEW, Roger! You had me ready to get my solid wooden rolling pin from it’s rack in the kitchen so I would be ready to bash in the heads of that group coming to my door! Hell yes I am concerned about those who cannot be bothered to vote!!! I’m also concerned about those who cannot vote because of the new voter restrictions being passed in nearly every state, or those who cannot vote because the polling station near their house has been closed. Or because they were removed arbitrarily from the voting rolls without being informed! And I’m concerned about those whose vote is diluted by the effects of gerrymandered districts!

      Thank you, my friend, for your very heartfelt and accurate words here! I am saving them … I will use them (with your permission) to try to stir people to get off their arses and make damn sure they VOTE in November! A 62% turnout rate is … pathetic, to say the least. Last night, a person I used to work with sent me a message via Facebook Messenger to tell me that she is ‘unfriending’ me because she’s sick and tired of my constant political rants and why can’t I just forget politics and enjoy life like she is doing. This, then, is what will destroy this nation from within. Ignorance, lack of caring, ignorance, greed, ignorance, arrogance, and still more ignorance.

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      • Use it with my blessings Jill….. I daresay folk whose professions are either Statistics or Voter Analysis would have been tutting loudly (or having heads spinning) at the way I worked out my figures….But that was a writer being allegorical to illustrate a point.
        From outside it is so damn obvious what is going on. There is a lot of opposition, but there’s a spark missing. The USA is short of firebrands on the Centre and Liberal wings and there is not a revivalist movement calling out MAGA on what it really is, a place of Intolerance and Intimidation.

        Your ex-colleague has never thought how she is able to enjoy her life….Because folk made social, person and sometimes physical sacrifices…called politics…. so she could ‘enjoy’ her life….
        Silly person.

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        • Thanks, Roger! As I’ve noted many a time, you guys see our situation far more clearly than most here see it … there is a benefit of distance, or as that old saying goes, we ” … can’t see the forest for the trees”. You’re right, too, that we are lacking firebrands on the left and center. Sigh.

          Yes, interestingly I’ve found out in the last five years that most of my ‘friends’ and even many family members aren’t who I once thought they were. Sad, but true.

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          • Brexit broke up many a family or friendly relationship.
            It’s surprising how issues can divide up people.
            There’s a classic one out of the American Civil War when a confederate officer heard one of his men to tell his brother alongside of him to stop firing, because ‘There’s pa on the other side,’

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            • Indeed, Brexit was for you guys what Trump was for us.

              I had never heard that one, but it’s likely close to true, if not completely true. The Civil War pitted brother against brother, just as the populist movement is doing today. So far, we’re not all shooting at each other (well … not in any organized manner yet), but the divisiveness is the same.

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              • That last scenario is the one which worries me.

                For all the inadvertent backhanded praise he is getting from some analysts for his strategy, he still comes across to me as an impatient fellow in a hurry to get his place in Russian History.
                In the harsh place of Geo-political study; he and his court should have waited for the USA to continue on its path of fracturing, and the Brexit long game to corrode the UK /EU dynamic.
                Instead ranks have now started to close.
                Hubris will come calling at all nations if they don’t learn.

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                • Me too, my friend. When people were saying a couple of years ago that we were headed toward another civil war, I tried to explain that … we cannot do that now! It would be neighbor against neighbor and blood would run freely in the streets! Law and Justice would be quickly undone. Chaos unleashed.

                  But then … I seriously think that most life on this planet is headed for extinction relatively soon anyway. Humans are the only species that can change that course, and they are too wrapped up in playing political games to take climate change seriously. Not all, of course, but the majority. Skunks, rattlesnakes and whales did not cause the global catastrophe that is already happening, nor can they fix it … only people can do that. And they won’t. Somehow they seem to think they are invincible, that they will survive even if all other forms in the ecosystem die out. l’ve got news for them …

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  2. Thanks Jill. Ask questions of candidates about the real issues of the day – how are you going to make sure we have access to health care, what are you going to do about climate change and our water crisis, what will you do about the attacks on people’s civil rights, what are you going to do about our debt and deficit problem, how are you going to free up more goods in the supply chain to lessen inflationary pricing, how are you going to address poverty and food desserts in the US? The differences in the candidates will illuminate as one party is focusing more on overstated and contrived problems while the other is focusing on problems. And, neither party is effectively talking about our debt and deficit. But, as an independent and former Republican and Democrat, the GOP is adrift, untethered to the truth and lawfulness, so it lacks veritas and substance. Keith

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  3. Wow, Jill! America’s worth saving! Good for you! I emphatically agree.

    One of the points that I think matters greatly is the mainstream media’s failure to realize that “balance” is not their responsibility; truthful reporting is. It would be funny if the impact weren’t such a threat to our democracy. Two guys on Twitter—one minute apart immediately after Macron’s substantial win was announced, tweeted “Macron wins. Bad news for Biden.” A nice satirical dig at what to expect from the press.

    Hope you return to this theme as November approaches. We have to use our bully pulpits to make sure the bullies are sent packing.

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    • It’s funny, Annie … I have days when I’m in fight mode and yes, I believe it’s worth fighting for. Then I have other days when … I think it’s hopeless. Fortunately, I’m in fight mode more days than not!

      How utterly ridiculous!!! Sigh. You’re right … the job of the press is to report the facts. Let the opinion writers do what they do best, but the “NEWS” should be factual and leave out opinions and biases. I was ecstatic, by the way, over Macron’s win and by a much bigger margin than I expected!

      Oh yes, my friend … as the November mid-terms approach, I will be delving deep into the candidates and providing clarity, as well as fighting tooth and nail to defeat ALL Republicans who have expressed views of bigotry or who still support the former guy, who have lied to us, and who are basically conmen. And I will be speaking loudly to get the voters to the polls and to convince others to help those who might be disenfranchised with things like getting registered, requesting a postal ballot where applicable, and getting to the polls! I shan’t be silent!!! Hugs ‘n cheers, dear Annie!

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  5. Off the top of my head:
    “VOTE FOR UNITY! not for division” Or the old standby, “UNITED WE STAND! divided we will fall”
    On a different theme: “USE YOUR VOTE TO SAVE YOUR VOTE! not using your vote loses your vote”

    Then get some state-specific slogans, exposing what states are doing to take away voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, whatever is happening in that state. One rule of thumb, START WITH A POSITIVE STATEMENT, then offer a negative probability.

    And remember, these all come from someone who does not believe in democracy. What might a True Believer come up with?

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    • You’ve come up with some good ones … but, I think it has to be short and memorable, something people won’t be scratching their heads the next day and wondering what it was again? I shall ponder, and I do like yours, especially the first one. I know you don’t believe in democracy, but realistically, in today’s world it’s the only alternative to some form of dictatorship, so … I’ll take democracy … by definition, not by how some people interpret it!

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      • “By definition” is my problem. Like true Communism has never been tried, true Democracy seems to no longer exist, if it ever did. But I wish Americans luck, all the same. Macron won today! One thing to celebrate.

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        • You’re right … same with Socialism … people twist them to their own beliefs. If ever there was true democracy, it was probably in Ancient Greece, but I’m not even sure about that — Roger might know. But yes, Macron won today and by a larger margin than any had expected! Let us hope people in the U.S. show as much good sense in November and again in November 2024. Perhaps, though, I should start trying to learn to speak French, just in case!

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            • Nah, I was pondering a move to France where they have a legitimate president and sane people who voted that legitimate president into office! I can say ‘but’, ‘yes’, and ‘no’. I went to France on a business trip one time in the ’80s and managed okay, because most people in shops and restaurants speak enough English that we were able to communicate. I did, however, have a bit of a problem in getting on the right train and then getting off at the right stop! Quebec sounds good … most places in Canada sound okay … even Alberta once you guys get rid of Kenney!


                  • The media controls what you, and we, get to know. I read yesterday that in the USA there have been 400 cop killings after routine traffic stops gone bad in the last 5 years. That’s 80 deaths per year, or 1 every 4-5 days on average. If my source is correct? Do you know if my source is correct? I would like to know how many cops were charged with murder, how many victoms were people of colour, etc. I’m betting close to 100% of cops not charged and 100% of victims were not white.
                    Yeah, that female cop in Minnesota wzs found guilty, but would she have been if she were male? I don’t think I want to know the answer to that!

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                    • Well … if all they are counting is killings by police at traffic stops, they’re close … it’s actually more like 600 over the last 5 years. But, there is a much larger picture here. Just in the past year, more than 1,000 people have been shot and killed by police. Yes, there was Kim Potter, the woman cop who was charged and convicted in the murder of Duante Wright, but also don’t forget about Derek Chauvin who was charged, convicted, and sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd. We all hoped that one would set a precedent, but … apparently not.


          • Aww Gee Jill, that’s three times you referenced me in this post…Shucks.
            Greek democracy….in Classic times…..Well now.
            True any citizen over 20 could take part (in Athens anyway); in fact was obliged to take part. So no opt outs.
            No women were allowed.
            You had to be a citizen born there.
            Now that might mean no kings or emperors. And you can all it democracy if you like, or you could call it a misogynist, racially exclusive organisation prone to bouts of internecine violence….and don’t forget the practice of transporting all women and children of defeated foes into…..slavery – not take backs.

            Roman (that bad evil empire) said:
            Anyone could be a roman citizen.
            Given the breaks a slave could buy their way out of said status.

            Greek democracy…Hmmm…I suppose so. Sounds a bit like the Republican Party of the USA a few years down the road, if you ask me.

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            • Three???? Well, just goes to show what an influence you are in my thought processes!

              Ah, well then … ‘twould seem that the Greeks defined democracy in one way, while we have altered the meaning quite a bit. Ha ha … can you imagine people in your country or mine remaining silent if women were completely disenfranchised? We’d be out in force, bashing heads! Okay, so my Ancient History isn’t very great … it wasn’t ever a period that interested me much, but perhaps I should have studied it anyway! Maybe I should write a book, “What Democracy Is … Or Should Be … And What It Isn’t”

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              • I think that would be the move which would unite Republican and Democrat women (Don’t think there aren’t those who would try it either)
                Great title Jill. It’ll take a while. And everyone will want to support it or criticise it (from all sorts of angles…….a case of four folk- six opinions fer sure!)

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                • Maybe, but things I think would unite people … don’t so much. As re women’s rights, I would have expected the current trend of trying to strip women of their rights to both birth control and abortion would have united women of both parties, but nope, not one bit. And I really thought that the pandemic would unite us all to fight a “common enemy”, but instead it divided the nation even more! Sigh. I give up trying to figure out humans … wolves are so much easier! 🐺

                  Yeah, it would take some thought and time, but heck … I can write it while I’m lying sleepless in bed in the wee hours thinking dark thoughts!

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                  • Nah, sorry Jill Covid like Climate Change is something that scares some folk witless because deep down they know it is happening and they can’t stop it knocking on their doors, but they can still go into Denial.

                    It’s a pity that some women will embrace the Male Agenda like the good little women they are. I’m surprised they have time to protest, surely they should be home cleaning the house and cooking meals for their husbands, or if they are out, they should be shopping for groceries and household items. And tending to the ever growing brood? Shame on you ladies for being poor housewives. And cover up those legs, inflaming men with displays of bare flesh!

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                    • B-b-but … 9/11 did unite us, if only for a short time. What’s the difference? Why not Covid? Sigh. I wonder now if even a bomb dropp;ed in the heart of Chicago by Putin or Jong-un would unite this nation.

                      I sometimes think that even in this, the 21st century, there are women who buy into that antiquated male ideology that women are inferior of mind and are good for naught but making babies, cleaning, and cooking. I’ll never forget one time … Donnie and I had been married for maybe 2-3 months, and he came home from work one afternoon to find that dinner wasn’t cooked. He sat me down and ‘explained’ … “My job is to earn the living, and your job is to take care of the Lisa (his daughter by his first marriage who lived with us), keep the house clean, and make sure supper is on the table when I get home.” I felt like I had been slapped! Somehow our marriage lasted for 15 years, until he felt threatened by my education — I was working on my MA at the time. I guess I never quite managed to live up to his standards!

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                    • You are so very right. I’ve known that for a long time now, but I was too young when we married and didn’t realize that some men still felt that way. I learned quickly, though! I’ve known a lot of jerks in my day, and a few real men … now that I’m too old to care, I know the difference!

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                    • Oh yes … that is obvious! One of my nieces is just one such, and I try to gently counsel her, but with little success. Just like us when we were young, they don’t listen, think we just don’t understand.

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                    • At least the folk doing the reach in Dark Matter & Energy are intelligent folk who never accept the any wacky-doodle that floats out on the net. They are big on research and testing the results. And then others do the same.

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                    • ‘Truth’ was never something that really ever figured in politics, at best it was a matter of winning your argument by eloquence and reason (Which was why The Greeks invented the concept of Rhetoric as a study and discipline).
                      These days it seems who has the biggest mouth and most rocks in their head usually gets the biggest press- that’s certainly the case in What Was The Republican Party and their ilk

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                    • Truth … honesty … integrity … should be really the ONLY things that are required of a political candidate! Their views on such things as education, healthcare, equality, etc., are important, but if they aren’t honest, then their views are also questionable. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of the lies being told. I’d like it to be a requirement for any federal office that they take a lie detector test and that we can submit questions and tune in digitally to watch! I found out yesterday that Don Trump Junior and J.D. Vance held a soiree at a pub about 4 miles from my house this past weekend. Probably just as well I didn’t know of it at the time, else I might damn well have taken my trusty rolling pin and gone there to protest, to hold their feet to the fire, or to run them out of town on a rail!!!


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      • Ah, Annie, I hope you don’t mind my asking, are you really protecting democracy simply by voting? If everyone in America votes Republican, is that protecting democracy? Would giving Republicans a total majority not kill Democracy in the United States. May I suggest, “Protect Democracy by Voting Responsibly!” because we all know Republicans are no longer responsible governers. They are power-hungry bullies who want to dictate how everyone should lives their lives! Indeed, if anyone needs a big majority in Congress to get good legislation passed these days, that is what the Democrats need. But giving them that huge of a majority to do that defeats the purpose of Democracy too. It would remove debate. That is the hidden problem of a two-party system.
        But even multi-party systems can fall into similar traps. The last time we in Canada gave a party a real majority in our multi-pafty system, even there debate became non-purposeful because the party with the majority, our Conservative Party, did whatever they wanted to anyway, not because it was good for the country, but because it was good for “their VISION of Canada”! So not even a multi-party solution necessarily works, though it is better than a two-party system where government is an “either or” situation.
        To save democracy, as I stated in a recent blog, you need responsible voters, and you need responsible people to vote for. So, just “voting” is not enough, when voters elect the likes of MTG, Bobert, Cawthorn, De Santis, Cruz, McCarthy, Trump, McConnell, and so on down the line.
        I am not trying to say every Democratic candidate is responsible either, but for the most part they shine in comparison to what the Republican Party has to offer these days. Again, voting is not enough if a great number are voting for fools to govern them. First you have to do something to ensure the candidates you are voting for care about the people who are voting for them, and then you have to ensure the voters understand the value of their votes.
        Sorry, but I seem to be in a ranting mood today. But I believe I am ranting for a good cause!

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        • Good points, rawhide. These postcards go only to people who have registered as Democrats, urging them to either start or renew the process to enable them to vote by mail. Other groups are training voters how to circumvent the suppressive laws some states have passed.

          I don’t consider the Republican Party anything other than a cult, and I fear what will happen if they gain a majority in either or both houses of Congress. Though I’ve long been a Democrat, I don’t think it’s healthy to have a one-party system either. But unless some “responsible” people come to the fore and wrest control of the Republican Party from its fascist, white supremacist base AND funders, I feel we need to shore up the Democrats as much as possible. If we had had two more Democratic Senators, we could have secured meaningful legislation to combat climate change, ensure continuation of the successful tax credit that made a big dent in child poverty, institute universal pre-K and free community colleges, and more.

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          • All good points, and I am on your side in this, dedpite my unhappiness with democracy as it stands in our nations. But there is no one who can rescue the Republucan Party as long as Trump, McCarthy, and Moscow Mitch are in charge. Them and a whole bunch of others would have to go. I think it would be easier t.o ban it because it is now a cult, not a political party.

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