Jolly Monday — Fun & Pizza To Start Your Week!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Mine was alright.  Daughter Chris took a vacation day on Friday (She has something like 500 hours of vacay time built up) and after she spent about 4 hours at the vet’s office with our cat, Pandi (more on that later), we went to Barnes & Noble bookstore for the first time since March 2020 when pandemic lockdowns first started.  There was a time when we went every Saturday, but it’s been so long that I had actually forgotten how to get there!  It was nice, but not the same as it used to be.  Comfortable seating was gone, there was far more open space and only about half the number of books they once had, plus none of the old staff members I remembered were there.  It’ll take time to get used to it again, I suppose.  It did help, though, that between us, Miss Goose and I had a collective $200 worth of gift cards!!!

Our Pandi was operated on and the vet removed four tumours and one of her ovaries.  We will have the biopsy results in about a week, we are told.  She is very unhappy and unable to do much more than sleep right now, but today she did eat a little tuna and drank some water we spoon-fed her, so hopefully each day will be just a little better.  She hates the cone, but when we tried taking it off, she immediately started licking her belly, so the cone went back on!  To pay me back, she peed on one of my shirts!

Well … enough of that!  Let’s get this week off on the right (or left) foot with some good food and a few laughs, shall we?  I heard Joyful in the kitchen screeching at Jolly to “Get out, get out, get out!!! bright and early this morning, so I imagine she’s prepared us something yummy … I think I smell … PIZZA!!!!  Let’s go see …

Yep, my sniffer was right … and there’s even some just for the bacon-lovers!  As you can see, I’m taking a slice of that first one … the one with pineapple!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

I think we have a bucketful of fun cartoons for your Monday morning enjoyment …

Lately, I’ve been finding a number of short gifs, video clips, over at Phil’s Phun and I thought I’d share some with you …

Jolly brought a few memes to the party … 

And to top off the morning, get your week off to a really good start, how ‘bout a video of Whisper & Stuart, two baby Stoats that were rescued and are ever-so-adorable!

Well, my friends, it’s time to get on with the day, do chores, keep appointments, go to work, or just go back to bed!  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week ahead, and please do share your smiles with those who seem to have lost their own!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

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    • Ha ha … I am now picturing you sitting in front of your computer and giggling for hours!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the humour and hopefully the pizza, too! I hope your entire week is filled with giggles! xx


  1. Sad news. I have hung onto it for too long already. Our Smokey had to be put down on Good Friday Evening. Whatever happened, it took only a few days. He stopped eating and drinking. But he seemed okay. We had an appt at the vet for Easter Monday. But the poor guy couldn’t barely walk on Friday morning. I held him all day, hoping he would die in my arms, he was so weak. But Gail finally called the vet at suppertime for an emergency visit. He couldn’t even stand up at the vet’s. He breathed his laust breath shortly after his injection. I am still crying today as I write this. The vet figures it was some kind of virus, but so far no one else has showed any signs of contagion. He was 15 years old, so maybe it was just old age.
    The other cats have been on tenterhooks all week. They all knew how sick he was, but they didn’t get to see his dead body like they did with Dakota, so I don’t know what they think.
    SiSi, Millie, and Diabola are playing today, so that is a good sign. But the boys seem to still be depressed. I hope they finish grieving soon.

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    • OH Jerry!!! That is heartbreaking news! I’m so so sorry to hear this, sorry for you and Gail who loved Smokey so much. I wish I had words of comfort, but there are no words that will make it better … just know that you and Gail are in my heart today and that I’m thinking of you with love.


      • Thank you. He was a pain in my ass for years, treating my partner like a queen and me like a peasant. He truly believed he was cat royalty, right from the day we met him. But he was finally coming around, starting to treat me like an equal, and then he got sick and two days later, gone. It truly is sad. Thank you again.

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      • Thank you, Roger. We have no human progeny, so cats and horses are our family. Mind you, only the cats live in the house with us, although if the bylaws let us, I am sure the horses would too.

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              • You got a few spare million pounds to donate to building a house with stables downstairs, and exclusions to zoning laws?
                Ach, I am just so full of sarcasm today. Being getting sucked into American politics does that to me these days. So many of them think the fight between Dems and Repugs, or Democracy vs Dictatorship affects only them. I keep trying to tell them the fight is bigger than America, but they cannot see beyond their own borders. They think it is brothers fighting brothers, while it is humanity fighting for survival. Usually I accuse Americans of thinking too highly of themselves. This time I am saying they CAN affect the world, and they don’t want the responsibility. (Present blog-owner and friends excepted.)

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                • Interestingly rawgod, I was of the same mind when the UK voted to leave the EU in the Brexit folly.
                  Well, the tectonic shock from a war, not that far away, is reminding Us, why we should not have left. As flawed as it is, it’s all we have.

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    • Thanks, Emily! She’s pretty miserable still, but she gets the drain out tomorrow, and hopefully that will help. At least she is eating and drinking … the pain meds seem to make her a bit strange, but then she’s always been a bit strange!


    • Thanks, Larry! Me too … she’s pretty miserable at the moment, but at least she is eating and drinking, so that’s a positive. Yes, stoats aren’t a common critter, but they are sooooo cute! Thanks for dropping by this Monday morn, and I hope you enjoyed the pizza!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday and hope we helped put a smile on your face to start the week, my friend! Yes, poor Pandi … better my shirt than my bed, though!


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