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So much for that ‘poisoned pill’ that Twitter said would stop the clown, Elon Musk, from effecting a hostile takeover of the social media giant.  Around noon today, I received no less than five “breaking news” texts on my cell phone informing me that Twitter has agreed to allow Musk to proceed with his takeover for somewhere in the neighborhood of $44 billion.  The deal is expected to be completed sometime this year.  Now I have a dilemma.  I said last week that I will close down my Twitter account the day Elon Musk takes over Twitter.  I meant it then, and I still mean it.  However, I’ve also read a number of people who I respect saying that those of us who stand for truth & justice, for racial and income equality, for the LGBTQ community and more, should stay on Twitter and fight, continue to make our voices heard, continue to hassle, annoy, and generally be a pain in the arse of those who are bigoted and corrupt.

What are your thoughts on this?  Admittedly, it made me step back for a minute and think, and I still haven’t come to a firm conclusion.  Why would I shut down my account?  What would be gained?  My thoughts are that I would be making a statement, and that if enough of us leave Twitter, Elon Musk will rue the day he even thought about making such a purchase.  What would be gained?  I would have assuaged my own conscience, for I do not believe in supporting the wealthy in any way, shape, or form.  I would not hate myself for talking the talk but failing to walk the walk.  But what would be lost?  Communications with friends and people from all walks of life.  What else would be lost?  A layer of stress, an hour or so of my daily time. A venue for my blog posts – my voice.

Needless to say, I’m undecided as yet, and I likely have some time to ponder, since I understand that Musk, for all his wealth, doesn’t have immediate access to a measly $44 billion and will have to play some liquidation games in order to fund his latest circus act.  Remember my post from earlier this month,  where I calculated that over 26 million children could eat for a full year for what Musk is paying to buy yet another plaything for his bored mind?  This, my friends, is why I despise those with great wealth … if they helped people as much as they could, they would no longer have that wealth.  That they have millions or billions of dollars is an automatic tell that they do nothing to help either the planet or humankind.

I’ll let you all know when I decide which direction I plan to take, but right at this moment I’m inclined to say it just isn’t worth the aggravation and stress to remain on Twitter, which will be a private company owned and operated by a wealthy clown.  Let me know your thoughts …

Speaking of Twitter … I came across this on Sunday and it damn near brought a tear to my eyes.  I almost never share people’s tweets here on ye olde blog, but this one … I need to share it with you and I hope Ron DeSantis and his bunch of homophobic, racist boot-lickers have seen this at least 1,000 times!

“Gov DeSantis, when I was a little boy growing up in Florida I had to drink from the “colored ” fountain at the Volusia County Courthouse. The “white “water was cool but ours was warm. This made me feel bad. May I share this with students in Florida?”

Is this what the Republicans want to take this nation back to?  Sure as hell seems like it sometimes, doesn’t it?

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  1. I consider myself a conservative not a Republican. In any case, those on the Right have no intention of returning to race policies of the 1950s. Nobody is advocating for that. It’s a straw men that is regularly used by political leaders on the Left.

    As far as Musk goes, I can only take him at his word. “Twitter has become kind of the de-facto town square,” he said, “so it’s just really important that people have both the reality and the perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the law. . . Well, I think we would want to err on the—if in doubt, let the speech—let it exist,” Musk said. “I’m not saying that I have all the answers here. Is someone you don’t like allowed to say something you don’t like?” he continued. “If that is the case, then we have free speech.”

    This is the heart of his message. It is simple, easily delivered, and basic common sense. Yes, allowing someone I don’t like to say something I don’t like is free speech, so let President Obama and President Trump both speak. Nearly everyone has a negative opinion of one or the other, but that should not mean either be banned.

    I use just two examples to demonstrate how things have gone astray with Twitter.

    First, the Babylon Bee, a Christian satirical periodical declared Rachel Levine “Man of the Year” after USA Today named Levine “Woman of the Year”. I think it is funny. You may not, but is it dangerous speech? Is it criminal? No. But the Babylon Bee was locked out of Twitter after this supposedly egregious comment This, by the way, is what many have said was one of the motivating factors for Musk to purchase Twitter.

    The banned article notes that Levine “serves proudly as the first man in that position to dress like a western cultural stereotype of a woman. He is also an admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. What a boss! He often wears a dress, which some people think is weird — but he doesn’t care one bit,” the article continues. “Come on! Men in India wear dress-type garments, don’t they?”

    Second, was the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story just prior to the 2020 presidential election. I covered this in a recent post: seek-the-truth-becuase-more-than-50-intelligence-officials-said-so-really.

    The New York Post article was, of course, disseminated on social media and not surprisingly garnered much interest. But then, Twitter removed the article altogether. In other words, one of the most influential social media distributors extant, censored this article at a time when it was pivotal to the election. This was a potential scandal regarding a presidential candidate and many voters were excluded from this information until after the election. Is that not shocking in itself?

    Ironically, we have MSNBC host Ari Melber describing how someone like Elon Musk might use Twitter to influence an election:

    “If you own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you, you don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t even have to be transparent,” Melber said.

    “You could secretly ban one party’s candidate or all of its candidates, all of its nominees. Or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff, and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out until after the election,” he added.

    Did Mr. Melber come up with this scenario on his own or did someone tell him that is EXACTLY what happened in 2020?

    There is no better way to understand the thinking of Twitter than to hear from the employees of the company itself. Below is a link to an “All Hands” Twitter meeting; the video was leaked to Project Veritas, who leaked it to the rest of us.

    I walk through highlights in my latest post. In any case, around 27 minutes, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is asked about Trump coming back to the platform. He provides a long, convoluted answer about “evolving” policies and “doing our work”, never saying anything about Mr. Trump himself. This issue he says is “tied to the future of Twitter”. Why is it so hard to give Trump a voice?  The Twitter CEO sounds well educated and reasonable. Maybe he is more suave and sophisticated than Mr. Trump, but Mr. Trump makes more sense than Mr. Agrawal does in my view. I don’t want to censor anyone, but I will say Mr. Agrawal is a radical and his principles espoused during this call are ridiculous.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!!.. I use to have a Twitter and Facebook account a few years back but quit them because it became a hassle and not so pleasant experience…. “I was going to post something on Facebook until I asked myself why.” (David E. Love)… I do not miss them at all…. 🙂

    As for today, perhaps it is best to wait it out and see what develops before you make any decisions… although I suspect what may happen is Twitter will become a Republican stronghold with elements of all sides shouting at one another… that is what happened to many forums in the past and they are no longer present…. 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Many a time I have been tempted to close my Facebook account, the only thing stopping me being that it is how my nieces and nephews stay in touch, and I do treasure hearing from them, albeit only occasionally. I’ve enjoyed Twitter more, found interesting camaraderie and sometimes even new, thought-provoking ideas, but if it becomes a war zone, as I suspect it will, then I will have to decide if it’s worth the time and stress.

      But, as you say, for now I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude, for the deal is far from being done and there are some hurdles that Musk may not be able or willing to jump through.

      Thanks so much for dropping in, and for the lovely Irish Saying, my friend!


  4. Of course you were top of the list of people I thought of when the news of confirmation the ‘deal’ would move forward… I like Twitter b/c in a fast five-minute scroll I can see what the local government is beating its chest about (‘We spent x amount of dollars doing this project/aka ‘aren’t we great?’) – and not’ we fed this many poor people or gave the people from Venezuela somewhere to sleep besides a hard sidewalk…’… and to see various positive posts about recent art studies/paintings – or nature sightings, etc. But if it’s not there, it’s absence won’t alter the quality of my day.. As I read your own inner warrings, my thoughts were, ‘Guilty by association?’ as a reason to fold the cards…

    Presently there’s tooo much happening in present time here to even check Twitter, so for now, out of sight equals _ .
    And with that I will turn off the lights and get some quick sleep. Art class in the early afternoon —– zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    • I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude for now, for I think there’s a chance that the deal won’t go through. I read this evening that Musk will have to liquidate some of his stock in Tesla in order to take over Twitter, and if he does that, then Tesla stock will plunge. And, there’s still the SEC, too. So, I’m hedging my bets for the moment, but I think that if Musk does take it over, I’ll most likely close my account. I never get my news from Twitter, but just enjoy the camaraderie with like-minded people and sometimes I even learn something or stop and think about something in a different way than I had been. But, like you say, it won’t alter the quality of my life! Ha ha … I might actually gain an hour or so a day and even have less stress!

      Take care, my friend! Love ‘n hugs!!!


  5. I have a Twitter account that I use only to update clients on the very rare occasions my own web hosting platform goes down. It’s not open for comments and I don’t follow any Twitter account. I could easily move to a different platform, and probably will when/if the Musk takeover is completed.

    I never took to facebook as it’s too busy for my liking. Although the rest of the family, including the wife use it all the time, I closed my inactive account following the Christchurch mosque attacks in 2018 and have no intention of rejoining. I made my reason why at that time.

    The only social platform I frequent is WordPress. It operates at a pace I can handle, and with a few exceptions, discussion has been civil and courteous even when polar opposite views are expressed. Well, that’s been my experience with my 580 followers and the 93 blogs i follow.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that those who really want to share thoughts and ideas will find alternative means to do so if one isn’t using the platform of their preference. In my case, while the rest of the family continue to use facebook, they communicate with me via Whatsapp (videos, images and text) or SMS (text).

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    • I’m largely in agreement with you. I keep my Facebook account, mainly so that my nieces & nephews and few remaining friends can stay in touch, and I share my blog posts there, although I only get 5-6 views per day from Facebook. But I don’t scroll through it as I used to, don’t even check out friends’ posts, for most of them are irrelevant or worse. I have enjoyed being a part of the Twitter community, but not so much that I’m willing to help support a selfish, greedy bottom-feeder like Musk. I’m holding off for now, though, because there is still the chance the deal won’t go through.

      I’m with you on WordPress … but then, I don’t really think of it as social media, but more like … amateur journalism! And here, we can control any arguments, we can moderate comments so that no real hate is tolerated. Censorship? Maybe, but I have a low tolerance level for disrespect, so yeah, I do cut some comments out.


  6. I have a Twitter account, but VERY rarely do I ever visit. And I comment on it even less! My blog posts are set to show up on Twitter, but I never check to see if I get any responses. The primary reason I keep it is when others (e.g., Scottie) provide a Twitter link to some video or conversation, I can go check it out.

    My main “networking” is done on FB — and that’s primarily because I have family and a couple of friends that post updates, jokes, and silly videos. I rarely post anything myself.

    I’m with a couple of other people. I think you should keep your account … at least until you see if Musk passes muster and is “allowed” to take it over. And then if he does, what changes he makes.

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    • For a long time, I used my Twitter account in much the same manner as you, rarely posting anything other than my blog posts. But, of late I have ‘met’ a number of people who share many of my views and I find it interesting and fun to communicate periodically. However, I’m not willing to put up with Musk’s b.s. and will leave if he actually makes the deal and lifts all restrictions and responsibilities and consequences.

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  7. Since everyone believes Musk has bought Twitter with the intention of letting Trump back aboard.Why not wait to see if tt actually happens and make your decision then?.See just how many of Twitters own rules get changed because of the wealth of one man and the lies of another. See if n equal amount of pace is given to President Biden and his opinions and those of his supporters as to the mad man and his MAGA Crew.

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    • Well, I would be furious if he lifted the ban on Trump, but there are actually other things that concern me more. Musk has intimated that he will allow complete freedom of speech, that could very well lead to massive conspiracy theories flowing, incitement to violence, pedophilia, and other forms of verbal abuse such as blatant racism, etc. I can envision it turning into a hateful, horrible venue, with or without Trump. I am going to wait and see what happens, but if it goes in the directions I mention, I will close my account in a heartbeat.

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  8. It’s all been said. I’m not a huge Twitter user. I see how it works for some and I’m always searching for other views, trying to expand my poor and limited understanding of life, the universe, and everything, so I subscribe, follow, occasionally post, etc. Like you, I’m torn. I suspect — especially given the threat by Republicans issued to Twitter — that it will become a circus, hateful, and full of misinformation. That said, until I see that happen, I’ll ride along, mindful, watchful.

    Meanwhile, another facet of it is that staying on board will probably drive up the stock price and make Musk richer. Wealth translates to power and influence, and I’m dubious of how he uses these things.

    Another conundrum. Just what life was missing. Hugs and cheers, M

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    • It’s bad enough now, but at least there are some rules and they are mostly enforced. Imagine if inciting violence, promoting racial hatred, demeaning women, and pushing blatant conspiracy theories ala Pizzagate, were the main substance of Twitter. Like you, I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude, for it is going to be months before Musk actually owns the company and there’s always the possibility that he won’t succeed. Or that he won’t be allowed to open the forum to a free-for-all. But, if it goes the way some are predicting, I won’t hesitate to pack my bags and go! I can find another, more friendly venue.

      Yep, just what we needed. Sigh. Hugs ‘n cheers to you, my friend!

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  10. Twitter? Facebook? Tried both 4 or 5 years ago. Abandoned both quickly. Never tried any of the rest except Word Press and recently Substack (just in case Word Press weirds out on us!)
    The thing is, Jill, we all make compromises in our lives, because nothing is perfect. Some things are tainted worse than others. But in the case of social media, if you want to be in contact with the world st large you have to play their games.
    Having said that, I suspect once Musk takes over Twitter his version of free speech will be to get rid of anyone who does not agree with him. So will it be a badge of honour to get kicked off Twitter? Or will it be another case of only the people who know you will miss you for awhile, while no one else will notice your absence at all?
    This is one decision you will have to make for yourself. Right now our voices are welcome on Word Press, and if any of your Twitter friends are interested they will follow you on WP if you leave Twitter. And if you stay, it will be a matter of how long before you piss Mr. Musk off, if you do, before he bounces you off his platform. Maybe he really does believe in free speech (hack! hack! choke! cough!)?

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  11. I never did sign up for Twitter, so I don’t have to make that decision on whether to leave. My view of Twitter is similar to that expressed by Keith.

    For now, I’ll wait and see before I criticize Musk. I suspect that he may come to regret this decision. Twitter is like a wild bucking bronco, and he may not be able to control it to his liking.

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    • Indeed, you and Fandango were wise to avoid the “Twitter trap”! I agree with Keith, too, but it does have some advantages. However, if Musk opens it to conspiracy theorists, pedophiles, and those who would incite violence, then the advantages will be outweighed by the stress it causes and I won’t think twice about leaving.

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  12. I’ve never had a Twitter account, so I can’t say, with Musk taking it over, whether I’d stay on Twitter if I did have an account. Fortunately, I don’t have to make that decision.

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    • I will miss it for a while if I leave, but while it has advantages, I have to decide if they outweigh the disadvantages. At present, they do, but under Musk, probably not. You’re wise to have avoided it altogether!

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  13. “I had to drink from the “colored ” fountain at the Volusia County Courthouse.”
    Remand prisoners don’t get the same quality water as the free folk do. ^.^

    “The “white “water was cool but ours was warm.”
    Was prolly a different location than the one in the photo. That one looks like both spigots are fed from the same pipe.

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    • We’re talking blatant racial discrimination here, though, not the quality of life in prison.

      No, if you’ll notice in the picture, the one for ‘whites’ is actually a water cooler that uses electricity to chill the water, whereas the one for “coloureds” is simply a water fountain. If the temperature outside is 90°, then so shall be the water temperature. I know … I remember them well.

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  14. Follow ur heart Jill, if u believe the platform helps the world then keep fighting the good fight. Ur voice is important esp now! Midterm elections are coming up, then 2024, Biden vs Trump II.
    Luv it or hate it, Twitter does influence election outcomes….. just my 2 cents.


  15. Jill, I must confess I have never been a fan of Twitter, even when they expanded the number of characters. At its best, it facilitates superficial commentary on issues of import. Some can use it well to introduce an idea, but for most of us, it is a challenge. It is ideal for a person like the former president, who self-confesses to not being an avid reader. Not knowing the issues is a key reason he repeats himself four to six times in a press conference.

    At its worst, Twitter facilitates the opposite of good dialogue with people looking for zingers to communicate some thought, which may not be well thought out or purposefully crafted. This is especially true when the communication is not well grounded in fact. It allows the communication of misinformation and disinformation, like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Yet, as a society, we are communicating less by communicating more. Emojis are used to avoid saying things or to end conversations. We want to say things without the inconvenience of a dialogue. But, that dialogue is precisely what we need more of. It allows people to hear or heed what you trying to say and ask questions. This is the theme of my post today.

    As I noted above, I recognize some use Twitter better than others to achieve this purpose. Yet, too many do not, such as the former president who used it as a vehicle to share many of his untruthful comments. A great example is when the former president announced he met with his generals and they decided to act on the transgender issue, while they were waiting for him downstairs to brief him on four options. This ticked his generals off to no end, as they put a lot of work into the options.

    So, Musk buying the platform is interesting and we need to be mindful of it, but we need to consider what it is and use it better or move on. That is my view. Keith

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    • I agree … Twitter, Facebook, and other social media encourage one-offs, or what I call hit-and-run comments, rather than any meaningful discussion. And under Musk, I can envision that continuing or even becoming worse, as he claims his policy will be “anything goes”, such as pedophilia, conspiracy theories, incitement to violence, etc., all of which are monitored and edited at present.

      Social media in general is such a mixed bag. It has an upside in that it allows us to ‘meet’ new people, garner new ideas, share our own ideas, etc., but the downside is, as you say, so much information, half of it false. I think that Elon Musk is a man without a conscience, one who will do almost anything to earn a dollar, so I cannot imagine that he will in any way improve on Twitter. More and more, I think the absence of my small voice there won’t even be noticed, so while I will wait until the deal is done to make my decision, I’m definitely leaning toward leaving both Twitter and Facebook.


  16. I also don’t know whether or not to stay on Twitter. I don’t have a huge platform there, but it is a way to reach people, and as such, is valuable.

    I unfortunately live in Florida, and for my podcast have spoken with many LGBTQ+ teens affected by DeSantis’ cruelty fueling his desired march to the White House. Reading your quote above reminds me that you never know what might be the thing – the one thing – that moves someone. That changes a mind. That offers a new perspective.

    To the poster above who said that “sex cannot be changed.” Are you saying that transgender people do not feel dysphoria due to having a gender identity separate from their gender assigned at birth? First, that’s just not true. Brain chemistry, hormones, genetics, influences while in the uterus – there are many elements that go into our concept of our perceived gender, and our physical characteristics are not the sole, or even always the most influential, determining factor. It bothers me that some people are so willing to take a simplistic viewpoint “you have a penis so you’re a male” or “you have a vagina so you’re a female” without any understanding of the intricacy and nuance of the issue. Very rarely in nature are things so cut and dried that there is no continuum, and gender and sexuality are no exception.

    But second, and more important, why do you care? Even if you aren’t interested in examining the research and science that demonstrates the continuum of gender and sexuality (rather than the preassigned binary division), how can it possibly harm you to just let it go? I’m not convinced about the existence of a God, but I don’t spend my time posting telling people God doesn’t exist.

    It’s not Feminism, it’s transphobia, and bigoted, and narrow minded. (As is Meghan Murphy). As a Feminist, I can support women’s rights and transgender rights, because, to me, the heart of being a Feminist means allowing everyone to live to their highest potential as their true selves.

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    • As a few others have mentioned, if we stay, perhaps our voices can shine through the darkness. We never know when or where we make a small difference. On the flip side, I find that the voice of reason is so often tuned out, mocked, or even vilified these days. I ask myself, is it worth the time and stress? I haven’t managed to answer that question yet, and I think I’ll take a wait-and-see attitude for the moment. But, I have enough on my plate without adding to my stress levels, so if it seems to do more harm than good, I’ll be off Twitter in a heartbeat.

      I don’t think SilverAppleQueen was trying to be homophobic — at least I would certainly hope not. Far too many people don’t understand, and religion has done its share to confuse rather than enlighten. Your understanding is laudable and far beyond what most of us even realize, so thank you for enlightening!

      Musk won’t be taking over Twitter for at least a few months, so we have time to ponder whether its value outweighs the downside.


  17. I’ve been suspended from Twitter numerous times. All you have to do is insist that biology is real. They hate people who say that sex cannot be changed. Twitter is a place where magical thinking rules.

    Feminists like Meghan Murphy have been suspended for life from Twitter for these kinds of infractions. I doubt Musk will let her back on board, even if he lets the like of Trump & other jerks back to tweet away. Feminists who tell the truth about real life are generally not welcome at anyone’s party.

    I was also suspended for talking about the bad roads in the city of Niagara Falls. For some reason, the idiotic algorithm thought I was promoting suicide & self-harm (this has to do with a woman who drove her car into the Niagara River early last winter, successfully committing suicide). However, I was talking about POTHOLES.

    I’ll stay as long as they let me. I won’t shut up. But honestly … I’m getting really tired of this whole pack of sh*t.

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    • I, too, have been suspended for 3-day periods a few times, usually for calling somebody a b*tch! If the shoe fits … But, I suspect that under Musk, conspiracy theories and calls for violence will increase a hundred-fold or more, and that just isn’t the sort of platform I have any use for.

      Incredible that you were suspended over a post about potholes and road conditions! Goes to show they don’t actually read the posts, but have the algorithms set to seize on certain keywords. Still, I’d rather there be some rules than none, as Musk is intimating he would go for.


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  20. I’m torn. I’ve found friends and communities on Twitter. I can use Twitter to raise awareness of my site and my book. It’s a useful tool for me in that regard. On the other hand, I’ve witnessed (and been the subject of) vile trolling, and Twitter has rarely intervened. It seems even less likely that they’ll get involved now. I’m tempted to tag Elon Musk in any and every act of far-right trolling, misogyny, bigotry and racism that I encounter.

    If you stay, you’ll be a voice against the darkness, but by the same token, I appreciate it’s a tiring fight.

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    • I fully concur. Like you, I’ve found friends and communities there, and it is another venue for my blogging voice, as well. If it devolves into a mass of conspiracy theories, racism & bigotry, then I doubt my small voice against the darkness will matter … it will be drowned out. If something no longer brings pleasure, but only stress and anger, then I think probably it will be time to say “bye-bye” to Twitter. I like your idea of tagging Musk on all those posts … not that he’d likely read any of them. Well, it will be a few months, I think, before the deal is done and much can happen in the interim, so for now I’ll take a “wait-and-see” attitude.

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  21. Musk will probably stop Twitter’s policy of censorship thus turning it into a global platform for free speech. Under Musk, present Twitter users will probably notice a flourishing of discussion between opposing points of view. Why leave Twitter because of the institution of free speech? Walking off the field guarantees victory for the opposition.

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    • Well, there is a difference between common sense rules designed to encourage civil discourse rather than incite violence, and censorship. I do not wish to be on a platform where anything goes, from pedophilia to conspiracy theories to threats to inciting violence. There’s simply no point in it and it’s a waste of precious time. What you call a “flourishing of discussion” is more likely to turn into bigoted verbal abuse. I don’t see my leaving as handing victory to the “opposition”, but rather an intelligent decision of where to use my resources, my time and energy.


      • I hear you. But can’t verbally abusive trolls be blocked? And I think most platforms like Facebook and online news publications block posts and comments that advocate violence and unlawful activities like pedophilia.

        Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to incite violence and freedom to break the law.

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        • Yes, the verbally abusive trolls CAN be blocked, but from what I understand of Musk’s goal, it is to promote completely free speech without responsibility or consequence. But again, I will take a wait-and-see attitude for now, for a lot can happen in the few months it will take for the deal to be processed.

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    • Well, I’m not leaving just yet, for Musk hasn’t yet bought Twitter, the process is likely to take several months, and there is much that could change during that time. As that old saying goes, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”. But, I think that if Musk is successful in his takeover (takedown?) I will likely leave, for I envision him allowing it to be turned into a three-ring circus — even more than it already is! And, I refuse to support a ‘man’ with no conscience, even tacitly. Have a good evening, Michael! xx

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