Good People Doing Good Things — Young, Old, Furry

This week’s good people are a varied batch, ranging from the young to the old to the four-footed heroes of the day!

George Tindale, age 15, lives with his mom and dad in Newark, Nottinghamshire (that’s in the UK), and his hobby is magnet fishing, or hunting for treasure buried in rivers, ponds and oceans with a large magnet.  About three weeks ago, George and his dad, Kevin, were scouring the River Witham in Grantham, Lincolnshire, when they hit the jackpot – a safe containing thousands of dollars!

Inside the small safe was a pouch containing $2,500 colorful Australian dollars (around $1,800 US), and also a certificate and expired bank cards that provided information about the safe’s owner, Rob Everett of Grantham.  George and his dad contacted Rob, then made the trip to return that which had been stolen from him during a burglary in 2000.

Rob was so impressed with their honesty that he even offered George a job!

“I was just amazed that they’d been able to track me down. There are some really nice and good people in this world. They could have kept the money, they could have said they attempted to get hold of me. They wanted to return the contents and the goods to the rightful owners and I think that says a lot about humanity… to go to all that trouble.”

L to R:  Kev Tindale, Rob Everett and George Tindale.

Meet Ben Miller, the 9-year-old lemonade stand mogul of Idaho …

Ben started his lemonade stand back in 2019 when he was but six years old.  That year, he made $200.  In 2020, he did not open his stand due to the pandemic, but in 2021 he netted $600 – three times as much as in 2019!  But this year … this year his profits exploded to $1,150, bringing his three-year total to nearly $2,000!!!  Now, obviously either there is something mighty special about that lemonade, or about Ben!  Methinks it’s probably Ben, for Ben is one awesome young man.  Every last penny he earns from his venture is donated to the Idaho Humane Society!

It all started some years ago when Ben was visiting the Idaho Humane Society with his grandmother. “I saw that some cats didn’t have toys,” said the young entrepreneur.  And it was at that moment he decided to make a difference.  After Ben’s second year running the lemonade stand, the shelter highlighted his efforts on its social media accounts, attracting other animal lovers who sent donations to Ben via Venmo if they couldn’t stop by his lemonade stand.

Though only nine years of age, this young man already knows what it takes to be a good people: caring.  It’s that simple, my friends … people just need to care, and they’ll find a way to help.  Two thumbs up to young Ben Miller!

Those were the young, but how about the old(er)?

Retired Major Ray Ferman served in both the U.S. Army and Air Force for a total of twenty years.  But when he was discharged in 1963, he didn’t stop serving his country.

“Fortunately, I could serve my country, and when I got back, I was fortunate enough to have good health, and I could serve my community.”

Mr. Ferman returned to Sherman, Texas, after fighting for his country, and volunteered with the senior center to help deliver food for Meals on Wheels.  Today, at age 96, Ferman still continues to deliver meals to elderly people in need across Texoma.  Earlier this month, Ferman was named a hometown hero by the people of his community.  But Ferman doesn’t see himself as a hero.

“I just enjoy the opportunity to be helpful. A lot of people on the routes become friends. I may not always know their last name, but I always know their first name.”

And this week’s furry hero is Mandy …

One night last October, Tammy York was watching movies and had fallen asleep.  Unfortunately, Tammy had left candles burning and the wax had begun to drip on the carpet that started a fire.  Tammy recalls …

“I remember the cat, Mandy, making strange noises and tugging on my nightgown. I never woke up. Then she pounced on my chest and slapped in the face with her paws. I immediately woke up and began choking due to the heavy smoke in my house! Myself and Mandy were able to escape unharmed.”

A month later, the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department awarded a plaque to Mandy for her bravery that saved the life of her housemate, Tammy.

Hmmmm … our furry family members slap us around all the time … perhaps they are practicing for the day they get their chance to be heroes?

So, you see folks, good people come in all sizes, ages and don’t necessarily even have to be ‘people’!  It’s good to see these folks, for they remind us that there is yet hope for the world we live in.

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  1. I have heard of magnet fishing which sounds an interesting hobby and more exciting than the magnetic fishing we did as children – tiny rods with a magnet on the end and you fished out paper fishes with magnets on their noses! I had not heard the story about the safe, what a find and Australian dollars ARE very colourful. Doesn’t sound like the burglars were very clever though. I bet Rob didn’t expect to se that safe again…

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    • OH YES!!! I had one of those games with the little magnets on the end of a tiny rod! Ahhhhh … childhood memories! I was puzzled as to why the robbers didn’t take the money out of the safe after they went to all the trouble to steal it! Maybe they couldn’t get it open? No, I think Rob was very surprised! I meant to post a video of the safe being lifted out of the water and opened, but it was a bit too long, at around 20+ minutes.


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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about the good people … and kitty! Sometimes I feel a bit letdown after I finish the good people posts, for I feel like I’m writing about all these good people, but not out there doing anything to help anybody myself! Ah well … I suppose we each contribute in whatever way we can … I just wish I could be part of the team helping refugees in Ukraine, or saving lives somewhere. xx


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