Wicked Witch Of The West vs Jolly Ol’ Elf

I wasn’t particularly surprised about Sarah Palin’s announcement a few weeks ago that she is running for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives previously held by Don Young. Young died last month at the age of 88 … after serving in Congress since 1973, nearly 50 years!  Palin, who was briefly Governor of Alaska, and who was John McCain’s running mate in his failed bid for the presidency in 2008, faces quite a bit of competition … there are at least 48 people vying for the seat!  But one of her competitors surprised me … see if you can guess who it is by this picture …

If Palin thought name-recognition would hand her a victory in this race, I think this jolly ol’ guy has her beat, hands down.  Yep, you guessed it … his name, his legal name (though not his birth name), is Santa Claus and he surely does look the part, doesn’t he?  He lives, of course, in North Pole – a town of about 2,000 in Alaska. He has a big white beard and a kindly manner, and Santa Claus is indeed his legal name, though, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, he does not exploit elf labor.

Mr. Claus says voters who look at Sanders’ policy platform can get a pretty good idea of his own, including support for Medicare for All, racial justice, corporate accountability, and free and fair elections.  Hey, I like this guy already!!!

Santa previously worked in law enforcement, where he’d witnessed kids falling “through the cracks” of the foster care system, and he wanted to do what he could to help them.  Despite his name, greeting children at Christmastime isn’t his thing.

“I’m not really interested in that. There are plenty of my beloved helpers throughout the world who sort of stand in for me with their in-person visits.  I tend to interact more with adults with respect to legislation.”

Mr. Claus is not registered to either the Democratic or Republican Party, but remains an Independent, as is his role model Bernie Sanders.  As for Palin’s candidacy, he says …

“Now that she’s been endorsed by Trump, let me put it this way: being a Bernie supporter, we have disparate views on a variety of subjects.  I don’t plan to get pushed around by her or by Trump. So it may have some interesting moments during the race.  As a candidate, as a legislator, I tend to look for common ground. There are people I disagree with and people who disagree with me. But there’s always common ground and one’s willing to make the effort to find it and then legislate for greater good.”

Lest you wonder if this is simply a gimmick, let me assure you that Santa Claus has more relevant education and experience than many who already sit in Congress today.  Santa served as Special Assistant to the Deputy Police Commissioner of New York City, Member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Defense Executive Reserve, while Director of the Terrorism Research and Communication Center, and Chief Safety and Security Officer of the U.S. Virgin Islands Port Authority. He earned his bachelors and masters degrees at New York University, where he completed his doctoral coursework in educational communication and technology and graduated from two seminaries.

Now, I know that Santa Claus isn’t likely to win the special election on June 11th, but with some 48 people in the running, neither is Palin a likely winner.  Her ‘name recognition’ might actually do her more harm (fingers crossed) than good, given she’s more of a joke – a really bad joke – these days.  So …

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen

On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen

Carry Santa through the June election!

31 thoughts on “Wicked Witch Of The West vs Jolly Ol’ Elf

  1. Satire warning storm force 11….. The moment Action Doll Sareee Palin opened her sweet lil’ mouth, which was not engaged with her pretty lil’ head (satire over, let’s get to facts)
    and started blathering about ‘The Left-Wing’ in the USA I knew there was no point in reading any detail…..No more than listening to the average loudmouth at a bar.
    In fact there would have been more sense and logic from a group of teenage girls discussing the latest fashion trends, at least there would have been a relevance to market forces.
    Best wishes to Mr. Claus.

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    • It’s the sort of news that likely wouldn’t have trickled south of the border at all, but I’m glad you enjoyed ol’ Santa! Yep, he’s one of the good ones and my fingers are crossed for his success!

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    • Well, I don’t think you could vote for him unless you were a resident of Alaska, and I don’t think you’d much like the climate there! But yes, he just makes you want to hug him, doesn’t he? I like his ideas and while I’d say his odds are slim, I hope he gives the others a good run for their money!


  3. My fear is, with a name like Santa Claus, a lot of voters will disregard it as a joke, and some others will choose it as a joke choice. I wish him well, Sanders is the man I would have chosen to run for president from what I knew about the possible Democratic choices in 2020, though I admit I did not know enough about anyone to make a competent choice. But Bernie talked my kind of po.itics, so I wish Mr. Claus well. (Out of curiosity, is there a Mrs. CLAUS? I have always wondered what her name is, but no one would tell me!)
    Other question: How is it an Independent can run undr a party banner?

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    • You are no doubt right about that, but … with 48 people vying for one lousy seat in the House of Representatives, the entire election is likely to be a chaotic joke anyway. I cannot imagine that Alaskans will vote for either Palin or Santa … Palin walked out on her office as governor because … she couldn’t take the heat. So, why would they elect her again?

      I like Bernie, too. He cares more about people than profit or politics, and I think he would have made a fine president. The ideal ticket? Bernie Sanders as President, with Elizabeth Warren as VP.

      Heck, I don’t know if there’s a Mrs. Claus, but I assume so, since it appears that he is wearing a wedding ring in the pictures. Dunno her name, though, and I’m too tired to go in search of tonight.

      As for your last question … an Independent like Bernie could run on a Democratic … or Republican … ticket if … IF he was nominated by the Party. So, if Democrats don’t have anybody they feel is a better candidate, they could nominate Bernie and he would be the Democratic candidate, while maintaining his status as an Independent. Not likely to happen, but … who knows? Another option, but one that would almost guarantee defeat, would be for him to run as an Independent.


    • If Sarah Palin wins the election, then I would agree that she is dangerous. I think the odds of her doing so are slim, but then I thought the odds of Trump winning in 2016 were nil, and look how wrong I was then! With 48 people vying for a single seat, the election in Alaska is likely to be total chaos. There are a few that are far more qualified than Ms. Palin, so hopefully the people of Alaska will remember when she got bored with being governor and simply walked away. Yeah, poor Santa! Who knows … he might actually win!


    • Probably shouldn’t judge a person on their looks, but to me, Santa’s jolly face is much nicer to look at that Ms. Palin’s sour one! It should be fun for Alaskans, with 48 people vying for a single seat, one of them being Santa Claus! xx


    • It seems to be the same in much of the western world, my friend. No, I learned my lesson in 2016 when I confidently said there was no way that Trump could win the election, and then … he did. Well, technically he lost by nearly 3 million votes, but he won in just the right places to gain enough electoral seats. Sigh … I still think we need to either reform or abolish the Electoral College. I don’t see Palin or Santa winning in Alaska, but then … what do I know???

      As re your own troubles ‘cross the pond … I hear Boris is likely to be gone before long. I would applaud that, but I don’t see anybody on the horizon who would be a really good replacement. Your thoughts?

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