Not a Happy Man.

Sometimes our friends across the pond see things more clearly than we do, and our friend David proves that point with this excellent post! Thank you, David!!!


At this point I have to admit, not for the first time that I’m not a happy man with the state of the World. The war between Russia and the Sovereign state of Ukraine where the people of Russia are not being told the true picture of why there is conflict and just what is going on is allowing innocent civilians to be deliberately targeted either by the direct orders of Uncle Vlad or at least with a nod and a wink from his office. I very much doubt that anything happens that he doesn’t know about. Added to the fact that he makes vague threats about nuclear weapons being used if there is any outside interference in order to scare off any would-be supporters of the Ukrainian people and their homeland. It seems to be working to some degree even though it could well mean the destruction of much…

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    • My pleasure … it was a great post and well worthy of being shared. We do need to figure out how to get your ‘comments’ turned back on, though. Be sure to check out Roger’s comment here on my reblog.


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