Saturday Surprise — Critters, Critters, Critters!

Whew!  We made it to the weekend, my friends!  There for a time, I thought it might be questionable.  After the week we’ve had, I think the only way to start the weekend is with some … whaddya think … guess again … CRITTERS!!!  Oh … the title gave it away, huh?

First critter is our own furry family member, Pandi, short for Pandora, who underwent surgery last Friday to remove four tumours and was sent home on Saturday with pain meds and a “collar of shame” that has cost me a few night’s sleep and depressed the heck out of her.  On the upside, last night Goose and I decided the collar must GO … after all, she had learned how to get out of it and her stitches and staples were healing nicely.  So, a few before and after pics …

And now onto bigger sorts of critters …

Pedro Jarque Krebs, born in Lima, Peru in 1963, is a Peruvian wildlife photographer, best known for his darkly ambianced, studio- quality close-up portraits of beasts, large birds, and other wild animals.  He has numerous awards to his credit, including Sony World Photography Awards, SipaContest, IPA, and Px3. Krebs also draws attention to extinction problems like the fact that more than half of our planet’s animal populations have been wiped out in the last 50 years. Let’s take a look at some of his work …

And now that you’ve hopefully started the weekend out with a smile and a warm heart, go forth and have a wonderful weekend!

51 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Critters, Critters, Critters!

    • He certainly is good! Top of his field! My only complaint was that most are studio portraits rather than capturing the animals in their natural habitat, but I still admire the beauty of nature in his photos! Yes, Pandi is doing so much better … she even slept at the foot of my bed instead of on top of me last night!

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  1. Aww! Pandi is so cute 🙂 It’s good to put a face with the name. I hope she’s feeling better. These are beautiful pictures from the artist too. My favorite is the owl one 🙂

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      • I love all the personalities! I need to do that with my dogs and my sister’s dogs. She has two and I have two, then I brought home a stray Calico kitty that comes home for food and to torture my sister’s dogs 🙂 Beautiful fur babies with amazing personalities! I am so sorry you lost Orange and Nala.

        I had a cat that was nervous and scary like Izzy too. She only came out when everyone else was quiet or asleep. Her name was Fiona and only loved me 🙂

        That post warmed my heart 🙂 I love furbabies!

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        • It was great fun to do … I found that I can get inside their heads, be their voice, and I think I pretty accurately put their feelings into words! And Boo really does use the computer! Just last night I left it unattended for maybe 10 minutes, came back, and he had pulled up an html file!!!

          Indeed, we still miss Orange & Nala … Nala was Natasha’s favourite kitty of all time, but we have lost so many more over the years. There was Tofu who was run over by a car, lost a leg, and lost his hearing, but he was the most loving of all cats. He would sit with me endlessly, until I lit a cigarette … he hated smoke, so he’d get down until I finished, then hop right back into my lap! And Spooky, who was the Mayor of kittytown … he kept the others in line, believe it or not! Loved them all!

          Awwww … Fiona sounds just like Izzy! I’m glad you enjoyed meeting our ‘gang’!!!

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          • A magnificent gang indeed 🙂 Poor Tofu. I had a dog named Rev that got hit on the highway by our house. We thought for sure that it was the end, and one day he just got up on his two front feet and began walking around like that everywhere LOL. It was a sight to see for sure haha!

            My two favorite pets that I ever had were Bella, my Staffordshire Bull, and Yoshi (Cute’n) my big ole tuxedo cat. Both were rescues. Bella was murdered by a neighbor, and Yoshi had a run-in with German Shepherd 😦 He died gracefully though. He was a big fat cat that ruled the Kingdom 🙂 I will share pictures of them too.

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            • Sometimes they are more resilient than we think, for sure! We thought Tofu was a goner, too, but he rebounded and managed quite well.

              Now why on earth did your neighbor murder Bella??? I hope you took a shovel upside that neighbor’s head!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures of them all!

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              • I think to clear my mind tonight, I may work on that post. 🙂

                Bella was the neighborhood guard. She was also my spiritual familiar. We lived in the country with a few neighbors that lived close. The neighbor’s dogs that killed my Yoshi, Bella took on all 5 of them without a mark on her. She was tough and had the heart of gold. When new neighbors moved into the house closer to the road on the other side of me, they had a problem with Bella running free. I looked all over for her one night. I couldn’t find her anywhere. She didn’t come when I called for her, and her puppy Rev (the two paw walker) was curled up to her in a car seat under the house. She was dead. Antifreeze was all you could smell. I was devastated. I never got another dog when I lived there after Bella died. We kept Rev, and they ended up taking him to the pound.

                Cats ruled the house after that until I got Klaus when I was living in Texas. Now him and his son are with me in California. 🙂

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                • OH NO!!!!!!! That story just breaks my heart … I would likely have broken every window in that neighbor’s house!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’ve been lucky and nobody has ever threatened any of our critters, else I’d probably be in prison today. I used to be a ‘dog person’ … still am in many ways, but we have cats now, haven’t had a dog in years. Someday I’ll tell you about Gomer … I loved that dog and he was both stupid and super-smart!! An oxymoron, for sure! ❤

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                  • I was definitely devastated and wish I would have had a voice back in those days. I was super passive and less aggressive when I should have been the girl I am now.
                    Gomer sounds perfect ❤ Rev was that oxymoron too 🙂

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                    • Seems the older we get, the better our voices are developed! I’ve always been a scrapper, but today I am all-out ‘take no shit, take no prisoners’ when it comes to things I care about, whether family members, political causes, or whatever.

                      Gomer was fun. He weighed around 125 pounds, was a rottweiler, border collie mix, and a gentler dog you’ve never known. And smart as a whip! I worked long hours and lived alone then, just me and Gomer. So, late at night, I would come home and fix myself a sandwich for a late supper. Gomer would go running to the front door, barking his fool head off, so I’d get up to go see if someone was at the door, and by the time I returned, my sandwich was … GONE! The worst part was I fell for this many times before I finally caught on! 😉

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                    • I love that he was a sandwich thief 😀 Big boy! I bet he was gorgeous! I had a Rottweiler before I had kids, and she was the best protector 🙂

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                    • He was indeed smart as a whip … in some things … and yet downright dumb in other ways, hence the name “Gomer”! We had sliding glass doors to the dining area/kitchen, and in all the years I lived there, he never did figure out that if they were closed, he couldn’t run through them! And he loved to chase squirrels up a tree, but then didn’t know what to do, so he’d sit at the base of the tree wagging his tail! I think he was looking at them as a playmate!

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                    • Haha! Celly is like that with critters…especially pigeons. He hates pigeons and bluebirds 😀 He will go to warp speed to chase one of them down in the backyard lol.

                      Rest in Paradise, Gomer ❤

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed them! Isn’t nature simply amazing? And the photography is simply brilliant! Thank you for dropping by and again, I’m happy to have helped start your weekend with a smile!

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  3. Pandi looks much happier without her “collar”, Hope she keeps healing nicely!
    Pedro’s works are amazing!! Wow! Trying to pick a favorite, but its hard. It may be the zebras. ❤ Thanks for sharing them! Happy weekend to you, my friend!

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    • I am so glad you liked them! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and that you’ve found something fun to do (besides hugging your pillow, that is 😉 ) Enjoy your Sunday, my friend! xx


    • She gets her stitches and staples out on Tuesday, so then she should be really happy! She’s an odd one, but she is pretty much back to what passes as normal for her now, sleeping in her own spot at the foot of the bed instead of on top of me! You have a great weekend too, dear Emily!

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  4. Wow beautiful pictures. They certainly brought a smile to my face. I hope Pandora gets better soon. Tumors are no fun 🤗. I also hope you and yours have a lovely weekend. I had my booster jab on Thursday and it totally knocked me out. So hubby is at work while I rest on the sofa binge watching Star Trek Voyager 🤣

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    • Thanks, Bee! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and gave you a smile! Since we removed the collar, Pandi is doing much better … almost back to her old self. She gets her stitches & staples out on Tuesday, so that should help even more.

      Our weekend thus far has been quiet and lazy … just the way I like them! I’m so sorry the booster knocked you out! Rest up, my friend, enjoy Star Trek, and feel better soon!

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      • No problem. You inspired me to look at different species of rhinos, and there are differences even within a species. The picture I found most resembling the one in Jill’s picture was the Great Horned, or Indian, rhinocerous. And once I blew the pictiure up to life size, the horn does look intact, just with something lightish on the front of the horn that made it look smaller and sharper than it was. Anyway, thanks for getting me to look. There are more species than I anticipated, because I never really thought about how many species there could be..

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    • Glad you liked them. Yes, she slept all night last night at the foot of my bed and is back to eating and drinking normally. She gets her stitches and staples out next Tuesday, then I think she’ll be even happier and we can all relax.

      I didn’t notice that about the rhino’s horn, but I see others have responded.


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