Saturday Surprise — Hodgepodge

Hi Friends!  It’s Saturday and the beginning of another weekend!  I am tired tonight … bone-tired … and so once again I am taking you back about four years to a post that was, as the title suggests, a variety of things to make you smile, or maybe even chuckle!  Sorry for the replay, but I had forgotten some of these, so that means you probably have too!  And then, some of you hadn’t yet discovered Filosofa’s Word in May of 2018, so these will be new to you!  So, put on your happy face and enjoy a hodgepodge of fun!

In honour of Mother’s Day on Sunday, Jimmy Fallon set up a challenge to people to send in some of the funniest things their mothers had ever said.  A few were noteworthy …


And just for a bit of fun, artist Fransditaa Muafidin uses Photoshop to turn cats into gargantuan kitties, and some are pretty humorous …


And lastly, for some reason the folks over at Bored Panda became obsessed with bumblebee butts.  Yes, that’s what I said, and no, I didn’t know bumblebees had butts, either!  But they are kind of cute …

And that’s all I’ve got for today, folks!  Enjoy your weekend … get out there and do something fun, enjoy some sunshine!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Hodgepodge

    • Happy Satur … er … Sunday, dear Emily!!! Glad you enjoyed the bee bums and giant kitties!!! Have a great Sunday … rest, relax, and do something fun!


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