Domestic Infant Supply

The Supreme Court draft of the decision to be handed down on Roe v Wade was heinous enough, but the wording has set my teeth on edge even more. Clay Jones of Claytoonz fame gives us his take and as usual, he is spot on! Thanks, Clay!


What was leaked out of the Supreme Court last week was a draft and not the final written opinion for the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed its authenticity but has declared this isn’t actually the final vote, though it is. But, I’m sure the draft will change because what we saw from the leak is a rough draft before someone was able to tell Justice Samuel Alito not to say the quiet part out loud.

I’m sure at some point, a law clerk would have suggested they remove the line about women being cattle.

At first, I thought this was some social media meme propaganda. Liberals do that stuff too which really pisses me off because we don’t have to make shit up to fight Republicans. They give us all the facts we need. And it sounded so ridiculous that I immediately smelled bullshit. A Supreme Court Justice…

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    • Since per capita, the Religious Right tend to have more children than the Liberal Left, why do you single out the left to wear condoms? Seems to me the ones who need to be wearing them are on the right, eh?


  1. Remember a while ago I promised you some new slogans to help promote the cause od democracy.
    I am not saying these are great, so feel free to improve on them:








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  2. “Nearly 1 million women were seeking to adopt children in 2002, whereas the domestic supply of infants relinquished at birth or within the first month of life and available to adopt had become virtually nonexistent.”
    Time to mess with their minds……
    ‘The domestic supply of infants’……Ooooh boys ‘n girls…Boys ‘n girls! Do you know how ‘State controlled Socialist’ that sounds???

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  3. Jill, treating women as less than equals is ingrained in too many religious texts. This is the premise of the powerful book “Half the sky” by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn. The Chinese proverb is ‘women hold up half the sky.” It was so powerful that a famous Sunday school teacher, humanitarian and former president named Jimmy Carter wrote “A Call to Action” speaking of treating women better in the US. He noted that so much religious text is taken out of context to denigrate women.

    When a minister told my friend that he wanted to see her and her husband when she told him her husband was beating her, the minister said the unthinkable. In front of her abuser, the minister told her that if she was a better wife, he would not be beating her. She left that husband and that church.

    The majority of Americans are satisfied that Roe v Wade is the law with the governance on when abortions can be done. It is a woman’s body. Just as we should not dictate to a man that he must have a vasectomy if he is a womanizer or a drug abuser or just a jerk, we should not be telling a woman what to do with her body beyond what we already say now.

    But, women have had to put up with this crap from the dawn of time. They need our support to tell people who want to put them in a corner that it is not right. Their voice matters. Keith

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    • Religious text is far too often, in my opinion, translated to mean whatever fits in with a person or group of people’s own ideology. They have seized upon women as the ‘lesser’, the ‘weaker’, and way too many buy it hook, line, and sinker. Today, in this 21st century, women still have to fight to get equal treatment (and equal wages) in the workplace. We had to fight to make it illegal to ask an applicant if she were planning a pregnancy in the future!

      I’ve heard that before, perhaps from you, about the minister telling the wife that if she were a better wife she wouldn’t be beaten, and it raises my hackles every time I hear it. I pity that minister’s wife! I went to buy a used car way way back in the day. The salesman said, “Now honey, I’m a preacher, so you know I wouldn’t do you wrong. You’re so pretty I’m gonna give you the best deal on the lot.” When I insisted on test driving the car, he seemed a bit anxious, but handed over the keys. Two blocks down the street, the car quit. I walked back to the lot, handed him the keys and told him it would be a cold day in hell when I’d buy a car from him! Would he have treated a man the same? We both know the answer.

      Yes, our voice matters and last I knew, our vote counts the same as a man’s, but … some on the right sure are working hard to take all that away from us, aren’t they?


    • You’re right … and in many ways that has never really changed. Sure, laws have given us rights, some men have become “woke”, but overall, people — even some women — still believe that men should have dominance over women, that women are the “lesser” of the two genders.


  4. Got to love Alito’s take on Ametican babies, “Domestic supply of infants!” What would he have said about all the First Nations children who were taken away fron their Canadian families from the 40s to the 70s, and sold for adoption to American couples. I guess he would call them “Dreamers” and send them back to Canada. They never asked to be stolen, yet thousands were.

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    • Yeah … poor women should go through pregnancy and labour to provide a “supply” of infants for rich bitches to adopt when and if they want to … and IF they like the baby’s skin colour. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Those words originated, I believe, from Justice Amy Barrett and not Alito. Barrett herself has 7 children, two of which are adopted.


        • Oh yes, but not only Catholicism these days … evangelicals seem intent on changing the demographics within a single generation by having as many kids as possible, while those of us with some sense limit ourselves to one or two so as not to contribute to the already overpopulation of the world. One not-so-bright reader told me one day that there is “still plenty of space for more people”. Sigh. 🙄 I then wasted my breath explaining about things like ecosystems and limited resources like food and water … and air. But do you think she understood anything I said?


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