Women Lose AGAIN!!!

Some people treat their furry companions (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.) as ‘pets’ … animals to be played with at will, to put cutesy little outfits on them (never mind that they are already far more beautiful than we humans, because they have fur!), and shoo them away when they aren’t in the mood to play or pay attention to them.  In our house, the furry ones are not pets … they are family members who just happen to walk on all fours.  Some men treat their wives or significant others much the same as some egotistical humans treat their furry family members – as chattel to entertain, to be seen and not heard, and to be available at any time to indulge the male’s baser instincts.

Today, every single Republican senator plus Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, attempted to prove to us women just how little we are valued in this so-called “great” nation.  The U.S. Supreme Court already made it clear to us a week or so ago that we are considered sub-standard, that we must submit to male dominance, and today the U.S. Senate confirmed it.  Well guess what, guys?  It might have been easy for you back in the 19th century to keep your womenfolk barefoot and pregnant, cleaning & cooking, washing the clothes on rocks down by the creek, but today’s women are one hell of a lot stronger than you obviously believe us to be!  If you Republican males with the huge egos – yes, I mean you, Mitch McConnell, and you Kevin McCarthy – think we are going to simply go to our corners, cry a few tears, and then put on our makeup so we look nice for you guys, THINK AGAIN!

And to those of you who think we’re overreacting … I’d like to direct you to my friend Annie’s post.  Please take a few minutes to read this and take note of the Republicans running for office who carry with them a history of abusing women.  Remember that Hollywood Access tape that Trump never even bothered to deny where he said it was okay to grab women in their private parts because “when you’re famous, they let you do it.”  And yet, almost 63 million people voted for this neanderthal in 2016!!!  Of course, nearly 66 million voted for Hillary Clinton, but since she’s a mere woman … well, ’nuff said.

I’ve often said that the U.S. is deeply divided by political party, but the reality is that we may be divided even more by gender!  Look again at Annie’s post … Eric Greitens, Max Miller, Andrew Wilhoite … all abusers of women, yet all have won their Republican primary bid!  What happened?  Did the men lock up their womenfolk and refuse to let them vote?  Or did the women, with more brain power than their male counterparts, do the sensible thing and vote for Democrats or Independents?

Yes, I’m angry, my friends.  This argument isn’t only about a woman’s right to end an unwanted, dangerous, or forced pregnancy, but it is about our right to make our own decisions, our right not to be dominated by males solely because they consider themselves superior based on a tiny little part of the anatomy.  Some states, like Michigan, are led by a governor who respects and values women.  But far too many states are led by the likes of Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, have state legislatures who delight in setting back the rights not only of women, but of Blacks and LGBTQ by at least a century.  I have a friend in a neighboring state who I would like to go visit this summer, my own health permitting.  When I cross the state line, will I be stopped, asked for identification, and forced to take a pregnancy test before I am allowed into her state?  Yeah, sure, laugh if you will, roll your eyes and call me an alarmist, but some states have already suggested doing exactly this!

To my fellow women … we must find a way to regain what is being taken from us.  I don’t know how just yet, but we are NOT powerless in this fight.  If nothing else, hand your significant other a set of sheets and a pillow and tell him you hope he can get comfortable on his new bed – the sofa!  Again, please read Annie’s post … it is jaw-dropping!

And on that note, I shall go take a few deep breaths.

51 thoughts on “Women Lose AGAIN!!!

    • You’re so right, my friend. The most important thing we need to fight for right now is to get those federal voting rights acts passed in Congress and signed into law. Without them, our voices will be diluted and diminished come November. We need Congress to ACT, we need Biden to ACT, and we need Merrick Garland to ACT. Sigh.


  1. Sardonic Outlook Warning….
    As my old Dad you to say ‘Let’s take a gander(look) at this, then’
    We’ve got a political party associated with restricting abortion and nominating or electing men with domestic, marital or social abuse issues. We have the same party associated with limiting voting rights and dismissing BLM issues. We have the same party associated with aggressively Right Wing groups.
    Ssso numbers of women, African Americans and Liberal folk feel threatened and marginalised by said Party’s actions to the point where they feel the political process is failing them badly.
    And, said Party is hostile to gun control, to the point anyone seems able to get their hands on a gun…anyone
    Gee folks in said Party; what could possibly go wrong?

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  2. I feel like the past few years we have been living in a time warp to the history books that were not afraid to write the truth of how minority folks were treated. It feels like we have gone back to women begging to get people to keep their hands off and their noses out of our lady business. I read Annie’s post, and it floors me how much people ignore the things that have happened in our states and the federal government. I remember when people were flipping out about Monica Lewinsky and marijuana use (“I did not inhale!”). I think we (women and all minority populations) need to put on our seat belts because it’s about to be a wild ride. 😦

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    • And you’d be quite right. But … how did we get here? So many things just converged at once: Arab Spring, Barack Obama, instilled fear of other, income disparity, religious fanaticism, and more. The more important question becomes, “how do we move on, become better, destroy fears & prejudices?” Thing is, there are too many who happily promote those fears of other, who find the Achilles heel of a group of people and manipulate them. Until we start holding people accountable and demanding that lies be called out and truth be the standard of the day, I don’t think much will change. Sigh. But, we will keep trying to change the world and maybe collectively we actually DO make a difference.

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      • Sadly, I think if we knew the answer to the question of how we got here that we would be considered a threat in this form of government and would be “dealt with”. I try not to feed into conspiracies, but it seems when someone has an active voice that makes a difference, they are silenced. All we can do is put ourselves at that risk for the sake of others…”one life for many” kind of mentality. That’s the only way I see us moving on.

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        • Amazingly, if you have checked out my music post from this morning, you’ll know that you are so right … those with active voices who are actually making a difference seem not to live very long. I was chatting with a friend last night who informed me that he’s very depressed of late, but I think most everyone (at least those of us with brains) is much the same. These are frustrating, frightening times … times without precedent in the U.S. And we came so close to having our republic completely destroyed in the two months following the 2020 election that I’m not sure we’ll ever recover from that. Ah well … we all do the best we can.

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          • I will definitely be making my way over. I am getting some blogging time in tonight. I feel a poem coming on.

            I do hope your friend is able to battle the depression that comes along with all this hard work. It’s easy to get lost when you fight so hard. As someone who has dealt with so much depression, my heart and hand goes out to her.

            Maybe we can all link up online and have a good chat session to get some of our feelings out into a safe place.

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            • I’m glad to hear you’re in blogging mode! I’ll go looking for your poem later.

              He does well most of the time, but I’ve learned over the years that the depression can be very severe and can last for a few months sometimes. Not easy.

              That sounds cool, but I doubt I could participate, for with my near deafness I find it impossible to carry on an online conversation, or even listen to a newscast that isn’t closed-captioned. Sigh. I’m hoping to try some new hearing aids sometime soon, depending on the cost.

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              • My spirals (the manic episodes) would last for months and months if they were out of control. It’s so hard on your body, so I’ll pray for him and for your hearing. I will probably join you in deafness with as many subwoofers I have loved in my lifetime 😀 Live concerts and bass-booming music will definitely be the demise of my hearing one day. Hugs and loves, my friend!

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                • Ah yes … all that loud music takes a toll as we age! I’ve had significant hearing loss since birth, so I am fairly good at reading lips, but my hearing has gotten even worse since my recent heart problems and I’m thinking of trying some hearing aids soon. I tried them once many years ago, and they only made everything louder, but not clearer or more understandable. However, I understand that new technology has made them better and my friend is trying them out now, so I’m waiting to see how they work out for him, then I’ll see how much they cost! I might have to go back to work … get a REAL job! 😱 Love you bunches, dear friend!

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                  • My eyes have done what your hearing has, and it has been getting worse when I don’t wear my glasses. I cannot see with them on when I am writing or using my devices. I do have my readers for my computer, but they do not have distance in them or blue-blocking. I imagine looking at a computer for 20+ years has taken its toll there too. Add a history of Alzheimer’s, degenerative spine injuries, a bum shoulder and it’s a party 😀 Love ya my friend! We can be a motley crew together.

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                    • Ahhhh … sounds to me like you need bifocals! I’ve worn trifocals for most of my adult life. I had cataract surgery in 2018 that helped my vision immensely, but I’ve noticed it regressing again since my heart problems began last September. Time for another trip to the eye doc! Yep, #TeamGemini … a couple of really nice, really caring people with broken bodies!

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                    • Ha ha … even with tri-focals, I often carry a pair of super-strength ‘reading’ glasses hooked over the neckline of my t-shirt! Just wait, my friend … it gets worse as you get older!

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  4. Oh, Jill, I read the other blog! How can this be happening? And you can bet the guys who are high on their version of religion think Islam is a threat to society and they’re not. That awful man who became your president has so much to answer for and it’s not over by a long chalk (we have our own mini T and he can do no wrong with so many people including – and this I just don’t get – women. All the outright lies they get away with now where once upon a fairy tale time they would have resigned). I’m watching in disbelief what these bigoted, hypocritical throwbacks are doing in your world. I say watching, but here too there is so much going on that I simply cannot believe is acceptable in a sane, civilised (ha) society that I have to stop watching and listening when it gets too much as you saw on Twitter! You take care, my friend, and look after your precious health – keep up your strength for that late night 2 bottle, 2 pizza and ice cream evening – one day!.Sending hugs xxx

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    • You’ve hit that nail spot on the head, dear friend. Yes, the ‘Christian’ men claim that Islam is the epitome of evil … they scream about the Taliban’s treatment of women, and yet … look what they do. Yes, you guys have BoJo who I’ve long said was similar to Trump, but I thought not as ignorant nor as cruel. These days I’m not sure. Sigh. But, you know who is really to blame for all this? We … the people … the people who voted these arseholes into office, who bought into their lies and voted for them even after the blatant proof of their bigotry and misogyny, their abuse of women. We have a right to vote, but a responsibility to do so with some degree of common sense and intellect. Apparently we have shirked that responsibility of late. Sigh. I shall take care as best I can … some days I’m not sure I’m winning this battle, but I keep on fighting. Looking so forward to that evening … wine, best friends, pizza & ice cream … who could ask for anything more? Love ‘n hugs, dear Mary!

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  5. That video is disgusting, no man has a right to abuse any woman under any circumstances and no woman has the right to abuse a man under any circumstances, and yes, it happens. These freaks whose crimes against the fairer sex are uncovered should be disqualified from running for office based on their lack of morality. But, I’ll say it again, the court overturning row v wade just returns the decision to the states.
    If someone wants to get an abortion, that’s her decision but even most of the democrats believe that having an abortion at 7 or 8 months is just a horrible idea.
    I was born at 6 months and survived. Today, would that not be the case for me? Think about it.


    • It is extremely rare for an abortion to be done at 7 or 8 months, or even 5 or 6 months, except in cases where either the fetus is not viable or the mother would otherwise die. Yes, the video was disgusting as is the fact that an abuser can run for office and win! Why anyone, male or female, would vote for someone who uses their fists on another person is beyond me. And yes, the reversal of Roe turns the matter back to the states, and some 80% of the states are already planning legislation to make it illegal. Do you realize that in some states, even if the mother’s life is seriously in danger, she could go to prison for having an abortion?

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  6. Hello Jill. I wanted to add part of the comment I left on Annie’s blog. It deals with why the US is rushing headlong into a regression to a time when the churches had a lot more control over the population and traditional culture / gender roles were established by the church. Even as in secret the church leaders were breaking all of the traditions / restrictions they were putting on the general public. Below is some quotes from a very interesting article I read some time ago when TFG was in office. I left the link for anyone who wants to read the entire article. Hugs

    “It’s widely known that Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas belong to Opus Dei – and that Chief Justice John Roberts may also be a member,” stated Matthew Fox, a former priest, progressive theologian and author of more than 23 books.

    The 2017-2018 Washington D.C. Fellows include those employed in the federal government: White House, State Department, the House of Representatives, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, prestigious law firms, conservative think tanks, higher education and medicine.

    As an example of “military personnel,” veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh “claimed that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Vice Admiral William McRaven and others in the JSOC were members of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei.” JSOC is “the elite Special Ops force” who killed Osama bin Laden. “We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals … This is not an atypical attitude among some military — it’s a crusade, literally,” Hersh reported. “He added that members of these societies have developed a secret set of insignias that represent ‘the whole notion that this is a culture war’ between religions.”

    In government, Larry Kudlow is Trump’s director of the National Economic Council. Plutocracy is “just what America needs,” Kudlow wrote in December 2016. “Putting the incredibly wealthy in charge of the U.S. government” is described as Kudlow’s great idea.

    Kudlow is one of Fr. John McCloskey’s notable converts to Catholicism. McCloskey was director of Catholic Information Center from 1998-2002.

    Another McCloskey convert is former Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, now Trump’s Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

    Mick Mulvaney will serve as Trump’s acting White House Chief of Staff, beginning in 2019. He remains as director of Trump’s White House Office of Management and Budget and interim head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Mulvaney “has reportedly met with a long list of lobbyists, corporate executives and wealthy people with business interests before the government.” His meeting with Opus Dei’s Jeff Bell, architect of Reaganomics, covered “religious and political matters.”

    Trump appointed C-Fam (formerly known as the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute), the “intensely anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ group” headed by Opus Dei’s Austin Ruse, to the U.S. delegation to the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

    As to members who “control a large number of banks and financial institutions,” Pope Francis has appointed many of them to the Vatican.


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    • Thank you, Scottie, for all that info! Some of it I knew, but there is much here that I was NOT aware of, such as Kudlow’s comment about “putting the very wealthy in charge”. Trump certainly did bring a lot of very nasty people into our government, didn’t he? I also was not aware of “Opus Dei” and its influence on so many of Trump’s cabinet members. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Where does all this leave those of us who do not believe as they do? (It’s a hypothetical question) Hugs

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  8. My answer to Annie’s post.
    There’s no such thing as the ‘Weaker sex’, ONLY THE ‘GENTLER SEX’ and often in the face of violence the ‘It’s better to keep the peace sex’. Women like Nancy Pelosi prove that Women are strong and can achieve stature in a male dominated world where it’s usually only the male opinion of themselves that holds sway. I think it’s often fear that brings these males scuttling out in support of each other. Fear that females may show they can do the job better than their male counterparts. I personally have always wanted more Women in politics because I always doubt there’d be as many wars with a reluctance to send their children off to kill other children overseas. They would look for paths to peace, not through weakness but for the sake of preservation of the family. I say children because there were many less than 18 years old in Vietnam.

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    • Thank you! You’ve said what far too many men fail to realize … being gentle or kind is NOT a sign of weakness! Nancy Pelosi is one excellent example of a strong woman, one who will fight to the death to protect the rights of others.

      I agree with you to an extent that women in politics would be less likely to jump feet first into wars, preferring to find more peaceful solutions to our differences. But in another sense, women can often be catty and possessive, so I’m not always certain I’d like our future left entirely in the hands of one gender or another. Together, educated and intelligent men and women can solve more problems, I think. But excluding women altogether as some would like to do will lead to a much harsher world.

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  9. Left this comment on Annie’s blog:
    Rise up like women did in the 70s. Go on strike. Stop catering to men. Make them cook their own good, wash their own clothes, clean their own houses, care for their own kids, and change the shit-filled diapers. And then tell them to go to hell if they want sex. Don’t wait for the chance to vote. Act now, while you still have a chance to win! Once SCOTUS repeals Roe v Wade, the fight will be three times as hard to regain choice, if that is even possible anymore.

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    • Earlier today I was talking to granddaughter Natasha, recalling a time when her grandfather, my late-ex-husband, threw a potato at my head because I was taking graduate classes and he had to cook his own supper. She said, “I’d have punched him!!!” I doubt I’ll have to worry too much about any man taking advantage of her!

      But yes, we need the spunk of the ’70s today, need to make our voices heard, make it clear that we are not chattel to be used & abused.

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  11. Women and men were never, created equal from day one, we get paid less than they do for work, even IF we hold the same positions, and we’d, accepted it too long, and, men think that because we’d accepted this as is too long, it’s okay, but it’s not, and it takes more than our, tiny little voices, screaming at the top of our lungs, to finally be heard, by the world, our separate governments, as well as, mankind!

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    • Hello taurusingemini. Well that is because of Eve and that whole apple thing. /s. Note that it is sarcasm and not how I really feel. But a lot of people in power and a lot of men think that or something similar. It is all the women folks fault, they screw things up for men. Women are too emotional yet men are the ones that can not seem to control themselves. After all women have forever had to made men behave when they were little boys and keep trying to get them to grow up and mature as adult men. 🙄😜😝😁😀

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    • You’re probably right … such as it has always been, it will likely always be. But … we can’t stop caring, can’t stop trying for equality. Maybe, just maybe we make a tiny little difference, eh?

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