Saturday Surprise … Awwwww

Okay friends … it’s Saturday morning … time to put the work week behind us and shift into weekend mode.  I wracked my brain, what little is left of it, to try to decide the best way to start your weekend off with a smile and finally decided to fall back on my favourite topic – cute critters!  So, grab your coffee and settle in to have a few “Awwwwww” moments before you head out for weekend chores and other fun stuff!

Fido: Protector of The Watermelons

Please be my slave hooman! Pretty please!

I have accepted my fate. I am the Cat Cushion. Forevermore I will be bound to this spot, providing comfort to all neighbourhood cats.

I told you I am not a vegan!

Let me defrost my supper

Sir, how about just fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?

No one should feed a dog that many Skittles.

Can we keep him?

Do I look like I want to find Nemo?


I help so you finish faster cause MY BOWL IS EMPTY SUSAN!!!!!

They’ll never find me here

I too am descended from the moon goddess

If I just sit – perfectly still – and stare into space – she might put me down

I is keepin’ him warm, k?

WTF happened?

I’ll protect you from dose penguins, Ducky

If it float, it boat

♫The hills are alive


No words needed

I can has apple?

Now, my friends, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the heck out of your weekend!  Do something fun and enjoy the spring weather!

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  3. I affectionately call the auto mechanic’s shop I go to, Animal Planet. There is Stinker the chihuahua, leader of the pack. Then there are Cookie and Oreo, the bad cats I cuddled when they were kittens. Cookie considers my lap prime real estate. All animals are bad. But some are badder than others. That is the natural law of animals. The sooner humanity understands that, the better.

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    • Heh heh … so you’re really a soft touch when it comes to the critters, eh? Humans could learn a lot from the animal kingdom … personally, for the most part I prefer the furry species more than the human one!

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      • Yesterday I was re-adopted by Terrible the Cat. Yes, she is known to everyone in my neighborhood as Terrible. I say re-adopted because she had taken ownership of my property a few months ago before she pissed someone off (man or animal it’s impossible to tell) and was driven away. She showed up on my doorstep a yesterday morning almost starved to death. Surprisingly she values hugs over food. Without lots of lubbin’s she withers away. So I feed her and sit with her for awhile until she gets her hug quota filled. Then she works her way over to the food bowl. I feed her mackerel, not the synthetic store bought cat food. She appreciates that, I think.

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