Texas Paul REACTS to New Leaked Eastman Emails Outlining Coup Attempt

I had never heard of ‘Texas Paul’ until I saw this video Scottie posted last night. He sums up all the major events perpetrated by Trump & his cronies that very nearly overturned our government from November 2020 ’til January 2021, the failed coup that nearly succeeded, and he does so in a clear, understandable way that … well, take a look for yourself …

Scottie's Playtime

Please watch this!  I know some people wont like his style of talking, but he is clear easy to follow on the methodical way Eastman and tRump tried to get the states to throw out the voters electors to install fake ones.  Even just to sow doubt.  I know everything he says, I have read it many times in documents and reports.  But his easy way of putting it together and laying it out is a great listen.   We need to get people to understand how close the coup came and how deeply so many people were involved.   If you think that DeathSantis or Ted Cruz or any Republican wouldn’t try this if they got the presidency you are mistaken.  This is the Republican goal.   Well I can only ask you to listen and share.  Hugs

Newly leaked emails show Trump Attorney John Eastman urging Republican legislators in Pennsylvania to…

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20 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to New Leaked Eastman Emails Outlining Coup Attempt

      • Caught in the balancing act to try and avoid an Ulster.
        That’s my opinion.
        Five years ago I thought that was a heck of a long shot and a worst case sceanrio.
        These days….
        Vlad, vlad Малыш (term of Russian fondness-sarcastic in this case) you should have waited

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        • Yeah, that makes sense. And it’s what I thought at first, that he was quietly preparing his case, would strike at just the right moment, but these days it’s as if he’s merely a ghost, and I find myself being very disappointed. I know, I know … patience, grasshopper. 🦗

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          • Left-wing perspective:
            Currently ‘The People’ (that is the ordinary folk) aren’t emotionally mobilised, and in a Democracy you need The People behind you before you can act.
            As strange as it may seem it takes a great deal to get those moving from tactic support into outright willingness. (Pearl Harbour being a classic case).
            To break the antics of The Right a president will need to feel they have that level of support being demonstrated across the Moderate base.
            Otherwise you are in counter insurgency territory, which is a big step.

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            • Indeed, I keep wondering where’s the passion, where’s that fighting spirit? And you’re right … it takes a catalyst. Pearl Harbour, 9/11 … both were motivators, but do we really have to have another global crisis to get people off their arses? Sigh. Methinks so … methinks it is far too easy for some to simply turn off the news, or bury themselves in minutiae, to don their rose-coloured glasses …

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              • Sometimes folk get overload and feel there is nothing they can practically do, they just hope Someone else will sort it out.
                Then, there again, there is always that tipping point. Sometimes its ‘national’, sometimes it doesn’t fire up everyone, but just enough in numbers to start something.

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                  • Saw that one coming.
                    Folks on the edges don’t like being reminded that Humanity is just another piece of Life on this planet and we can get swept up and away as sure as any other species that’s now staring as a fossil.
                    They hate that. Deep down scares their underwear unusable.

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                    • True … because they don’t see that. They seem to believe that without humans, there would be no life on this planet. Never mind the fact that most species were here long before humans, and never mind the fact that many species have become extinct BECAUSE OF humans. Sigh. Well, now that I know it’s their Achilles heel, I’ll have to start reminding them every chance I get! Thanks, Roger!!! 🐺

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                    • They get really unsettled when you start throwing Earth History and Mass Extinction events into the mix.
                      Unless of course you meet up with ‘True Believers’ in Conspiracy or The Literal (English Translation) of The Old Testament. But they eventually…just don’t reply back and hunker down in their bunkers


  1. Jill, thanks for sharing Scottie’s post on this well-articulated argument. Scottie and I have long talked about what is underneath the hood of Donald Trump’s shenanigans, in general, but specifically to the Big Lie, is far worse than what has made the press. This is not a surprise and is further evidence that the former president should be charged with seditious actions and appear in court. There have already been several folks who have pled guilty or have been found guilty for seditious actions. What is also scary is the number of Republican Congresspeople who are involved in these actions.

    The question is not whether Trump could win again. The question is why has he not been charged yet. We must remember Trump’s appointed Attorney General Bill Barr said to Trump’s face in a group meeting his election fraud claims were “bullshit.” Barr was asked to leave. That was in December, 2020. In November 2020, Trump had the head of election cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, was fired for saying the truth that this was the most secure election in our history.

    We need these sycophants to step up and remember our tribe is the United States of America not the Republican party. Keith

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    • You’re so right that none of this is a surprise, and also that Trump MUST be indicted for his crimes. But it seems to me that every Republican member of Congress except for two or possibly three is willing to lie, cheat, and steal to keep Trump from being charged. WHAT is the allure? WHAT hold does he have over people who have sworn an oath to We the People, to the Constitution, that they are willing to trash their oaths to protect a criminal?

      I, too, am very curious as to why he hasn’t yet been charged. What is Merrick Garland doing that takes precedence over this? No, the question isn’t whether he could be elected again, which is why we need to make certain that he cannot even run, that he is unable to reach through the prison bars to file his candidacy. We see from the lengths he was willing to go to in 2020-2021 that he intends to become an autocrat … there can be no doubt. We simply cannot allow this man to even be on the ballot! Sigh.

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      • Jill, agreed. As the election of 2020 approached, he accepted a plea deal for malfeasance when he took money for personal use from the Trump Foundation. He had to repay the money and the Foundation was ordered to be disbanded and money distributed per its bylaws. Plus, no one named Trump could be on the oversight Board to distribute and all former members of such Board named Trump had to go through philanthropic Board training. These are facts, yet the media actually under covered this story of fraud. Coupled with a few plea deals before the election, it is safe to say, the former president has violated the law on more than a few occasions, even without his seditious actions. Keith

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        • Quite so … anybody who has been involved in some 5,000 lawsuits is quite obviously not an honest person! And we know he has cheated many people, but since he has largely gotten by with it, his only ‘punishment’ being a slap on the wrist and a fine, in his mind, he truly is above the law. I want to see the day that he is finally proven wrong on that, the day that he is made to pay with his time, not just his money. Vindictive? Perhaps, but more than anything I just want him defanged, removed from our lives.

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    • That, my friend, is the $64 million question. What more DO they need??? For a long time, I said that I thought Merrick Garland was working quietly behind the scenes to bring those who who plotted and perpetrated this crime to justice. But now … I wonder. I’ve seen no action from the DOJ at all, and Congress is so filled with Republican bullshitters that it’s impossible for them to do any damn thing. If people like Trump, Eastman, Cruz, Hawley, Greene, Cawthorn and others who organized and plotted this attempted coup aren’t indicted by November, then they never will be, for there is no doubt that if the Republicans gain control of the House in November, they will completely shut down the investigation. Only the Department of Justice can ensure justice is done, and they are moving much too slowly to suit me!

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      • Hello Jill. It is even worse. By not moving on the open requests to charge contempt on the people who have ignored the congresses subpoenas, AG Garland is weakening the hand of congress. He moved in weeks against Bannon, but then a republican court set the Bannon trial for later this year when it won’t matter anymore. But Garland has not moved on any other contempt charge requests from the hearing members. It seems behind the scenes Garland doesn’t support the investigation by congress and feels that by targeting politicians / candidates for crimes after they lose election is what happens in corrupt banana republics and seems more like retribution than justice. That misses the point that if there is no accountability for politicians / elected office holders what is to prevent them from repeating the criminal acts. Again I hope that speculation is wrong, or we as a country have a segment of the population effective above the law and free to crime without concern of punishment.
        Thanks for the reblog.

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        • You are so right, Scottie, and that has puzzled me as well. Heck, if you or I refused a subpoena, we’d be in jail before sunset that very day!!! Without the backing and support of the Department of Justice, the January 6th commission’s hands are largely tied. They are doing good work, against immeasurable odds, but there’s only so much they can do. We really need Merrick Garland to step up and act … sooner than later! You mention banana republics … more and more that is what this nation is looking and feeling like. A full year and a half have gone by, and not a single one of the actual plotters like Eastman, Bannon, Giuliani et al have been charged, indicted, convicted or anything. They are still freely roaming the streets spewing more and more of their lies. Sigh. Hugs

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