TokyoSand’s Week’s Best Political Cartoons

As she always does, TokyoSand has taken the time to scour the media for the best political ‘toons of the week.  Political cartoons are appealing because they sum up a situation using few or no words, whereas the rest of us require hundreds or even thousands of words to try to explain the why, what, when, where and hows of what is happening in our world.  Thank you, TS, for all your hard work in finding these gems!

This is only a sampling, so be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!!!

12 thoughts on “TokyoSand’s Week’s Best Political Cartoons

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  2. Love the Ukraine one. Incredible their resolve to just never give up. I’ve fallen in love with that country for many reasons. And I have to say that I actually have come to hate someone more than Trump. The climate change one stumped me for a moment, so my stupidity made it ever funnier when I caught on. Be well. An open mind can be hard to live with!

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    • I so agree with you. I never thought much about Ukraine one way or another until recently, but I have developed a new respect for the people of Ukraine, as well as for President Zelenskyy. I am so hoping that they can continue to stand strong against the murderous Putin and keep their country.

      Ha ha … that climate change one stumped me at first, too, but it finally clicked, the light bulb came on, and I laughed! Thank you … yes, sometimes being a thinker, having an open mind can keep us awake at night, but overall, it beats wearing the rose-coloured glasses and turning a blind eye to the growing issues that surround us.

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      • I try to avoid the rose glasses except when looking in the mirror! You a Brit? ColoUred? I try not ask questions I don’t want to answer, so: I’m US-born & raised, NY State for the whole 65 years except 6 years in the Navy. But I often wonder if Canada would grant me asylum.

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        • Nope, born in California and spent my childhood bouncing between New York and California. I just learned at an early age to spell certain words differently than the traditional U.S. spelling. Actually, I looked into seeking asylum in Canada back in 2017 … bet you can’t guess why. I ultimately decided against it, but might consider it again in a couple of years if this country continues on its downward trajectory. Then again, perhaps I’ll stay and keep fighting. Sigh.


            • Yep, I’m certain it was the exact same reason … a lying, cheating, racist bully moving into the Oval Office. You’re right … the Ukrainians are the best example in the world right now. Such tenacity! I’ve come to really admire and respect them. Meanwhile, the people of this country whine about the price of lettuce.

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