Filosofa For President!

There is a saying that I’ve seen many times and have even used a time or two in my ‘good people’ posts:  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Makes sense, don’t you think?  It’s akin to another saying I’ve heard ever since I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper:  If you want something done right, do it yourself.  I’ve lain awake many a night pondering how I can make a difference.  Oh sure, I get multiple emails daily telling me that if I donate to one political candidate or another, I will be making a difference, but I learned long ago that if you donate once, they will hound you until you take your last breath.  And frankly, I don’t have any money to spare for the cost of my medications pretty much equal my monthly stipend from Social Security … what little I do have leftover I donate to humanitarian causes, not to greedy politicians.

So, after much thought, I’ve decided that the only way I can make a real change in this nation’s well-being is to run for president myself!  Do I hear you laughing?  Now wait … think about it for a minute.  I meet all the constitutional requirements:  I’m over 35 years of age – way over, but not as far over as either the current president or the former guy.  I’m a natural-born U.S. citizen, and I’ve lived all my life in the U.S.  In addition, I am college-educated with an M.A. in Political Science and have been a political-minded person since around the age of five.  I’ve read the entire U.S. Constitution more times than I can count, so I will understand what I’m swearing to protect and preserve when I take my oath of office.  I care about people, animals, and life in general.  I believe that climate change is real and will fight to reverse the effects caused by corporate and human greed for the past century or so.  I don’t believe that such things as the colour of a person’s skin, the religion one follows, one’s gender or gender identification, or one’s ethnicity should be a basis for discrimination.  I believe in judging people by their actions, not what they look like.

Now, I’ve got my work cut out for me, so I better order an extra case of coffee next month.  I’ll need to develop a platform, come up with a campaign slogan, define my goals, choose a running mate, and figure out how the hell I’m gonna get my name out there without any money!  One thing I know, and it will be the cornerstone of my campaign, is that I will not sink into the mudhole that is so prevalent in politics today.  I will not respond to hate, and I will not engage in name-calling, screaming & screeching, or telling lies.  I want honest dialog, civil discourse, I want conversations to mean something, not just denigrate the other party.  I want us to have a dialog about the things that matter to all of us, like healthcare, jobs, the minimum wage, gun regulation, education and much more.  I want to remember to whom I owe my job – not the party, not the wealthy, but the average voter.

There will be no corruption, no conspiracy theories, no bigotry whatsoever allowed in either my campaign or later in my administration.  One strike in any of those areas and you’re out for the count.  I intend to be that ‘better angel’ our friend Keith sometimes mentions.  I want to make a difference.  I would say I want to unify this nation, but President Biden tried that and look how that’s working out for him.  Not through any fault of his own, but simply because the things that divide us are too numerous and feelings are running too strong today.  My ultimate goal would be to unify the country, but I’m convinced that for the time being, it is an unattainable goal, so I’ll focus instead on those things I can do.

Where to start?  A list!  YES!  That’s it … I must make a list!  Every achievement always began with a list, and I am the consummate list-maker!  Now … where’s my pen … has anybody seen my pen? 🖋️ Oh never mind … I can start the list on my phone … now where’s my darned phone???

35 thoughts on “Filosofa For President!

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  2. While there is no doubt in MY mind that you would be a shoo-in based on your platform, I’m afraid your goals are much too lofty for the current genus of American people … and I urge you to reconsider.

    (IOW, you’re too nice of a person to get dragged through the inevitable mud!) ❤

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    • Awwww … thank you so much, Nan!!! You’re no doubt right that my goals would never fit in with certain groups in this nation, and they would try to eat me alive. Perhaps I can do more good ranting from the sidelines as I’ve been doing, and still retain some shred of my sanity. Thanks again for your kind words … it means a lot.

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    • I don’t know yet … still pondering on the VP. I will definitely be making a list though … heck, I can’t manage much without a list! And Roger has volunteered to be my speech writer, so it’s a start!


  4. Thank you for sharing!!.. I would vote for you should you run for office, however, I do believe that you would do more good keeping your day job… by doing what you are doing, by working with others you are accomplishing more than if you were president.. I am sure that you have witnessed many who have become president, congress, etc with lofty goals only to find themselves stymied because the people do not want it… you have seen many who have left government because they can do more at a local level working with others even though they may not get the headlines… 🙂

    “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ( Mother Teresa)

    Until we meet again..
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Awwww … thank you, Dutch!!! I’m sure you’re right and my best contribution will come from continuing what I do, even sometimes ranting. Not to mention the fact that I am near-deaf and can’t you imagine how cabinet meetings and such would go? It is fun to think about, though! I’ve always loved that quote by Mother Teresa in it is so apt. Thank you, my friend, for your support and the lovely Irish Saying!


  5. I’ll vote for you (or I would if I could!) You certainly have the qualifications I look for in a leader. We have our elections tomorrow, so fingers crossed that the current Prime Minister gets the flick.

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    • Thank you, Anne! Yes, it seems to me that of late we have forgotten that our leaders should have integrity, should work for us, not for themselves. Fingers tightly crossed that you can say “Bye-bye” to Morrison! I’ll be keeping an eye on the results!


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