Our friend David lives in Wales in the United Kingdom, some 4,000 miles across the big pond otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean. And in the UK, they have their own problems right now, as I’m sure most of you have read. And yet … David sees so much more clearly the causes and reactions to our deadly school shooting yesterday that killed 19 small children, as well as two teachers. Quite frankly, our friends across the pond ALWAYS seem to have a better grasp on our situation than at least half the people in this country do! I appreciate David’s … and others in the UK and EU … views and clarity. Since David is currently having some WP issues with his comment box, please leave any comments for him here and I will see that he gets them. Thank you, David, for your compassion, your caring, and your insight.


I cannot send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Uvalde, this term of regret has been debased so much in recent times that it’s almost worthless and is like a slap in the face to those suffering the Devastating loss this community is feeling. Two adults and 19 children who won’t be going home to their families yet again despite the warnings of previous abominations like Sandy Hook. I’m left wondering how long it will be before the Conspiracy Theorists start to say this was just another play enacted by Government actors in an attempt to thwart the Second Amendment, that Gilt Covered piece of legislation enshrined in law that gives Carte blanche to some members of the population to own more guns than they have fingers to pull triggers and to use them as they will.

That this slaughter has happened in Texas is quite telling really…

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  1. One problem is, everyone knows there is a gun-metal grey elephant in the room, but no one is willing to admit it is on a rampage! I have lost track of how many mass shootings there have been in the so-called United States of America JUST THIS YEAR SO FAR! But there is one number that says it all– TOO MANY! Waaayyyyyy TOO MANY!!!!!

    Does America still call itself the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD? You (All Americans) lead in a lot if things, but few of them help the “FREE WORLD!” Most of them make the rest of us shake our heads, and mutter, “I would laugh my head off, only it isn’t funny!”

    I know there are good people in America, but really, all anyone ever does is talk, bitch, and complain. NO ONE ACTS! EVERYONE IS TOO EFFIN’ SCARED TO STAND UP AND DO DOMETHING REAL!

    Well, this is the REAL WORLD! It is not a movie! Not a television show! This is reality at its effin’ worst! Is there no HERO out there? America is supposed to have heroes for everything! But your heroes are worthless if they cannot save school children, minorities, senior citizens, or anyone hated by someone else!

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    • Perhaps we can lend America our legislature for a (very) short while. Our most recent updates to gun legislation was completed in just a few weeks after the Christchurch mosque shootings with just a single vote opposing it (from the sole member of a libertarian political party). Now finally, effective from june 2023, we’ll have a gun registry in operation. While you have them, you have them pass legislation decriminalising abortion and prostitution (both relate to bodily autonomy), permit gender self ID and ban conversion therapy, and introduce a proper socialised health scheme. Just kidding. I don’t see see any way of getting around the second amendment without amending the amendment or repealing it. Neither is likely to happen given the level partisanship that exists there.

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      • Hmmmm … I appreciate your offer of a loan of your legislature … how soon can they get here? You guys have, time and time again, shown the world what common sense looks like. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t learned … or at least the U.S. certainly hasn’t. We are headed down the wrong path in so many areas that I’m losing hope for the future of this nation.

        No, we have too many gun nuts in this country to ever repeal the 2nd Amendment. We cannot even convince them that owning AR-15s and other military assault weapons wasn’t what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution in 1787!!!

        Let me know when your legislature will arrive and I will be there to greet them!!!

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        • On second thoughts, The American tendency to discharge firearms, including at politicians, lending you ours, even for a short while might be injurious to their health. I think you need some sensible gun laws before we send them your way.

          Oh wait! That’s why were were going to send them over in the first place. A catch 22 situation.

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    • Dear Rawgod, thanks for enlightening us with your perspicacity, sagacity and charm. Please allow me to clue you in on what our so-called leaders are doing about this “crisis” – realistically their only recourse is to offer more of the same old rhetoric – thoughts & prayers.
      Take action, affect change in our legislation… what’s that? At least in a movie we get some kind of resolution, in real life… not so much. Public outrage don’t get much mileage these days.
      Sometimes satire is the only way to express the truth that no one wants to deal with:


    • There have been 213 mass shootings so far in 2022, and 27 school shootings so far. For the record, I have never once in my 70 years thought of or referred to the U.S. as the “leader of the free world”. We set a lousy example in most things, including human rights, women’s rights, guns, violence, civil rights, racism & bigotry, healthcare, poverty, and much more.

      Now, rg … you say, in ALL CAPS, that “NO ONE ACTS! EVERYONE IS TOO EFFIN’ SCARED TO STAND UP AND DO DOMETHING REAL! ” So tell me, please, just what the Sam Hell you think we can “stand up” and do??? Shall we make homemade bombs and bomb the houses of such stupid arses as Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and more? Should we … what? I don’t know what it is you think we can do beyond using our voices to try to convince people to vote the assholes out of office. And please … you don’t need to yell … yes, I am hard of hearing, but I can read just fine without being yelled at.


      • Wasn’t yelling. I never did understand how caps were yelling. I use caps to emphasize. Nor was I emphasizing to you, but to those of your readers who sit back and wait for others to do things for them.
        No, you do not say Americans are leaders of the Free World, but there are millions who do. Probably hundreds of millions. I fon’t know if your mefia just don’t repeat those messages, but we hear them over and over and over. Especially from politicians on both sides of the houses. As for what you can do, organize the marches sgainst gun violence, loss of rights, against the Republican Party. Anything you would like to ssy, put it on a dign and carry it all the way to Washington if necessary.
        Stand up! Stand out! Be loud! Be proud! (There, I did not use csps. I bet hardly anyone will notice.)

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        • You’re right … there are many who believe that the U.S., or “America” as they call it, is the leader of the free world, but it’s not. In fact, the U.S. can’t even lead itself, let alone any other nation! We are the laughingstock of the rest of the world … only a dangerously ignorant laughingstock.

          Your suggestions are good ones, my friend, though out of the realm of possibility for me personally. Others have done just that, but with few results. Thanks for not using caps … LuL


          • How about at least organizing boycotts of any business who is promoting guns and their manufacture, or advertising on Faux News, or making donations to Repuglycan candidates, or whatever else they are doing that is not aiding the cause of “We the People!”
            Instead of marches, how about organizing sit down protests in front those same business and corporations and party offices referenced above. Do a thousand-person hand-in-hand ring around places that promote wealth inequity! Anything, Jill. I understand your health problems, but you have a readership that can help get grass-roots movements going. Inspire them. THAT I know you can do!

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        • I bet hardly anyone will notice. — I noticed. And I have a hunch others did too. (Yes, caps are for emphasis … but most generally for one or two words only. 😊)

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