Headache-Inducing Snarky Snippets

The makers of such over-the-counter medications as Tylenol and Advil must be raking in the profits these days, for a headache is a natural state of being for most of us as soon as we boot up the computer or turn on the television news in the morning!  So anyway, after popping four ibuprofen with my morning Joe, here I am back with even more of those snarky snippets.

This dude …

… was one of the insurrectionists that stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempted coup on January 6th 2020.  His name is Timothy Hale-Cusanelli and at the time of his felonious insurrection he was a member of the U.S. Army Reserves … you know, those guys who are supposed to protect us in times of trouble?  Well, turns out Hale-Cusanelli is a Nazi supporter … don’t ask me how the Sam Hell he got into the U.S. Army … and not a very bright one at that!  During his jury trial this week, Hale-Cusanelli admitted to entering the Capitol, but claims that he didn’t know the Capitol is where the two chambers of Congress convene.  This, despite the fact that he claims to be a ‘history buff’.  Yeah, right asshole.

“I know this sounds idiotic, but I’m from New Jersey. I feel like an idiot, it sounds idiotic, and it is. I didn’t know the Capitol building was the same as the congressional building.”

His little ‘dumber-than-a-coal-bucket’ ploy failed, however, and Hale-Cusanelli was convicted on all five counts he faced, including a felony charge of obstruction of an official proceeding.  His sentencing date is September 16th and he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison, though it’s quite likely his sentence will be significantly shorter.

Hale-Cusanelli has been in jail since February 2021 because of his racist history.  At least 34 of Hale-Cusanelli’s colleagues told prosecutors that he held “extremist or radical views pertaining to the Jewish people, minorities, and women.” A Navy petty officer claimed Hale-Cusanelli once said that “Hitler should have finished the job.”

Yet another specimen of the nastiest side of the human species.

(Note:  I wrote a more extensive piece about Hale-Cusanelli shortly after his arrest in early 2021)

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson knows what causes school shootings like the one on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas.  Who knew ol’ Ron was so much smarter than the rest of us?  Yep, folks, he has all the answers … it is critical race theory and ‘wokeness’ that are causing all the school shootings in the United States!  Wow … such a simple answer, yes?

“We stopped teaching values in so many of our schools. Now we’re teaching wokeness, we’re indoctrinating our children with things like CRT … I think CRT has been going on under the radar for quite some time as well. Wokeness has been. Liberal indoctrination has been. This is a much larger issue than what a simple new gun law is gonna — it’s not gonna solve it. It’s not gonna solve it.”

So much wrong with his statement … I ran out of fingers trying to enumerate it, but the short version …

  • CRT … critical race theory, is NOT taught in elementary, middle, or high schools in the United States, though in my opinion it should be
  • What ‘values’ is he referring to? Schools are attempting to ban lessons of history, lessons about human bodies, and whitewash or cover up everything that used to be a part of a well-balanced curriculum, but I think the ‘values’ Mr. J is referring to is religion.  Over the decades, we ‘woke’ people have let it be known that not all of us are of the Christian religion, that some of us are even … gasp … non-believers … and thus we do not support the teaching of one single religion in schools.  Schools, like our government, are intended to be secular.
  • EVIDENCE points to the fact that gun laws, properly enforced, would indeed cut down on gun felonies and deaths significantly. There ain’t no arguable point here, people!!!  Check the gun laws and gun deaths in ANY other country in the world …
  • And finally, ‘wokeness’ is a made-up term by bigots who believe that being anti-racist, being pro-LGBTQ rights, caring about other people REGARDLESS of religion, skin colour, gender or gender identification, ethnicity, etc. is somehow a bad thing. Those of us with compassion and hearts let the babies have their made-up language and we’re proud to be, by the right-wing definition, ‘woke’.  However, note that being ‘woke’ is NOT a crime, but is a humanitarian response to the world today!

And that, Mr. J, is as much time and energy as I will waste rebutting your utter asininity, your stupidity.  Yesterday I heard someone claim that gun laws wouldn’t work, and the only thing that would solve our gun problem is Jesus.  Well fine, then, call on him/her if you wish, but a lot of us think that real world problems require real world solutions!

So many bloomin’ fools in the world … I wonder if this is yet another of the long-range effects of climate change, that it’s affecting people’s ability to use logic and reason?

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  1. Jill, it is refreshing to see New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaking at Harvard on the need for better gun governance. In 2019, she led the legislature to pass gun restrictions after a horrific mass shooting there. Contrasting her leadership to that of elected officials here who attended a NRA conference in Texas of all places or are just merely parroting the same old stale tripe to prevent definitive action from happening.

    As for these contrived and overstated issues being pushed on us as major points, I take some comfort in seeing a huge bloc of women sweep out conservatives after nine years and three prime ministers in Australia last week. Rather than CRT, replacement theory, banning books and subjects, these female voters said they care out climate change action, child care improvements, Medicare funding and an I word that needs more airplay here. That I word is “integrity.”

    America needs a similar movement to what occurred in the 2018 midterms with the Women’s March. And, they need to like-minded men, who care about positive change for the majority of people rather than change or doing nothing that helps a vocal minority. The truth matters. Integrity matters.


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    • Ah yes … I’ve long admired Jacinda Ardern and my friend/reader Barry from NZ reminded me recently of their gun laws which are far superior to our own. Yes, it took a crisis, but in the wake of that crisis, they ACTED rather than petulantly whining about their individual ‘rights’.

      As we’ve discussed before, the Australian election was inspirational! More people in this nation need to stand up, to take charge, to say “Hell no, we won’t go” along with the insanity of the Republican Party. You mention the word ‘integrity’ … my friend, it seems to me that integrity is no longer in the American vocabulary. It has been replaced by such things as uber-wealth, lying, cheating, stealing, and if all else fails, murder.

      We do need to make our voices heard, whether by marching, protesting in front of the Capitol, letter-writing, and of course voting. But first, I think we must educated the masses who are being falsely convinced that the arrogant and the greedy are serving their best interest when quite the opposite is true. Are there really so many uneducated people in this nation? Sigh. Obviously there are, but … why? How? And they seem proud of their ignorance. How do we change that? How do we open their eyes, teach them the realities that we see all too clearly?


  2. If we ever get the politicians to think rationally about gun laws, I will remove whatever vertebrae needed to allow me to kiss my own arse. I am so tired of them blaming everything else but their supposed gun rights. Smh…and Hitler Jr. needs put on his own island with Trump and all his other insurrectionist and terrorist friends. In biblical times, if you screwed up as badly as some of these folks, you would be cast out of the only place you knew as home in exile. I would be really happy to exile those that didn’t deserve to live here anymore. Whew…I needed to vent that out 😀 Thanks, my dear friend, for always keeping me informed!

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    • Oh no no no … you need every one of those vertebrae!!! But yeah, to the point, I am sick and damn tired of … basically EVERYTHING at the moment. I hate that our voting rights are being taken away and we can do no more than chew our fingernails. I hate that women’s rights are leaving on a fast train. I hate Republicans, hate guns, hate political bullshit … I’m not sure I even like being here anymore. But, as long as I am, I shall keep fighting.

      In most other countries even today, people like the former guy and all his bootlickers would not be accepted, but this is the “good ol’ USofA where people think their rights are more important than the lives of others, more important that the lives and education of our children. Doesn’t matter that they couldn’t pass a 2nd grade literacy test, they still have a voice. Sigh. Sometimes it does help to vent, other times maybe we can never quite get it all out, never quite achieve peace of mind. Sigh. Big hugs!

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      • I definitely feel these words. I sit here many times staring at a blank screen, my friend. I join you in the anger and agony of thinking of what will come. Our world has digressed back over 50 years, and it’s in the hands of the people for hiring unqualified people to represent them and to run the country. I have been reading all of my lessons from the beginning of history to the passing of the Bill of Rights this week, and we are now living back in the 1760s or before. I read and can relate it to now in the terms of failure. This feels like the despotism that the colonies feared with drafting a new constitution after the Articles of Confederation. I am probably going to do a comparison and see how it turns out. It’s hard to read that history and feel it. History really does repeat itself 😦 Big hugs, dear Jill!

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        • Yep, it’s as I always tell people when they are blaming the politicians of one stripe or another, “We the People elected them. The onus is on us … get it? … Onus … On Us … 😆 But seriously, it’s up to the people to vote responsibly, and if it becomes a choice between two baddies, then choose the lesser of two evils, but for Pete’s Sake, VOTE! Too many people in this nation don’t even bother for one reason or another … I would love to see compulsory voting here in the U.S. Sigh. Hugs ‘n love, dear Amy.


          • Haha! I love “onus”! I will have to add that to my word arsenal 🙂

            “Voting responsibly” is a term that needs stressed more to folks. I’m a little worried that we will not be getting as many people to the polls as we did previously. You know me though, I will be working the primary on June 4 and June 7 to teach people about their rights and helping them at the polls. I have my training tomorrow.

            Hugs and love, my dear friend!

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            • I share your concern about getting people to the polls. A couple of reasons — naturally the first big one is that most states are passing restrictive voter laws that disproportionately affect the poor, Blacks, Hispanics, single mothers, etc. The other, though, is the apathy factor …. I’ve heard too many people say, “Why bother? My vote won’t change anything.” And now, to add insult to injury, the Republicans are promoting the falsehood that there was widespread voter fraud in 2020 and that will make people even more disgruntled, less likely to think their vote matters. Education … yes, I am so happy to hear you’ll be working the primary helping to teach people facts about their rights … AND responsibilities! Get ’em out there, my friend!

              Love ‘n hugs back to you, dear friend!

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              • I’ve heard the same things, and it gets me hot in the head. I hate all the voter suppression happening, and to the ones that are rebellious and not wanting to vote, I try to help them understand, but some words fall on deaf ears these days, as you know. The voter fraud BS from that lunatic and his minions really twerks my nerves too. I just hope I will be able to make a difference at the polls and help folks learn how much it matters to use the right to vote.

                My county became the newest county on the roster of CA counties participating in the Voter’s Choice Act, so I got to be in an informative session with our Sec of State, Shirley Weber. It was a great experience, so I signed up 😀

                My patience will be tested, and my conviction will too. I’m so ready to get out there and rock the vote 😀 Love and hugs, Sis!

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                • I’m very concerned for both the mid-terms this year and the presidential election in 2024. Far too many states are not only restricting access to the ballot box, but also placing key Republicans in positions to oversee elections and even change the results if they so choose. It is not a good sign for democracy, not a good sign for this nation. We MUST make sure to get as many voters to the polls as possible this year, we MUST educate people about the evils of certain candidates. Sigh.

                  Awesome that you got to be in a session with the Secretary of State for CA!!! I’m impressed! Yes, my friend, your patience will be tested … but then, it would be anyway, so this way you’re putting all that anger and angst to a good use! Just don’t let it eat you from inside, okay? Love ‘n hugs to you, Sis!!! 💖

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                  • I am also joining you in that worried state of mind because the Jan. 6th committee is not making much progress, and the NY District Attorney is not working fast enough either. I am seeing approval ratings go down on President Biden, and I am so scared of these elections coming up. Sadly, I think we can educate and talk to folks until we are blue in the face, which we do, and they are still going to stay with their cult mentalities. The damage of that presidency will linger in our history forever 😦 I mean, they are just now clearing someone on the Clinton campaign, and it’s been over a decade since he was in office 😦

                    It was very cool to meet SoS Weber 🙂 She is an amazing person and leader. I was very proud to vote for her again on my mail-in ballot. Love and hugs to you, Sis! I try not to keep too many eggs in one basket 🙂

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                    • Ahhhhhh … don’t be so sure that the January 6th committee isn’t making progress! Methinks there is much going on behind the curtain that we’re not aware of yet in both the committee and in the Attorney General’s office! As for Biden’s approval ratings … those are a poor indicator of anything, for people will approve or disapprove based SOLELY on their own personal situation. Right now, the ONLY thing half the people in this country care about is inflation — the price they pay at the pump and at the grocery store. Although neither of those are Biden’s fault nor much in his control, people will always blame the President for whatever is wrong in their lives. The current level of inflation is temporary and more to the point, is caused more by corporate greed than by any other single factor. However, most people are not deep thinkers and it’s just easier for them to say, “Oh, gas prices are $4+ so the president must not be doing his job.” Ignorance, they say, is bliss.

                      I’m glad you do try not to overfill your basket with eggs! It’s often really hard to do, especially these days when those eggs keep raining down on our heads! Have a great day, dear friend!!! Love ‘n hugs!


                    • I am stepping on my tongue about the Jan 6 Committee 😀 It’s so crazy that tonight on CNN they were talking to a Sr. Advisor on the committee about the trail of texts and the horror of their nature. I have a brain fog going about his name, but he specializes in U.S. Intelligence from his AF training. He said it was almost like living in a sci-fi or fantasy novel while reading the texts.

                      Gas prices are killing me as of late. I am dealing with nearly $6 a gallon here in the Valley. I think I paid 5.89 in my sister’s car, which is much easier on gas than my Delilah. I have to put 91 octane in her, so that puts me over 6 a gallon. It’s not Biden’s fault though. It’s capitalism’s fault 😀 Ignorance is definitely bliss.

                      Then as I am working I see another mass shooting…how many people have to be slaughtered to get the government’s attention about assault rifles. SMH!

                      Love and hugs to you Sis! I am going back to my reading but decided to check in and get a brain breather 😀

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                    • Oh, I fully agree with him … just what little I have read of the texts makes me wonder if I’m reading a fiction novel by James Patterson!!! There is much deviousness in the GOP as they tried to hang on to their power, and my biggest fear is that they’ve learned from their mistakes and will succeed next time.

                      Since I only drive about a mile a week, I haven’t felt the pain at the pump, but I certainly empathise with you! Perhaps it’s time for you to get a new car, one that’s either electric or at least easier on the wallet! Yeah, I know … easier said than done.

                      I think that it isn’t so much ‘how many’, but ‘which’ people must be slaughtered before the legislatures are convinced to give up those big donations from the gun industry and implement actual gun regulations. When someday it’s their child or spouse, then maybe. When, someday, a gunman storms a venue where numerous members of the GOP are having lunch and kills them all, then maybe their successors will listen to reason. Sigh.

                      Hope the breather helped your brain and that you’re now hard at work! Love ‘n hugs, my dear friend!!!

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                    • I have a library building of Patterson’s books 🙂 I love my audible subscription for those kind of books. I love true crime more than I probably should, but I enjoy the criminology aspect of learning a person’s motive more than anything. I figure in order to be a good lawyer that I need to see both sides of the fence and understand why bad things happen to bad people and good people.

                      I wish I would have known gas was going to be more expensive than eating a four course meal in a day when I got my car a little over a year ago. If I win the lottery or get my CDCR job, I am going to get a daily driver, and keep Delilah for fun 🙂

                      It’s like DV situation in the U.S. in that sense about the “which people” it happens to. No one wants to help until it’s their daughter or son who has been beaten within an inch of their life for being late coming home with groceries. So broken…our priorities are just broken. *shaking and hanging my head*

                      The breather was good 🙂 How’s your day and evening going, my dearest friend? I have been hard at work all day, but I am finally getting to the point that I can take a slight step backwards to take these little breaths. I am ahead over a week, and now I have to keep it there. I saw you had some new posts, so I will be over before bed to have a good read 🙂 Big love and lots of hugs!

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                    • Ahhh … something else we have in common … a love of James Patterson’s books! I don’t use Audible, for obvious reasons, but I can see where it would be a blessing to those who can hear! And you’re right … I think that understanding, at least to an extent, the mind of the criminal would help make you a better lawyer.

                      Yes, my friend, our priorities are … skewed, if not completely broken. I imagine it will take a major catastrophe to pull the people of this nation together, but even 9/11 only accomplished that for a very short time, then the conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork and further divided us.

                      You’re ahead by more than a week!?!? WHOA … how did you manage that? I’m glad, though, and hope you can do something fun and relaxing this weekend! I was determined to get some serious cleaning done on this house this week, but haven’t done a damn thing! I blame the holiday for messing up my schedule 😉

                      Have a lovely weekend, dear friend! Hugs ‘n lots of love!

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                    • Audible actually made me love books. I would buy the paperback, and use my audible credits to get the audio version. It allowed me to follow along and become a better reader. I am still a bit slow at reading textbooks, but I enjoy reading a good novel more now.

                      I agree about the catastrophe, which I thought would happen with the coronavirus. I thought we would pull together better. When 9/11 happened, we were in Devolution, and the attacks took us out of it and focused us on feeling more secure. (I actually just learned that in my class 😀 )

                      I have been nails in the paint on getting these chapters read and the study guides we have to turn in done. It has definitely been a process LOL. I am kinda just doing one chapter at a time and pushing through as efficiently as I can in four weeks. My next class starts in ten days so I will have double workload when it starts. I will definitely be ready for July 21st. Summer sessions are always so traumatic.

                      Big hugs and lotsa love, dear Jill! I hope your weekend is relaxing and that the current events give your mind a rest 🙂

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                    • That’s funny, because I am the opposite! I can never get much into fiction anymore and mostly read history and political books, biographies, etc. Fiction seems … boring, irrelevant to me as I’ve grown older. With some exceptions, of course, such as the aforementioned Patterson, and I AM currently reading “What Happened to the Bennetts” by Lisa Scottoline … a real page turner!

                      “Nails in the paint” … now there’s an expression I’ve never heard before! See, we learn new things from each other! Um … one chapter at a time is all you CAN do, dear Amy! You are human, y’know! One foot in front of the other, and eventually you reach the goal, as I know you will! When is your vacation?

                      Hugs and love to you, too! I get special privileges this weekend, since my birthday is on Monday, so we’re ordering from TGI Fridays tonight … whisky salmon … YUM! And I get birthday cookies from Crumbl Cookies! And, I can be lazy! Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, dear friend!

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                    • I promise that I did not forget you today, my dear sister and friend! (It’s the 7th now, so I am late). Happy Birthday to youuuuu! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy birthday dear Jillyyyyyy! Happy Birthday to you! 🌷🌷🌷🎈🎂🍰 I got a beautiful cake for my birthday, and my other present is coming in the trip later this month 🙂 On the 24th is when we are leaving. Woot! I will need it after this semester haha!

                      I am going to go to bed since I was up doing assignments since 8 a.m. until midnight this morning. When I get up, I am going to enjoy some blog time with you all! I need some blog time after this week. I submitted another 15 assignments since the 1st lol. Save me a cookie 😀 Hugs and loves and birthday dancing!

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                    • Awwwww … thank you so much, dear Sis!!! I loved the flowers, cake, and balloons! I’m so glad you got a cake for your birthday … and I’m so sorry I forgot to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love and big birthday hugs!!!

                      Yes, by the 24th you will be more than ready for a break! Next year, you should plan a vacation to Acapulco! It’s a beautiful place and I think you would love it!

                      Whew … you wear me out just hearing how much time you’re putting into this class! I have saved you a cookie! Take your pick between a ‘Smores cookie or a Lemon one! Loves & hugs, dear Amy!!!

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                    • We’re birthday twins almost 🙂 You’re so very welcome! No worries 🙂 You just told me now 🤗 Did you have a beautiful birthday?

                      Acapulco I have heard is very beautiful. I think the next trip is going to be Hawaii, which will be a nice getaway too. I will have to tell sis about Acapulco.

                      I’ve been stuck to my phone today watching our primary elections. One of the results has my blood boiling. Lemon cookie for me 🙂 I took a little bit of a breather today, but not much lol. Love and hugs to you, Sis! I hope you have had a good day. ❤

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                    • Very close! Since I was born at 3:00 a.m., I nearly made it on the 5th! No wonder I’m a night owl, eh? I had a good birthday, though admittedly I was on the crabby side, being a bit depressed. But, I rallied for the girls, and it was a nice day.

                      Ahhhh … I have never been to Hawaii! I think I would like some of the more remote areas, but Oahu has become just another tourist haven like Miami, from what I hear. ‘Twill be fun for you and your sister, though!!! And after Vegas … the tourists won’t bother you at all!

                      Yes, I’ve heard that the California primaries rather sucked, pardon my language. I think the one that, while not surprising, has most people up in arms is Chesa Boudin’s recall. Which result has your blood boiling? Okay, lemon cookie and a nice … I was going to offer you a glass of wine, but I suddenly realized I don’t know if you drink wine or not. Well, if you do, a nice glass of Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, and otherwise a cuppa nice hot coffee! Hugs and much love!!!

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                    • I think I was born in the afternoon. I really should look on my certificate lol. I am still a night owl though 😀 I am sorry to hear you were a bit depressed on your birthday!

                      The primaries, especially my district, sucked major behind. I was very pissed at the Boudin recall because that is the prop H that I was textbanking to support him. I kind of thought it would turn out that way, since I got more curse words than support. A girl can dream though…that was definitely a failed recall. After these elections and the homework, I will take a stiff iced Margarita and maybe a mimosa in the morning 😀 Hugs and love, my dear friend!

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                    • Oh my, Boudin’s recall was a double whammy for you, after you put your blood, sweat and tears into helping him. It was a crappy thing, his recall. I thought California was better than that. Ha ha … sorry, I don’t know how to make Margaritas, but I bet you can get one when you head to Vegas!!! Love ‘n hugs, dear Amy!!!

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                    • It was, and it is sad of how much blame he got out of a rigid society up there. The northern tip of California is very bougie and has princess paws, so it didn’t surprise me. It just infuriated my aura lol! I am ready for Vegas 😀 Love ya sis!

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                    • Oh my … Northern Cal must have changed a lot since I lived there in the 1960s! Don’t let it infuriate your aura … just do what you can to effect a change, then move on to the next project, and there are many, many of them out there for you! Look out Vegas, for HERE COMES AMY!!!! Heck, you might come back a rich woman! Love ya back, Sis!

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                    • Yea, it’s kinda strange. If you look at the primaries, it’s weird how it transpired up in the northeast area of the CA map. Chesa Boudin deserved better, but I wonder if he isn’t glad that it’s over. It was nice to show support for him on our ACLU efforts. Usually we do not endorse candidates, but the recall was BS.

                      I can only hope that I get lucky on the slots 😀 Idk if Vegas is ready for me hahah! Love and hugs to you, Sis!


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    • Unfortunately, Sadje, once a MAGAt takes a stand, he or she is not capable of reversing it, even if their own kid gets killed in a school shooting, or a supernarket, or a protest rally. They are too stoop-ed to be able to change their minds, even when they know they are wrong.

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        • Calamitous is a good word. I like your use of it. Except, since Republicans have no idea what it means, even calamities don’t work on them.They are brainwashed cherry-pickers, so if it isn’t a cherry, they don’t pick it.

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            • Some people living in parts of the first world do not get educated any better than some of those in the so-called Third world. Not because the education isn’t available, it is. They, or the “authorities” around them, do not want them to be fully educated. Fully educated people leave home, and go out into the big world, whre they get ideas that distance them from the people at home. The question religion! They question conservative politics! They question racism! Etc. They change, so the best way, if you will pardon the expression, “to keep them down on the farm,” is to stunt their emotional growth. The thing is, their parents don’t even know they are doing this, because that is how they were brought up.
              (Really, this is all pure speculation on my part, but when I speak to certain people, in person or over the internet, there is something missing. They know how to talk, but they don’t seem to know how to l8sten. It is a very sad state of affairs.)

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                    • From the great to the bizarre, you poor woman. (Meant in sympathy, not any other way.) I know life in Pakistan can be very trying for a woman, but I do not know enough to know if life is hard for all women, as it appears to now be in Afghanistan. I will have to check out your blog to see if you address that. You certainly sound like a well-educated person who is allowed to think and speak and act for yourself, so I hope that is true for every facet of your life. I will go there now.

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                    • I think you need to b do some research about Pakistan. We are living a much more comfortable life here than I did in America. I am an ex med school student, and a bachelor in science. Over here women are working in every field, from army to politics.

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                    • No worries! I faced many questions when I told people in Seattle that I was a Pakistani. They asked if we had cars or electricity! The west is very ill informed about us, and we in the other hand know lots more about the west.

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                    • Yeah. Everyone knows about the West. But they do not always know the truth about the West, in most cases. We export our ideals, which we seldom IF EVER, live up to. If you are not White, Evangelical Christian, and Male, life in the West can be very trying, and painful in so many ways.
                      My ancestors were native to Turtle Island (now wrongly called the Americas). It is the land we lived on and shared that was stolen and “owned” by the colonizers. Yet they make it sound like it was always theirs. They are braggarts, liars, and thieves. And they expect us to thank us for them allowing us to live. That story is seldom told of the Real West.

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  4. Is it possible that Politicians are so much further ahead in the evolutionary stakes than the rest of u. They seem to come up with solutions to problems so much quicker than expected given the severity of the problem. That these solutions sound so glib to the rest of us must surely be our fault and lack of understanding.Not.

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    • Oh but of course … they are so much smarter and more “in the know” than we mere mortals are! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I want so badly to spit in some of their faces … I really do! It might not be nice of me to feel this way, but … it’s honest. Sigh.

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  5. And all I can say to that again: Where did Jesus say: “You shall have many guns and use them as you see fit?” As far as I remember he said to offer the other cheek when hit. Would be nice if these hard-core Christians with guns remembered that! Man (& woman), and I am not even from your country. Sorry, rant over 🤗

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    • I keep seeing people, mostly politicians, say that owning a gun is a “god-given right”. Interesting how they “know” these things. I suppose, then, that drunk driving must also be a “god-given right”, as well as robbing banks, and just about any behaviour one is trying to rationalize. People use the excuse of religion to attempt to rationalize and justify what they WANT, even when it hurts others. Sigh. And this, my friend, is one of the many reasons I am not religious. Feel free to join me in ranting here anytime, my friend! I’ve certainly done enough of it, especially this week! 🥰


      • Well, you know I try to do the “keep up the hope and not all is as it seems” approach. But when it comes to children and animals being abused or simply being made a minor collateral damage for huge profits even I get on the ranting run. How can these people sleep at night? I 😤

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        • Yes, you are an optimist and I am so glad you are! I need a bit of optimism sometimes. Believe it or not, I was once an optimist, got teased about being a ‘Pollyanna’, about seeing only the good in the world, or at least a good side to everything and everyone. Needless to say, I’m not that person anymore. Like you, harming children, animals, the handicapped or disabled, is where I draw the line in the sand. Sadly, these fools probably sleep better at night than we do, for they have no conscience … none at all.


          • I think you still are but the world has changed so much so that your expression of optimism has changed. Because keep writing blogposts, keep calling the horrible people out and keep speaking truth to power is a form of optimism too. Others would long have given up and left them to it 🤗

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