The Week’s Best Cartoons: Tragedy in Uvalde

As you might imagine, the main (only) topic of the ‘toons this week is the horrific mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers.  And as she does each week, our friend TokyoSand has scanned the news sources and found the best of the ‘toons.  Be forewarned, though … there is no humour here today, only broken hearts, anger, and grief.  Still, the cartoonists have managed to put into a single picture what our own hearts are trying to say.  Please be sure to follow the link at the bottom to see the rest of the ‘toons.  Thank you, TS.

Editorial cartoons are very specific — they respond and react to current events. But what struck me this week as I watched cartoonists share their work on Twitter, was that it was sometimes hard to distinguish which cartoons were drawn in reaction to the Uvalde massacre this week, and which were responding to to previous mass shootings.

The deathly chill that came over me when I realized that most editorial cartoons about gun violence in America are evergreen…

be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons!

20 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons: Tragedy in Uvalde

  1. It’s less a case of the United States than it is the Untied States or the Unglued States.How can almost half a nation stand by and watch the young and innocent be slaughtered when they might grow up perverted enough to vote for the party that keeps the NRA in power?

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    • 😔 I do not know, my friend. How can this nation have nearly forgotten the dead children at Sandy Hook or Parkland? How can people with any shred of a conscience support guns in the hands of the public? Where are the hearts, where are the consciences? Where is the humanity? It no longer exists in much of the U.S. And … why do you think the states are taking away the voting rights of so many? Because they are afraid of those of us who DO have a conscience, who care about life more than money. Sigh.

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  2. Super weird chain of events leading up to the massacre. “Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering”. Police were already on the scene doing nothing.
    Then somebody from inside the school inexplicably opens a side door for the gunman to enter unimpeded.
    The shooter proceeded to enter the school and spent the next hour shooting up the joint while the police receiving calls from teachers inside the classrooms reporting active shooter! The police continue standing around doing nothing while parents plead for them to go inside and do something!
    Now i don’t want to jump to any conclusions… but something smells fishy.


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