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We’ve all been there – trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with an avid gun lover, one who will argue ‘til he’s blue in the face that his “right” to own as many weapons of any type as he pleases is more important than our lives. It’s hard to carry on such a conversation, but thanks to Ben Berwick over at Coalition of the Brave, I came across this post by Eric Rasmussen that has some really good ideas for rebutting some of the asinine remarks that are frequently made by the gun nuts. Thank you, Eric, for these great rebuttals, and thank you, Ben, for pointing me in Eric’s direction!

Beauty is Imperfection

I grew up with at least three guns in my house in Oklahoma, including long guns and handguns, and learned to shoot them when I was young. So I’ve been hearing the flawed reasoning of gun rights supporters my whole life. We are hearing them again after the mass murder of children in Uvalde, Texas. I myself didn’t care much about the gun issue until 20 children were slaughtered, along with six adults, in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. Then I realized kids were dying every day unnecessarily because people like me were not speaking up about what we knew.

The following is a list of things gun enthusiasts will say to you in the backlash as most Americans demand sensible gun laws. The assertions are going to include outright lies about history and physics, logical fallacies and cute bumper sticker slogans that talk around the substance of the argument. (“Guns…

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  1. Jill, a key response is with freedom comes responsibility. I was particular interested on the suicide response. Of course, that is the case. This is why having a gun around is dangerous with a person who is in a depressed state. For several years, the NRA was able to prevent through law a doctor worried about a patient from asking if there is a gun in your home. Really? This is your child.

    Speaking with college counselors, depression is higher on campuses than in general society. Why? Nirvana turned out to be hard, socially and academically. Kids were fearful of letting their parents down. So, one counselor said it clearly (she is the head of counseling at a major university), those who want to allow guns on college campuses are espousing the dumbest idea possible. All it takes is one impulsive act.

    Better gun governance could address this and make a dent. It will not solve the problem, but will help. Waiting periods, background checks, temporary seizure of a weapon by a judge, finger printed trigger safeties, doctors asking about guns, stored and locked away weapons, etc. all would help.


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    • Indeed so … I’ve said that one so many times I’ve lost count … I think I mumble it in my sleep at night! Oh yes, I well remember when doctors were prohibited from asking if there is a gun in the home. And today, lawmakers in some states are shunning businesses that don’t support the gun industry. Sigh.

      As I said on someone else’s blog earlier today, there is no panacea, no simple, singular solution. It will require a combination of things such as a ban on assault-style weapons, stricter background checks on ALL gun sales, and doing away with concealed carry permissions. Licenses MUST be required in order to obtain a gun, and to obtain a license, the person much pass a background and psychological profile. It’s just common sense! With more guns than people in the country … I want to know who has how many and why!


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