Beyond Words

May 14th – 10 killed, 3 injured in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York

May 15th – 1 killed, 5 injured at a church in Laguna Woods, California

May 24th – 19 children, 2 teachers killed, 17 injured in a school in Uvalde, Texas

June 1st – 4 killed at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Two weeks.  These are just the ones that made the headlines.  In the two weeks following the Buffalo shooting, there have been 36 other mass shootings in the U.S.  With the exception of the church shooting, the incidents I mention above were all carried out with military-style assault weapons … weapons that civilians have no business even owning.

A grocery store, a church, a school, and a hospital.  American Exceptionalism?  Oh yeah, we’re #1 alright … the only nation on the planet where it’s no longer safe to buy food, worship, go to school, or seek healthcare.

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  1. OK…Maybe not 100% accurate. Satire, an’t built that way.
    There was this nation.
    Men were the ultimate authority. Firearms were carried as a matter of course, as a right and use of guns was seen as a way of solving disputes. All laws were framed by a selective reading of one religious work, considered Holy. That which was considered Deviation was the subject of hostility.
    The USA said. ‘Enough. We shall put an end to this. For this view is corrupting the world,’
    And went into Afghanistan.
    Then left.
    In the meantime. In growing in the USA…
    Men were the ultimate authority. Firearms were carried as a matter of course, as a right…
    By now you know the rest of the story
    It seems that it’s not only Covid which can travel borders

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  2. The right wingers, like SOM, might decry gun violence, but they continue to elect people to government whose only issue is to keep firearms in the hands of people insane enough to use them. Like with abortions, they do not consider themselves responsible for all the bad things that happen because of their old-fashioned thoughts and actions. They want to bring the old days back, except they cannot even admit to themselves how bad the old days really were.

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    • Rawgod, thank you for uncovering what the TRUE hardcore right-winger, death-wishing supporters actually IMPLY despite their empty rhetoric. SoM and a whole host of others like him on WordPress not only blatantly spew fallacies everywhere, but also try to attempt to disguise their REAL meaning, practicality, and methods to usher in some type of apocalypse or final rapture—which absolutely makes them Death-lovers, Death-mongers, Death-wishers, out and out people who promote DEATH. Period.

      Sad. Very sad they actually do NOT cherish life as sacred, isn’t it?

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      • They try to pretend life is sacred, anti-abortion and all that shit, but all they care about is themselves, and “their beliefs.” The rest of us can go to hell, where I will willingly end up if such a place exists.

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    • I’m drawing a blank here — who is SOM? Yes, they are hypocrites, every last one of them. People in other nations manage quite well without owning guns, but here it is considered as essential as a car, perhaps more so. I was proud of your country, by the way, for its recent actions on guns. You guys, as I’ve said before, have infinitely more good sense than we do!

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  4. Watch this video, it’s unbelievably insane that dozens of cops INSIDE THE SCHOOL were actively deterring parents from rescuing their own kids!
    CBS News reports: Mom who ran into school during Uvalde, Texas shooting discusses moments inside

    Just outrageous and unprofessional behavior exhibited by Uvalde police… like they are working AGAINST their own community.

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      • As long as, the majority of US citizens, feel that need to own guns, for recreational purposes or for the purposes of protection, gun control laws will, never get, passed, but, maybe, the government can, set up tougher restrictions for gun ownership??? Like a waiting period for gun licenses to get issued, and, another, waiting period for the purchases of, firearms???


  5. Please ban the guns. How can a boy who is not old enough to buy a drink buy two semi automatic weapons and ammunition? Apparently there is a mass shooting every day in the US.
    Mr Trump and his NRA friends say the solution is more guns… What planet do they live on 💜

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    • I’ve asked the same questions over and over … HOW???? And what planet do they live on??? Were it up to me, I would ban ALL gun sales from this point forward, and work on finding a way to confiscate the guns in the people’s hands already. But alas, there are more guns than people in this country, so I’m not sure where we can go from here. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  6. Ask the mayors of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington DC how many people get shot or get killed every weekend in their gun free cities. It is amazing how all those unfortunate people are forgotten because their slaughter is of no political value.

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    • As I said, the ones I mentioned were only the ones that made headlines. With over 18,000 shootings so far this year, there are too many for me to mention each one, obviously. And yes, you are right, not only those cities but also St. Louis, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and my own city, Cincinnati, is 11th in gun ‘incidents’ nationwide. It’s not just some cities, it’s most of them.

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    • Selectivity in pursuance of a political aim or agenda is a common facet of all politics of which ever stripe and in which ever nation.
      The knack, or maybe the duty of every member of the public in a nation is therefore to read into the arguments and critiques placed by all sides and without reference to anyone other than their own judgement figure out what they feel is best not just for themselves but for the nation as a whole.
      This may seem to be at first glance attempting to dodge the question. Far from it, this is an attempt to go to the heart of the issue which is afflicting the USA; the breakdown of consensus and rationality. Based on History in general of the world, the USA cannot continue on this path of conflict and survive as the nation that it has been.
      The threat here is to The Greater Good, the survival of the USA. Consensus and discussion are essential. Lest a worse future faces you.
      To clarify. I am british. I loved the USA. I do not recognise the nation I grew to love.

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    • Silence, London is a gun-free city, and substantially safer than most US cities. Paris is a gun-free city, Berlin is a gun-free city, Sydney is a gun-free city, Tokyo is a gun-free city, and all are quite safe, especially in comparison to US cities.

      Of course, the countries those cities reside in, have national gun laws, rather than the piecemeal and inconsistent laws in the US.

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      • Ben, Europeans have been ruled by an upper class aristocracy since forever. However, Americans are a free people. So your argument compares apples with oranges, which is a logical fallacy.

        That being said, freedom can only be enjoyed by a virtuous people. That is, a people who pursue moral excellence. Today far too many people pursue vice. That is, people pursue the satisfaction of their appetites.

        Yours and good Jill’s solution to the resulting depravity is totalitarian rule by a small group of elites, over a population of barbarians (the European way). That way had always been the human condition until America was founded.

        I advocate for the continuation of America through free speech, the right of citizens to bear arms, the US Constitution and teaching our young to pursue happiness through the development of moral excellence.

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        • Silence, the suggestion of a fallacy is completely irrelevant. Your assumption that Europeans are not free is erroneous. You have failed to address how the cities I listed are safer (as are the countries) than the USA. Would you care to explain how the US murder rate with guns alone is higher than the UK’s and Germany’s total combined murder rate?

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        • Ah, but my friend, the U.S. is ruled by wealthy corporate leaders, not by We the People. Americans are NOT a free people, but they have the illusion of freedom. I would vote to ban all firearms in a heartbeat were I ever asked. Firearms, religion, and corporate wealth are leading us directly down a path to destruction. By the end of this decade, I fully expect this nation to be ruled by a dictator. I’ll likely be gone by then, but remember my words.

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