The President’s Fury

Our friend Annie talks about President Biden’s speech earlier this week and I’m in complete agreement with all that she says! I, for one, am proud of the President and ever so ashamed of Congress as a whole, particularly one element of it. Thank you, Annie, for your observations!


While waiting for President Biden to make his suddenly scheduled address on gun violence last night, several somewhat sympathetic “talking heads” discussed what we could expect from his speech.

They concluded he’d have to be very careful, appealing to those ten elusive Republicans whose votes are essential if we are to see anything—anything at all—get through the Senate.

Some form of background checks, maybe a red flag law. In other words, the kinds of compromise that will have to include some Republican baggage that won’t do any good but will be the price to pay for their refusal to acknowledge the actual role of guns in America’s gun crisis.

It would have been reasonable to assume that of President Biden, who has tried and tried again to speak of and to his once-and-probably-not-future-friends across the aisle. He is an institutionalist who has long believed in bipartisanship.

But as I watched…

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  1. I left this comment on Annie’s blog. If I keep saying it, maybe someone will believe me. Looking from the outside:
    Good work, Annie. As hopeless as it seems, we cannot triumph without trying. If Americans have to be convinced to stand up, and be counted, then convince them. This is the most important election in American history. Make everyone understands that!

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  2. Jill, his speech was excellent. Just yesterday, we had two more mass shootings in Philadelphia and Chattanooga (again). Six dead, twenty-five injured. And, the band played on. The majority of Americans and gun owners want action on better gun governance. Tell your elected officials we need them to act and do something. Keith

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    • I heard about the one in Philly yesterday and was concerned because my friend Herb’s daughter lives in Philly, but I hadn’t heard about Chattanooga until this morning. And then when I did a bit of digging, I found there were actually 13 mass shootings over the weekend! And how can some people NOT be horrified by this??? Oh yes, I will be giving my elected officials an earful this week!


  3. Biden is exhibiting characteristics that some, especially on the right see as weaknesses: compasion, kindness, pragmatism – the very qualities that make our own Prime Minister stand out.

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    • Sigh. Some of the people in this country prefer cruelty and fighting to those characteristics you mention Biden exhibiting. That’s why they elected the former guy — they wanted someone “tough”, someone who would “fight” perceived enemies, and they were more than willing to sacrifice honesty, truth, integrity and compassion for “tough”. I really don’t recognize this country anymore … nor many of its people. Yes, your own PM is a gem!


  4. Here is what we can expect from any bi-partisan gun legislation that comes of this: (1) a final bill will be delayed by a lot of cross-party bickering, (2) Any final bill that gets passed into law will exclude many of the things that actually matter .. things such as background checks ….limitations of ammunition magazine sizes …age restrictions on purchases of firearms …(3) Any final bill passed will be hailed as a bi-partisan success when, in all reality, it will be nothing but tokenism designed to take the political pressure over the gun violence issue off the political parties ..and the mass shpptings will go on because the congress will not have the will to do anything significant that would actually solve the problem .. Guns will continue to dictate the national dialogue .. thoughts and prayers will continue to be offered to victims and their families and Republicans will still love their guns more than they love their kids.

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    • Addressing your point #2 — if all those things are excluded, then what is the purpose of the bill??? Without background checks (on ALL gun sales) and limitations on ammunition magazine sizes, age restrictions, etc., then it isn’t a bill with any teeth at all. In fact, there is nothing left to INCLUDE in such a bill.

      I hope you’re wrong, but I realize that you’re almost certainly right. Personally, I would opt for a complete ban on military-style weapons, no gun sales to anyone under 25, shutting down gun shows and private sales, background checks with a 30-day waiting period to buy the gun, and a limit of 3 rounds of ammunition purchased every 3 months. But then, what do I know? If I had my way fully, there would be no guns left in this country, but I know I’ll never live to see that day.

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      • A toothless bill is inevitable because it gives both parties the wherewithal to brag that they have done something to address the problem, with implied or overt promises to do more in the future .. This kind of bill is intended to take the public pressure off the impotent law makers …and you had better believe that any such bill will already have been reviewed in detail and pre-approved by the Gun Lobby ..and its cohorts .. so that nothing is included that could, by any means, inhibit the flow of guns and their attendant profits …The bill will be a bi-partisan smoke screen at best … and the suffering will go on. Look for a lot of publicity in the near future about how the sides in this agreement-to-be are working very hard, offering proposals and counter proposals … to make it look as though they are serious in their efforts …The media will have a hay day with it …the right wing gun nuts will say, “See we are concerned about the violence problem after all .. you had us all wrong all the time ..” (which of course will be the depths of arrogant bullshit that ultra-righters are known for .. but they will use this effort to try to cover their rear ends in something in which they are most culpable … It ought to be interested. Let us count the corpses from now until this “Bill” is finalized. I predict it will be a massive number… even though one more is far too many …

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        • Sigh. More of the same ol’ same ol’. I think members of Congress, then, should no longer be afforded a security detail. Until they can pass laws that make us safe, why should they be safe (at our expense)?

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          • Forget the security detail and let the members of congress buy their own guns just like the rest of us .. either that or assign a security detail to every American family …

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