Brain Overload And The January 6th Hearings

The human brain is a marvel … it really is.  But, it is not capable of processing the enormous amounts of detritus we’re putting into it these days without consequences.  Continuing to overload our central system will … not might, WILL … lead to at the very least a meltdown, at worst, well … I’ll leave that to your imagination.  We need a respite, but how?  People say to me, “Oh, I tuned out all the news long ago and I just focus on things that make me happy.”  A lovely sentiment, I suppose, if you can do it.  Personally, I cannot.  Nor do I think that those who do that for an extended period of time are being good citizens, nor a valuable part of society.  Oh sure, it’s fine to take a break for a day here and there … we all do it, even me.  Yes, by all means do things that relieve the tension, spend family time, read a good book, watch a funny movie, visit friends.  But to just tune it all out until one day you wake to the sound of jackboots outside your house is foolish, at the very least.

This evening will be the first televised hearing of the House special committee to investigate the events of January 6, 2021.  There are many questions in our minds about that infamous day:  Who devised the devious, illegal plot?  Who helped implement it, recruit the players, and convince them to risk their future to overthrow a fair election, to overthrow in essence, the entire government of the United States?  I keep seeing articles about “how to watch” the hearings … huh?  Each one tells you what to look for, what to expect, but you don’t need all that … you only need to tune in and watch … and listen.  Thus far, there has been zero accountability for that attempted coup, that insurrection.  Oh sure, a lot of people have been arrested, a few even sentenced to short prison sentences, even more have been given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.  But nobody of any consequence is in prison today because of their role in attempting to overthrow a government that has existed for 233 years!

Donald Trump is not in prison, has not even, as yet, been charged.  Junior has not been held accountable for his role.  John Eastman, presumably the ‘brains’ behind the evil plot, still walks free without even a single charge.  So yes, I want to see and hear the evidence for myself.  I want Attorney General Merrick Garland to watch every single minute of these hearings and then get off his arse and start bringing charges against these people … every last bloomin’ one of them!

We need to stop pussyfooting around with this and get ‘er done.  We’re running out of time, because while I’m not convinced the Republicans can put a majority into the House of Representatives in November, if they do manage it, then ol’ Kevin McCarthy has already said he will shut the January 6th committee down … immediately.  If people like Trump and Eastman aren’t charged and indicted, then all the thousands of hours and millions of dollars spent to get to the bottom of the insurrection will have been for naught.  Worse yet, the Republicans will have a field day and I can guarantee you that there will be another coup on January 6th of 2025 and the next one will not fail!

PLEASE, my friends, make time in your schedule to watch the hearings, even if you can’t watch them at the time of the broadcast, I have no doubt they will be available for some time thereafter.  If you can, write letters to your local papers and let them know your thoughts on the criminality of some of our own members of Congress … people we ‘hired’ with our votes and are paying with our hard-earned tax dollars.  Ted, Lauren, Josh, Matt … yeah, I mean you!

I strongly suspect that we will learn a lot from these hearings, learn that people we didn’t even think about were involved in the process, either in the planning, execution, or cover-up stages.  I’m sure the ‘other side’ will try to twist everything and deny, deny, deny, turning the finger of blame back across the aisle, but ignore them.  I certainly plan to, for as I said at the beginning of this post, there is only so much the human brain can absorb and mine is already on overload, as I suspect yours is.  So, ignore the fools and idiots, let them be their own audience, for they are really a pretty lousy show, not worth our time or brain space!

45 thoughts on “Brain Overload And The January 6th Hearings

  1. Drawing strands from the air
    Beer Hall Putsch 8th – 9th November 1923. Hitler had a slap on the wrist and did some easy time…writing Mein Kamp….
    Now Trump isn’t bright enough and too idle to write his own book but there are millions writing it for him.
    So I’m reading a lot of sanity and maturity HERE, but out there the bad pixie dust is in the air and too many folk are gladly breathing it in.
    A little less nuance a bit more Matthew McConaughey

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  2. Jill, along the lines of the January 6 Investigation “reveal” tonight, I wanted to contribute a poignant, powerful, DISTURBING addition by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the Watergate investigative journalists that took down Richard Nixon, re-release their book All the President’s Men with a new forward in the book drawing scary parallels to former President tRump. Take a watch and listen to this PBS NewsHour interview with both men and Judy Woodruff…

    And this former President might be allowed to reenter the White House!? OMFG is half of America’s voters blind, naïve, and dimwitted to let that happen!? 🤦‍♂️

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  3. Amen to all you said Jill. And I second your opinion – may Merrick Garland pay well attention and soon awaken out of his coma. I like Garland, but wish he was put on the SC bench. I think this would all be a lot different if Sally Yates was appointed AG. Time for the criminals to do their time!

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  5. Apparently, the US Gov’t, the Executive, Judicial & Legislative branches of gov’t has determined that Presidents/ ex-presidents are off limits when it comes to prosecution for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.
    Nixon resigned with impeachment proceedings underway, then he was granted a full and unconditional pardon by Ford! Trump was impeached TWICE, with zero federal charges against him and court cases inexplicably dropped?
    Oh well, it’s just a silly little COUP, nothing to see here folks just move along.

    Like foreign diplomats, Presidential family members also enjoy immunity from criminal investigations… otherwise the whole Trump clan would be indicted for insurrection and treason! Hunter Biden has enough incriminating data on his laptop (CIA verified) to put him away for life! Child trafficking, pornography, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, bribery, outright financial fraud, tax evasion and much more…. a real piece of work.
    Not surprisingly the Southern District Court of NY decided not to pursue Hunter’s blatant corruption.

    The moral of the story: double standards for the political elite. “Jail for thee, not for me.”
    The establishment (system of gov’t) must preserve it’s structural integrity at all cost, people must have faith in the system and believe in the illusion. How can citizens trust their own gov’t if Presidents get prosecuted and arrested for offenses that the whole rotten gov’t is guilty of?
    Ultimately this whole house of cards come crashing down.

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  6. Unfortunately, the people who most need to watch the hearings, Fox News viewers, won’t, since Fox News will cover the public hearings as “news warrants,” otherwise leaving intact its regular nighttime lineup, including “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 😖

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    • I’d bet that some of those Fox viewers snuck and watched it elsewhere. I heard that ol’ Tucker Carlson didn’t even take a commercial break during his show … afraid his viewers might just use the opportunity to pop over to PBS or NPR or ABC, I suppose.

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  7. The “Fools and idiots”won’t be watching. Hard to believe they saw the insurrection on tv too. Trump never went to jail and won’t. I’ll be watching intently of course.

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    • I know … though I think some will watch just to find things to pick apart. It is hard to believe they saw the same things we saw and yet they have the unmitigated gall to refer to it as “political discourse” or a “tourist event”. I still hold out the hope that Trump will either go to jail or die of some natural cause before he gets the chance to run again in 2024.

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  8. I predict that nothing will come of this January 6 presentation except further destruction of the Democrat Party brand.

    People care that they are being destroyed by inflation, crime and open borders. This January 6 thing makes it look like the Democrat Party is out of touch with what most Americans find critically important.

    President Trump is long gone. The Democrat Party owns the federal government but admits to being powerless to fix things. That is what people see. And I think the Democrat Party is going to pay dearly for that.

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    • You could be right, but I think that there is a good chance that charges will follow that might not otherwise have happened. My hope for Trump to land in prison is probably far-fetched, but my fingers are crossed anyway.

      Some people care more about inflation, ’tis true, than about the ability of this nation to remain a democratic republic, to avoid a dictatorship. It’s a short-sighted view, but some don’t look much past their own immediate pleasure. We don’t have open borders, so that’s a non-starter. And if anybody is truly concerned about crime, then they will push for much stricter gun regulations.

      Trump is gone from office, but still populist leader of Republican Party and is threatening to run again in 2024. That is why it’s imperative to charge him with his crimes!

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  9. To say I will be surprised if Trump ever pays for his “evil plot” (or any of his depravity) is putting it mildly. .He (and the GOP and his millions of true believers) have made an absolute cynic of me and revealed America to be incapable and/or unwilling to live up to its ideals.

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    • Sigh. I hear you, my friend. I still have some hope that he will pay a price for his sedition, his treason, but my hope is dimming these days. Mostly, though, I have grave concerns about the upcoming election, but more so the 2024 presidential election. If Trump skates off scot-free, then we are likely to lose the remaining portions of our republic by the end of this decade.

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  10. Unfortunately MICHAEL an attack against the State means different things to both sides as one side sees Big Government as an attack on the freedom of the states Where the other sees it as a chance to lay a level playing field for all and provide National Benefits.To one side National laws are tyranny whereas the other sees them as a Right. I think if the small Government side get in they will still create National laws and for sure they will be tyranny and will probably be set by Texas and Florida.

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    • As I’ve long said, you guys across the pond see our situation with more clarity than we do! You’ve excellently stated the situation of how the two ‘sides’ view government and laws. I thought it interesting that a couple of days ago, police arrested an armed man who was threatening to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Immediately, within 24 hours, the Republicans in Congress proposed a bill to give added protection to the Supreme Court Justices. WHERE was the bill to eliminate assault weapons in order to protect our children after Uvalde??? A skewed set of priorities … 9 Justices are valued far more highly than the millions of school children around the nation. 🤬

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  11. I won’t be watching the live proceedings. I am hoping various networks will be compiling a list of their choices of highlights of the proceedings. As you say, there is too much detritus. I think there will be more form than content in these proceedings. ALSO, I am sure you will be giving the best highlights right here, boiled down to the real nitty gritty.
    As for our mental health, we do our best to deal with it as we can. I am in a general malaise right now, just from the overwhelming amount of shit happening just in North Ametica these days. By the way, that case in Alberta of the two white men who shot and killed two Metis men because the ssid they thought they were protecting their familues: the father was found guilty of two manslaughter charges, and his son was found guilty of one charge of manslaughter, and one charge od second degree murder. They are now awaiting sentencing. Hopefully these verdicts will make the next bunch of rednecks stop and consider their own futures BEFORE they kill perceived threats to their families. I am just glad we have no laws like some states do, that Stand Your Ground law, or whatever it is called. The killers would have probably got off in those states, whether they really believed the “invaders” were a threat or not. Their “belief” there was a threat did not stand up to factual evidence. Mark one win for the good guys. Unfortunately, four families are now without their male partners/parents. Nothing can change that.

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    • I haven’t looked, but I’m sure that every U.S. media outlet, as well as The Guardian, will publish the key points. I really thought I might just watch 1/2 hour or so, for I had other things I needed to do, but I got reeled in and watched the entire two hours (minus a 10 minute recess). I think they’re doing a fine job in the way they’re laying out the evidence. The question becomes, will the DoJ bring charges?

      I hope the two men in Alberta get sentenced to the maximum time in prison! Send a loud and clear message to all the other bigots out there.

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          • Kenney. I gotta tell ya. He swore that even if he won by one vote he would stay on as premier. He won by 1%, not just one vote. But he resigned anyway, which tells me he cheated and he only won that 1% because he cheated with at least 10% of the votes. He was told he was not wanted.
            But, next day, he decided that the province could not be left without a premier (the Deputy Premier was all set to take over) so he would stay on until a new party leader was elected, OR until the next scheduled general election in the Spring of 2023. Funny way to resign! Gone for less than 24 hours and he pulled a successful coup, so now he is better than his idol. He has been gloating ever since, and still working his ass off to ensure his policies are still made into law. He is such an arrogant “a”””””e.” Resigned, but going nowhere! Nor will ge let his psrty set a date for a leadership vote…

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            • What a strange scenario!!! I wonder what happened between the night of the election and the next day to change his mind so dramatically? Spring 2023 is a LONG way away under the circumstances … I was so hoping Kenney would be gone much sooner than later. What an asshole he is!


              • Yup. I think his own need for power got to him. He woke up next day, not knowing what to do with himself, and needing a fix of “telling everyone else how to live his way!” Something like Trump-A-Delic felt the day after he list his election. The difference was, Trump knew he could not win–but Kenney knew he vould not lose. After all, he cheated, so he should have won by way more than he did, knowing the fix was in.


    • Ah yes, my friend … a clear happening, but the obstructionists are making it a tough job. The committee has zero cooperation from the bulk of Republicans, some of whom were directly involved. It’s a matter of trying to trace multiple threads with more people involved than we first thought. They’re doing it, though, and I don’t think there will be any doubt by the conclusion of their work of who most of those who inspired and plotted the attempted coup were. Now, the question is, will the DoJ charge and indict them? I wish I were more confident. xx


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